674 Karma

    The water element that Grier could control was restricted to within three meters around him. This was unprecedented. Hundreds of raindrop aurablades hovered above him, ready to fall down anytime.

    The only plausible explanation for this situation was that this man in front of him was of much higher level than himself. But Grier found the occurrence of the Heavenly Visions inexplicable, as well as the strange phenomena associated with this man's Visions.

    Besides, the man's sudden ascension had resulted in his abilities becoming much higher than a Class B beginner, but not yet a Class A.

    Grier was struggling to break free out of his own rain curtain, like a trapped beast. To his confusion, he realized the man had no intention to kill him with his apparent advantage in water-type powers.

    Then he understood that his opponent did not want to give him an easy death.

    He was almost suffocated by the man's pride. Why was he so confident about his strength?!

    One thing that was particularly captivating about the realm of cultivation was that it was full of miracles. The innate powers of humans were exploited to the fullest, and maybe one day a single person could overthrow an entire nation using his own strength.

    But the path to glory was paved by dead bodies. While some people could claim the final victory and go down in history as a legend, others would only end up as the winner's stepping stones. This was the reality.

    Grier now understood that his death was inevitable that night.

    With a soft hiss, a gray strand of the Sparrow Shade, as thin as hair, emerged under the cover of the evening rain. It punctured Grier's shoulder like a serpent the second it appeared.

    The 36 strands of Sparrow Shade was a good match for the murderous atmosphere on this night. It was impossible to predict where the next strand would appear.

    Lu Shu paced slowly on the drenched floor. "Zhao Yongchen's death was not the first tonight, and you won't be the last. Just die. I will let you experience the suffering Zhao Yongchen has gone through."

    The Sparrow Shade punctuated Grier's body over and over again. Splashes of blood dissolved in the rain, leaving behind huge bloody pools on the ground.

    31 wounds. Each of them corresponded to Zhao Yongchen's wounds caused by Grier's fatal rain drops. In fact, Grier's injuries were even more serious than Zhao Yongchen's, because all the cuts penetrated his body, but the rain drops did not.

    Slowly Grier collapsed to the ground, coughing out blood continuously. The bloody bubbles looked particularly malignant in the puddles of rain.

    "After you've killed me, what then?" Grier laughed wanly. "There are countless people out there who want to take the lives of your Heavenly Network. Can you stop all of them?!"

    Lu Shu paused. "Why aren't you dead yet?!"

    Grier's injury was much more deadly than Zhao Yongchen's, so why was he still conscious?! Honestly speaking, though, his wounds did not seem that fatal after all. But Zhao Yongchen was really lying there, dead!

    Then there was a cough.

    Who was coughing? Lu Shu looked at Grier, who was staring back at him, confused. Apparently it was not him.

    Stunned, Lu Shu turned to see Zhao Yongchen struggling to sit up. "Damn it! The pain..."

    Lu Shu was dumbfounded.

    Were you a cockroach in your last life? How could you be so full of life with such a serious injury?! Both Grier and Lu Shu had assumed that Zhao Yongchen was dead. Otherwise, Lu Shu would not have been so full of grief as to produce the Sparrow Shade!

    Was it a joke now that you were bleeding all over?

    Actually, Zhao Yongchen's vital body parts had been well protected because his Spirit Qi was concentrated in those areas of his armor. Although his Spirit Qi was thinner in other areas, he had ensured his own survival.

    Lu Shu decided to help Zhao Yongchen and leave Grier aside. When Grier tried to seize the opportunity and escape, the raindrop aurablades hanging above him suddenly came falling down. Those raindrops penetrated his flesh, his bones, and his soul.

    Grier collapsed to the floor again. This time, he was dead for good.

    In his last moments, he thought he might have run into the very Heavenly King hidden by the Heavenly Network all this while. They had vowed to hunt for Heavenly Kings, but in fact, they themselves were the prey.

    After all, Heavenly Kings represented the top powers of the cultivation realm.

    Lu Shu supported Zhao Yongchen and walked towards the mini mart. "You are really very lucky..."

    Since there were no fatal wounds, he would not die with the supreme healing abilities of a Class C. This was a practitioner's advantage - they would recover fully sooner or later.

    Nonetheless, Zhao Yongchen's foundation had been destroyed. He had exhausted his vitality, which meant no further ascension was ever possible.

    Zhao Yongchen squeezed out a faint smile. "I've got my karma... Now it seems that those small mistakes I made last year when I set the scene are very dangerous after all. I was careless."

    Lu Shu could not understand what he was referring to. He helped him to lie down on a chair and said, "Rest well. Don't worry about the rest."

    "Give me a cigarette and a can of 'koke'," said Zhao Yongchen, "I just escaped from death. In the past, I never dared to try soft drinks because I thought they're only for the young. But now I say, screw it. I may die any day. Why not enjoy my life while I still have the life to do it?"

    In silence, Lu Shu brought over a can of koke. Then, he pulled off the tab but the can remained sealed...

    "From Zhao Yongchen's distress, +666!"

    "Karma! It's my karma!" Zhao Yongchen found it both embarrassing and hilarious. It was all thanks to the days he sold fake goods.

    "Well," said Lu Shu, feeling slightly embarrassed too, "Is there anybody to take over from you?"

    "Don't worry about me. I'm fine. Someone will come to check tomorrow at 10 a.m.. He'll take me away at that time," replied Zhao Yongchen, "How about you? Any plans?"

    Lu Shu paused for two seconds. "I want to kill."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    Zhao Yongchen fell into silence too. He knew Lu Shu wanted to wipe out the remaining two Class B's, but it was too dangerous.

    Zhao Yongchen suddenly asked, "What are you going to do, My Lord?"

    Stunned for a second, Lu Shu answered with a smile, "To wreak havoc in the Heavenly Palace."

    "What if you can't return?"

    "Then so be it."

    Quickly and confidently, Lu Shu walked into the darkness outside. His figure disappeared into the dark and rainy night.

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