623 Someone Died!

    The slapping sound continued on, but Lu Shu was unwilling to follow suit. He would not get slapped for nothing!

    Meanwhile, his partner was ready to slap him, but unable to do so because Lu Shu still had his helmet on, which covered half of his face. Yet, slapping the helmet would be disastrous to the palm.

    "Slap me. Quick. If not..."

    Just when he was about to urge Lu Shu to remove his helmet, Lu Shu said, "Please pardon me."

    Then, Lu Shu gave him a good, big slap, resulting in the latter becoming paralyzed on the floor. His legs were twitching, looking as if he was dying...

    Ke Wenduo was silent.

    Everyone stopped to look at Lu Shu, dumbstruck...

    "From Ke Wenduo's distress, +666..."


    The black soldier on the chair also took a while to recover from his shock. He used to enjoy this kind of humiliating punishment, but never had he expected loss of life here.

    What the heck had happened!

    Under other people's astonished stares, Lu Shu looked at the one on the floor helplessly. Why was he so weak...

    In fact, Lu Shu's current physical strength was almost equivalent to that of a Class B, whereas those soldiers of the sea were still at the beginning of Class C. Without their protective armor, they could not withstand Lu Shu's slap at all.

    The black soldier stood up and walked to Lu Shu. He cursed at the soldier on the floor, "Good for nothing!"

    Then he turned and ordered Lu Shu, "Remove your helmet!"

    Other soldiers were feeling sorry for Ke Wenli, as he probably would not survive the black soldier's personal punishment.

    In the past, there were those who tried to disobey the black soldier, but all ended up quite miserably. In their world, black soldiers could take their lives as they pleased.

    However, Lu Shu did not do as ordered. He lowered his head with his helmet on.

    The black soldier asked coldly, "Why is your helmet still on?"

    Lu Shu pondered for two seconds. "My head is cold..."

    The black armored soldier was rendered speechless.

    "From Ke Zhi's distress, +666!"


    How was that a valid reason?!

    Lu Shu had considered the option of protecting his identity by removing his helmet, but his hairstyle was nothing like the others. Although the mask could turn his hair blue, it could not adjust his hairstyle.

    Therefore, he could not take off his helmet, even if he wanted!

    Lu Shu sighed in distress. Why was everything so unpredictable...

    Suddenly, the black soldier swung his trident towards Lu Shu with a dull bang.

    The transparent Cheng Ying sword instantly appeared in Lu Shu's hand. He yelled, "Go!"

    Grains of deep sea white sand shot out from the floor of the palace, punctuating those soldiers' faces before they could even react.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    Lu Shu immediately stepped a small step back to avoid the trident. Then, he curled his body and sprang forward, slashing his sword towards the opening between the black soldier's helmet and pauldron.

    The black soldier gasped in shock. Never had he expected an ambush here and then, by such an incredibly strong opponent. There seemed to be an invisible yet extraordinary weapon in his grip, but the black soldier was unable to react equally fast. In addition, his trident was too clumsy against the Cheng Ying sword!

    The black soldier tilted his body as much as he could, hoping to survive the attack with the hardness of his armor. In the next instant, however, two flying daggers swooshed out of Lu Shu's celestial map. They were his real trump cards in hiding!

    In fact, a slash with the Cheng Ying sword would have ended the fight, but Lu Shu did not want the armor damaged...

    "From Ke Zhi's distress, +1000!"

    In the meantime, all the other soldiers had been wiped out by deep sea white sand. Giggling, Anthony rose up from the floor and arranged the sand into a line that went "Isn't it impressive!"

    Lu Shu was stunned. "You can even arrange the exclamation mark..."

    The line was full of anticipation for a compliment. Lu Shu smiled cheerfully, "Your control over Anthony has improved. Very impressive."

    "Certainly!" There came another line plus an exclamation mark.

    Everyone thought Lu Shu had come alone, but he was smarter than that. Why would he take the risk, knowing that the creatures under the sea were at least Class B's?

    As a spirit, Anthony had no need for air. Besides, he could easily move about in the sea bed which consisted of earth.

    Undeniably, earth-type Metahumans were really powerful, which explained the safeguards against them among various big organizations. That was why the fortress of the Collection of Gods had its underground structure protected by mixed steel bars. It was believed that the metal-type Metahumans were much easier to deal with as compared to the earth-type.

    It did not mean the metal-type were weak. On the contrary, they were shockingly powerful, just that they could not sneak in secretly like the earth-type.

    As a matter of fact, Lu Shu had informed Lu Xiaoyu earlier about his plan. Therefore, Anthony had been following Lu Shu closely behind under his feet.

    Lu Shu packed the dead bodies into his Seal of Lands and changed into the black armor suit...

    To him, his undercover mission had failed over and over again, which led to a constant change of identities...

    The one in the Collection of Gods was better. This time, his identity had been exposed every two hours on average. Even Lu Shu himself was a bit distressed...

    Lu Shu sized up the black armor, which looked much better than the bronze one, just from appearance alone. It would certainly boost one's combat abilities.

    A fatal weapon on the battlefield!

    Giggling, Anthony sank into the floor. No sooner had Lu Shu walked out than he saw the leader of black soldiers approaching him...

    So what now? He did not even know that person's name! Would his identity be exposed again...

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