750 The Divergence-Type Power Has Been Exposed

    Chen Zuan held in his anger. He opened the tap and shouted, "No wasting of water!"

    He pointed the shower nozzle at Lu Shu. But he realized that the water defied the laws of physics and started to spray water on him...

    "From Chen Zuan's distress, +666!"

    "Brother Shu, should you be using your water-type abilities like that? Do you have any virtues as a Metahuman?" Suddenly, he remembered something. "Brother Shu, can I ask you something? There was one time when we were in the toilet together and my urine split into five branches..."

    "Wasn't me," said Lu Shu as he washed his hair.

    Chen Zuan was very upset. "Can you have some self-awareness as a Metahuman?!"

    He was more than sure that Lu Shu did it!

    "From Chen Zuan's distress, +999!"

    As Lu Shu was showering, he realized that Zhang Yanfeng wanted to speak, but stopped. He felt that Zhang Yanfeng must have something to tell him, but if he did not say anything, Lu Shu would not ask him either.

    To be honest, they would not interact much after this. Although he respected Zhang Yanfeng as a person with moral standing, the problem was that Zhang Yanfeng was an ordinary person.

    The city that they were in was very small. There were many people from minority races. Lu Shu realized that Zhang Yanfeng was very familiar with his place. After being in this business for so many years, he would definitely know a lot about this place. He had more life experiences than Lu Shu.

    But this was of no use to Lu Shu. He knew that Zhang Yanfeng probably wanted to work with him, thus his current expression.

    They finished their shower and put on their clothes. Zhang Yanfeng said to Lu Shu softly, "Follow me."

    Lu Shu followed Zhang Yanfeng with a doubtful expression on his face. They walked along the corridor and took a hidden lift to the third floor. Lu Shu was full of anticipation. Was this the legendary...

    Zhang Yanfeng brought Lu Shu into a private room in a restaurant. A staff member respectfully greeted Zhang Yanfeng before going out. Zhang Yanfeng said softly, "Although you are younger than me, I will still call you Brother Shu. This is a rule. The strong must be respected. It's like this. I feel like I have a talent for cultivation. I even bought a sodium-potassium alloy. The alloy changed in colour!"

    As he spoke, Zhang Yanfeng took out a small bottle. Inside the bottle was a sodium-potassium alloy that had changed in color. Lu Shu was dumbfounded. From this color change, Zhang Yanfeng seemed to have a lot of potential!

    "Why didn't you join the Heavenly Network?" Lu Shu asked.

    "I want to join." Zhang Yanfeng had a pained expression on his face. "But the checks are too strict. You can't just join even if you want to."

    Lu Shu finally understood. From the beginning, the Heavenly Network had deliberately created a high pressure environment to prevent the secret practitioners from making a move. Now, although they had relaxed their policies and even allowed them to operate black markets, it was unrealistic for them to join the Heavenly Network.

    On one hand, the Heavenly Network was afraid that they would have ulterior motives in joining the organizations. On the other hand, the Heavenly Network did not think much of these secret practitioners. They felt that their own students who they had nurtured were more pure.

    Many multinational corporations liked to nurture students and train them to be future employees. Some companies even selected students while they were still in high school. After these students graduated, they had to undergo a strict training. Some were even sent to an uninhabited island to survive in the wilderness.

    This was not another scene in a novel. This was reality.

    These students became accustomed to the company culture even in high school. Once they finished their training, there was a high possibility that they would be in the higher ranks of the company.

    In the past, Lu Shu felt that this was too good to be true. Later on, he discovered that such companies existed, although there were not many of such companies.

    What the Heavenly Network was doing now was trying to add new blood to the organization with students. This way, they would be able to maintain the purity of the organization. They would not be exploited by others.

    Lu Shu looked at Zhang Yanfeng. "So why are you telling me this?"

    "I want to join the Heavenly Network," said Zhang Yanfeng.

    Zhang Yanfeng had seen Cao Qingci, Lu Xiaoyu and the rest come to the base in their black raincoats. He had also seen them fend off the pack of wolves with little effort. He yearned to be able to wear the symbol of the Heavenly Network. This feeling was incredible.

    In the past, Zhang Yanfeng was greedy for money. He wanted to save up money and buy some techniques from secret practitioners. He felt that he could be a secret practitioner. It was fine even if he did not join the Heavenly Network. But the trip to Death Valley had changed his perspective.

    In the eyes of the secret practitioners, the Heavenly Network was a symbol of strength. It was in man's nature to strive for the better. After seeing the strength of the Heavenly Network, who did not want to join them?

    The staff member who had walked out returned. Two girls in strange attire followed behind him. When Zhang Yanfeng saw the two girls, he beamed with joy. "Hurry up and greet Brother Shu!"

    The two girls bowed. "Good day, Brother Shu. I am Zhuo Dan."

    "Good day, Brother Shu. I am Zhuo Ma."

    Zhang Yanfeng softly said to Lu Shu, "You take Zhuo Dan, I take Zhuo Ma."

    Lu Shu was silent for two seconds. "The sun is out?"

    Zhang Yanfeng was confused.

    "From Zhang Yanfeng's distress, +666!"

    This way, he indirectly rejected Zhang Yanfeng's offer. He brought Chen Zuan and the rest to take the train back to Luo City.

    But he did not completely destroy Zhang Yanfeng's hopes. Lu Shu felt that someone as experienced as him could be useful in the battlefield. But he could not solve this problems just by opening the back door for him.

    The Heavenly Network was very strict with the process of admission. Lu Shu was not powerful enough. He did not want to risk bringing Zhang Yanfeng in.

    This was a glorious group. Lu Shu had decided to protect its glory.

    Lu Shu sat on the train and looked out. The tickets they had bought only entitled them to ordinary seats. They had to wait for a few more stations before they could buy sleeping car tickets. Lu Xiaoyu's head laid on his lap as she fell asleep, her short hair spread out on his legs.

    This journey to Death Valley had been significant. On one hand, Chaos had officially advanced to Class A. Although it did not seem to be as strong as other Class A's in combat, Lu Shu was hopeful about its ability to swallow things. He wanted to know what else Chaos could eat.

    On the other hand, he had gained insight into many background stories. The real appearance of the world world was like a massive iceberg under the peaceful surface of the sea.

    Who exactly was the Ancient Yi Clan?Zhang Yanfeng's sentence sounds like the first line of the Journey to the West theme song. Lu Shu is replying with the next line of the song
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