647 A Huge Mess!

    Howard's expression instantly changed. He did not think that Bennett, the leader of a second-rate organization, was this crazy. He actually dared to come here alone and talk wildly like that!

    Lu Shu imitated Bennett's expression. He maintained a calm but fierce expression. "What, do you think that I have to fear you just because I am alone? You can try to hold me back. The Phoenix Society is indeed very strong, but this is not America."

    Wait. Howard suddenly felt that Bennett was very confident. Did he already form an agreement with the Department of Faith Theory? Or the Heavenly Network?

    So Bennett was not here to negotiate with him. He was most likely here to spur him on, then destroy all the members of the Phoenix Society here!

    In the worst case scenario, the Department of Faith Theory and the Heavenly Network would already have cooperated. This would explain why the Heavenly Network did not sent any members with high combat abilities. The two organizations had already come to an agreement. It was enough for just Francesco to come.

    As for what exactly had happened, Howard had not worked it out.

    Howard did not think about the other large organizations, as only the Department of Faith Theory and the Heavenly Network had Class A's. Only these kinds of top-notch organizations would be able to give Bennett the courage to face the Phoenix Society.

    "Send him off," Howard said with a wave of his hand. He did not want to get into a conflict with Bennett. He decided to remain calm and get rid of any misleading leads before uncovering the truth.

    The organizations that Bennett had invited had indeed given EO the liberty to choose. But this also gave Lu Shu a lot of room to express his creativity.

    Lu Shu walked out and took the opportunity to go to the villa where the Department of Faith Theory was staying at. Not matter whether it was the Phoenix Society or the Department of Faith Theory, Lu Shu realized that the thought processes of the people in charge of foreign affairs were amazing...

    It seemed that only prudent people like them were suitable to handle foreign affairs. So why did Nie Ting feel that he was suitable? He felt that he was prudent in his own life, but to others... it was decent...

    If he really became the person in charge of foreign affairs and gathered with those from the other organizations, he was evidently different from the rest...

    Francesco from the Department of Faith Theory was more introverted than Howard. But this could also mean that he thought a lot. Thus, after Lu Shu earned distress points from the Department of Faith Theory, he would leave...

    Lu Shu felt a sense of pity. He knew that Howard was willing to give items like awakening fruits to pull him over to his side, but Lu Shu did not get anything.

    Since he wanted to earn, then he had to work together and have some substantial progress. But Lu Shu was alone. He was not the real Bennett either. How could he work together?

    After he was done with the two large organizations, the remaining organizations were easier to handle. Those organizations were stronger than EO, but there was a limit to their strength. At most, they had a few Class B experts and were not a real threat.

    No matter whether they were suspicious, they would not dare to attack. They would just not understand Bennett and think that there was something wrong with him. Was it appropriate for him to come over late at night just to anger people?

    Lu Shu was used to acting. Even Xia Rensheng and the rest were not spared.

    Bennett was still in a frenzy to find the culprit. On the other hand, all the organizations felt that they were being targeted...

    Lu Shu happily jumped back into his room and ate a Chi Fruit. Even if there was a disaster outside, he could only do so much, right? As for the others, he would act according to the circumstances. He would see the reactions of the large organizations before deciding on his next course of action.

    The next day, Bennett finally calmed down. He realized that he may not be able to find the culprit. But he could not cancel the talks. Back then, he was taking a large risk in inviting so many organizations here. He was very clear that he had to rely on the conflict and suspicion between the organizations in order to benefit. He could not be upset.

    Thus, he immediately deployed people to invite the organizations to a second round of negotiations. But when his staff returned, they told him that the attitude of the large organizations had changed. All of them rejected the invitation and did not want to hold talks anymore...

    Bennett was dumbfounded. What was happening? Why did they not want to discuss?

    If only one or two organizations backed out, it was not a problem. But all 11 organizations had suddenly changed in their attitude! Had the world changed overnight...

    Bennett was suspicious. He told his subordinates to bring some special local products to the large organizations as a gift. This was a small matter. He wanted to see how the large organizations would react. Why in the world did they reject?

    The subordinates left dumbfounded and came back dumbfounded. The reply from the organizations? We are not suitable.

    Bennett was confused.

    "From Bennett Thomas' distress points, +999!"

    What were you not suitable for? If you were not suitable, then who else in the realm of cultivation would be suitable?

    And everyone said the same thing! Are you kidding me?!

    Lu Shu earned an endless flow of distress points. After the first big wave, he only earned a few points here and there. But it was much faster than back then when he had just started to build his chi mountain. After all, he had more areas to aim at. He did not have to continue eating Nebula Fruits. He felt that his efficiency was very high just by eating Chi Fruit.

    His second chi mountain was almost complete. As he waited for the birth of his second sword spirit, he did not care what was happening outside.

    After the formation of the chi mountain, he still had to scrape it. But this time, it was different. He scraped the bottom of the chi mountain as he built it. He did not delay any further.

    When it was time for a meal, Lu Shu headed to the dining room to make himself some food. He saw Liu Fan, Xia Rensheng and Li Ganyu discussing in the living room.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    Lu Shu was suddenly happy. "How were the talks?"

    Liu Fan held back. "... they have not started."

    "From Liu Fan's distress, +399!"


    Lu Shu did not question further. Instead, he encouraged them. "All the best! There will eventually be talks!"

    "From Liu Fan's distress, +499!"


    To Lu Shu, everyone's objective was the same, thus he did not want to discount their enthusiasm. It was just that the methods that they used was different. But he was obviously cheering them on. So why were there distress points...

    At that moment, there was a sudden uproar outside. There were people fighting!

    The fight started quickly and ended quickly. Xia Rensheng took a quick look outside and came back. He said, "There was some conflict between the Steel organization from Germany and the Sardin organization from Italy. It was nothing big."

    Everyone realized that the large organizations were fired up!
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