776 A Red String

    Chapter 776: A Red String

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    In the morning, the students in the Luo Shen Cultivation College were rushing about. There was lodging in the college. Only students like Lu Shu who lived in Luo City would go home everyday. Most students decided to stay on campus.

    There was a bus route from Luo City to the Cultivation College, but it would take 45 minutes to reach the college. Thus, it was understandable that many students decided to stay on campus instead.

    The food in the Cultivation College was good. There were four canteens and each canteen had their own specialties. They opened at 6am and the Cultivation College students started to stream in.

    The hot pepper soup in Canteen 1 was the best. The youtiao 1 in Canteen 2 was delicious. The lunch in Canteen 3 was very generous, while you could eat chicken leg for dinner at Canteen 4.

    This was a summary that the students had come up with. Some students bought youtiao in Canteen 2 before running one kilometer to Canteen 1 to buy hot pepper soup or soy bean milk.

    In the past, the Daoyuan Class was very strict. But the rules were relaxed once they entered the Cultivation College. Everyone had become full-fledged warriors. Even the Heavenly Network was not as harsh as before.

    A student was eating a bun while walking along the corridors. Suddenly, he was shocked. "Lord Lu is coming!"

    "Shh! Do you want to die?"

    "Ahem, Teacher Lu is here? His lesson is at 5pm. Why is he here so early?"

    In the Cultivation College, students would attend cultural classes in the morning. They would only study their specializations in the afternoon. Lu Shu's course was an elective. It was compulsory for the combat specialization, but optional for the rest of the students.

    But there was a problem... no one expected that the entire school wanted to apply for this course!

    Everyone warned against taking this course as they were afraid of the dangers. But secretly, almost everyone had applied for the course.

    It was not that everyone was a masochist. To the students, Lu Shu was like a legend. Behind his dark history, he had fought countless battles.

    To be honest, Lu Shu had killed more people than they thought. The students could not understand how an expert had appeared among their generation.

    Of course, they did not know that Lu Shu had gone to the Collection of Gods alone. They did not know that he had entered the territory of the soldiers of the sea alone, and somehow killed the small white fish...

    To be honest, Lu Shu still did not understand why that small white fish was so weak. It was mysteriously eaten up by Chaos...

    But even without these achievements, Lu Shu was now famous among the seven major Cultivation Colleges. No one could see him as an ordinary student.

    Thus, there was an endless stream of students who applied for his course. The system almost crashed the previous night.

    But some students were very smart. They did not apply for the course, but they would sit in.

    After all, there were so many people. Who would be able to tell that they had not officially applied for this course?

    It was 5pm. The students were all supposed to go to their respective elective courses. There were many other elective courses, such as "The Art of War", "The History of War", "Western Culture", "Appreciation of Music", etc. But all the classrooms were empty.

    When the elective teachers walked into their classrooms, they thought that they had entered the wrong classroom. Why were there so few people?

    One teacher was dumbfounded. "Where is everyone else?"

    "They have all gone to attend Lord Lu's first lesson..."

    This happened to all the other electives. Lord Lu's first lesson had attracted the entire school population. All the students gathered in the training ground. There was almost not enough space for everyone.

    On the other hand, the elective teachers supplied Lu Shu with an endless stream of distress points...

    One of the teachers sighed and smiled. "Then let's go and take a look."

    This teacher was tall. His glasses made him look like a scholar. There were many of such teachers in the Cultivation College, to the point that the students were used to it. Everyone was curious about how the Heavenly Network had recruited them.

    In reality, while they were preparing for the Cultivation College, Nie Ting had personally visited many teachers to invite them to leave the mountain area. He had to visit them multiple times before they were willing to come.

    As for those who fished for fame and compliments, they completely rejected the offer.

    This teacher was slightly helpless, but was not angry. He walked in front. A few students followed him to admire Lord Lu's elegance.

    When they reached the training ground, they were shocked. They saw ten thousand students silently sitting in the public square outside the training ground... there was no more space to sit in the training ground.

    Only Lu Shu was walking around. He passed by every single student. He had an A4 piece of paper that said, "Come, scan the QR code and we can be friends!"

    "From Hu Xiaonian's distress, +199..."

    Mr Hu Xiaonian was dumbfounded. Was Lu Shu really teaching?

    As Lu Shu was walking, he suddenly saw Coral beside him. He was dumbfounded. He took a deep breath and said, "Come, scan the QR code and we can be friends!"

    "Okay." Coral smiled and nodded her head. She scanned the QR code and they brushed past each other.

    The students had really wanted to see how Lu Shu would react when he walked past Lural. But everyone was disappointed. It was as if they were really strangers.

    They had come here for nothing!

    Many people had attended this course to see this happen!

    Suddenly Chen Zuan was dumbfounded. "Coral took off the tab! Have they truly broken up?"

    "No," said Cheng Qiuqiao with a determined look. "I saw her yesterday. When I took a closer look, she was still wearing the tab. But today, it's gone. Hm? Do you see that red string around her neck!"

    Chen Zuan looked. He thought about it and recalled that Coral had not been wearing anything around her neck until now. After all, Coral's skin was pale. The red string was very striking against her complexion.

    "She might have attached the tab to the string around her neck," said Cheng Qiuqiao confidently.

    They were like professional gossipers who discussed affairs that had nothing to do with them.

    All the young people nowadays were the same. They sat in class and wrote notes to one another. They talked about gossip. They would even write out lyrics. Thinking back, they seemed very boring, but back then, they always enjoyed it.

    This was the meaning of youth. Everyone in this Cultivation College would become the backbone of the forces that protected this land. They would have to face blood and swords, as well as sacrifices and choices, but right now, they could still bask in the sunlight. It was as if their youth would never end.
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