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    Not only were the Kunlun Mountains mountains the origin of many myths, it was also a heaven for explorers. It cut through Beijiang and Nancang. Qingzhou was in the east. It was 2500 kilometers long, and the average elevation was 5500 to 6000 meters. It was 130 to 200 kilometers wide. Its total surface area was over 500 thousand square kilometers.

    Many small countries were not even as large as this mountain. It was very magnificent.

    At first, explorers preferred exploring Lop Nur. Later, everyone realized that the Kunlun Mountains was the most dangerous place to mankind. Some even tried to cross Death Valley.

    Lu Shu sat in the train and looked up information on Death Valley. He wanted to see whether anyone had successfully crossed the valley. It was fine even if it was before the dawn of the magically rich era.

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    But the descriptions online were quite sketchy. Some said that they had successfully crossed Death Valley, but were not willing to provide information
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