792 Opening Ceremony

    Chapter 792: Opening Ceremony

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    You Mingyu and Zhao Yongchen were practically sure that they would be able to convince Lu Shu to go to the Changbai Mountains. They did not expect Lu Shu to reject! His reason? He was now the leader of the Luo Shen Cultivation College. How could he abandon his students to go to the Changbai Mountains?

    You Mingyu and Zhao Yongchen tried to hint to him that he would be fighting overseas Practitioners. Everything he obtained from this trip would be his!

    But to their shock, Lu Shu still rejected the offer!

    It was a joke. Of course, You Mingyu and Zhao Yongchen did not know that the member of the Heavenly Network who could collect souls stated in the Golden Foundation forum was Lu Xiaoyu. Thus, they also did not know that Lu Shu already suspected that the culprit was after him.

    Thus, when they decided that Lu Shu should go, he would not go. After all, they had Nie Ting around. Nie Ting could easily defeat a group of Class A's. Why should he be the one taking the risk? What if someone had planned this?

    Lu Shu was a mugger. He was threatening, but not dangerous. But Lu Shu had never thought that he was wise. He was weak in scheming. There was no need for him to challenge an expert in their home ground.

    But this way, You Mingyu, Zhao Yongchen, and Zhong Yutang became melancholic. There had been some trouble on the borders. The large organizations were eyeing them menacingly. Although they had a few new Class B experts, they had transferred Feng Yeming, Feng Yunlu and Chen Baili out. They were lacking in experts at the borders.

    The Heavenly Network had just heaved a sigh of relief. They were approaching the peak of their power and could finally be at ease regarding their borders.

    But now, they were encountering the greatest danger since the Heavenly Network had been established. It was not that these people had the power to eliminate the Heavenly Network. But if they all entered the borders at once, the Heavenly Network did not have the power to take on the entire world as enemies.

    The night before the competition, Feng Yeming hurriedly left. Before he left, he went to find Lu Shu.

    Feng Yeming was still dressed as a student. He still had a pair of earphones and a keyboard. Feng Yeming laughed. "You should come to the Changbai Mountains with us."

    Lu Shu was curious. "Won't going to the Changbai Mountains delay your play time?"

    "There are things more important than electronic games." Feng Yeming smiled. "Are you really not coming with us?"

    "No." Lu Shu shook his head.

    Feng Yeming did not speak any further. Everyone had sensed that Lu Shu had some conflict with the Changbai Mountains. If it was in the past, they would force Lu Shu. But now, it was completely different.

    After Feng Yeming left, Li Yixiao and Nalan Que came. Like Feng Yeming, they were heading towards the Changbai Mountains, and like Feng Yeming, they tried to convince Lu Shu to go with them. But Lu Shu still rejected.

    Lu Shu suddenly sensed a tense atmosphere. It was as if the people around him were ready to charge into battle. But he did not tell anyone that the person who could collect souls was Lu Xiaoyu. He could not tell anyone either. He felt that the culprit's target was not the Changbai Mountains, nor the creatures in the canyon, nor the Golden Foundation. It was Lu Shu.

    There was a basis behind every guess made, but Lu Shu could not reveal it. He could only silently watch as his friends left one by one.

    The next day was the opening ceremony of the competition between the Cultivation Colleges. This opening ceremony was rather formal. It was like the opening ceremony of the Olympics. Not only were there performances, the participants would also march into the venue.

    They could not be as casual as a spring sports festival. Zhong Yutang would even deliver a speech at the opening ceremony.

    The speaker was supposed to be Li Yixiao. Regardless of whether he was reliable or not, he was still a Heavenly King. He represented the top powers of the Heavenly Network. But Li Yixiao had left the night before. Zhong Yutang had no choice but to step up.

    No one had considered allowing Lu Shu to speak. On one hand, Lu Shu did not yet have the appropriate position to take up this responsibility. On the other hand, Zhong Yutang was afraid that things would go awry even before the opening ceremony began...

    There was a small competition stadium within the Luo Shen Cultivation College. It could only seat 7000 people.

    At first, they had wanted some of the students to remain outside. After all, there was no way to make up for the flaws in the stadium. The school only had so much space.

    But the students disagreed. They would watch the ceremony, even if it meant that they had to stand. Thus, the entire stadium was filled with students. One-third of them stood.

    When the participants marched out, the entire stadium cheered loudly. The students from the Luzhou Cultivation College were dressed in red jerseys and slowly walked out. Their leader held a flag which said, "Certain Victory".

    The aura of the genius students was quite prominent. They were full of energy and seemed like true experts.

    When the second team marched out, there was suddenly the smell of gunpowder. "Destroy Everyone" was written on their jerseys and their flag.

    There was another even more aggressive line on their flag. "I'm sorry, but I want to win."

    The spectators were excited. They wanted to see this kind of competition! Recently, everyone had been depressed by the events in the Changbai Mountains. This competition was like a release of their emotions.

    The students from the other Cultivation Colleges talked about this on the forum. It was like a carnival among the seven major Cultivation Colleges!

    It was as if the teams had made prior arrangements. Their slogans became more and more aggressive. Some were full of obscenities.

    The flags were no longer declarations of their drive. They were just provocations!

    When the sixth team marched out, the students saw that there were three words printed in white on their black jerseys. "Please Pardon Me!"

    The spectators were all students from the Luo Shen Cultivation College. Some suddenly whispered, "Since our species research specialization is so strong, they will definitely have an even better slogan, right?"

    "Of course! Why would Lord Lu be humble about this?" Someone laughed. Although Lord Lu was the one who forced them to be spectators, the species research specialization was their pride.

    The participants from the Luo Shen Cultivation College marched out. Lu Shu, who was in front, carried a four-sided flag...

    Everyone gasped in shock. Others carried a single-sided flag, but Lord Lu was carrying a four-sided flag...

    What was written on the flag? "Just 500 meters away from school. Carry Electronic Games and Internet Cafe welcomes you."

    What about the other side? "National Best-seller, Red Can Herbal Tea..."

    Suddenly, the entire stadium fell silent. The teams in front expressionlessly looked at them. Lu Xiaoyu, Chen Zuan and the rest were behind Lu Shu. "Advertising Spaces for Sale" were written on their jerseys...

    "From Zhong Yutang's distress, +666!"

    "From You Mingyu's...

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