706 The Wedding

    Flowers and the red carpet paved the way from the entrance of St Paul's to deep inside the church.

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    It was a sunny day, just nice for a grand wedding.

    Beside the road gathered countless commoners, as though waiting for something. Each of them held confetti in their hands, ready to release it anytime.

    Cheng Qiuqiao blushed at the confetti. "Don't tell me they are waiting for Brother Shu! Is he getting married so soon?"

    Chen Zuan smacked his lips. "Wow, he's getting married when so many people want to take his head? Impressive... But the thing is, I don't think anyone else's wedding can be so grand here."

    In his heart, only Lu Shu deserved a wedding of such scale.

    Cheng Qiuqiao stared at the confetti, looking distressed. "But I'm scared of fireworks and firecrackers since I was young. I may scream."

    Chen Zuan paused. "Then has it ever occurred to you that you could be the Nien beast?"

    Cheng Qiuqiao was speechless.

    Cao Qingci and Han Y
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