841 Natural Disaster Sand Shower Tripitaka!

    Chapter 841: Natural Disaster Sand Shower Tripitaka!

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    Before the war, Lu Xiaoyu had looked for Hao Zhichao and asked him what she could do. Hao Zhichao had wanted to reject Lu Xiaoyu. Although Lu Xiaoyu was stronger than him, the Heavenly Network was not desperate enough to allow a 12 year old to participate in the war.

    But he did not expect Lu Xiaoyu to not be grateful. "Lu Shu said that he would help you to fight, so he will fight. Until he returns, I will fight in place of him."

    It was as if Lu Xiaoyu and Lu Shu were a whole, who drifted outside the Heavenly Network. But Hao Zhichao understood clearly that even though they said so, they did not treat the Heavenly Network as outsiders.

    Hao Zhichao knew about them. These two orphans were on their guard against the rest of the world. But now, these siblings had integrated into the Heavenly Network.

    "Our current concern is that there might be Class B earth-type Metahumans among the foreign Practitioners. According to reliable information, after Lu Shu had killed Anthony and the leader of a squad, there are still two earth-type Metahumans among the 40 Class B Metahumans. I'm worried that we won't be able to handle them." Hao Zhichao did not hold back.

    Lu Xiaoyu thought about it and said, "If they are willing to come, they will die here."

    Lu Xiaoyu was not exaggerating. Johnson had earth-type abilities as well. Although Johnson was a relatively weak materialization type, Anthony was now a top Class B and could make up for the gaps in Johnson's combat ability. When the war started, Lu Xiaoyu had tried to find the Class B earth-type Metahumans. One of the Class B's was among the dozen people she had killed.

    After Lu Xiaoyu had lit up the fourth Nebula, there was one black hole that had not been occupied by a spirit. Lu Xiaoyu had told Lu Shu that she wanted to try out a Class A spirit. It would be best if it was the Bishop's spirit. It was fine even if he was weaker. But he was annoying, so they wanted to capture his spirit first...

    Back then, it seemed as if they were joking, but they were serious on the inside. Lu Shu also felt that it was not a bad idea to capture the Bishop's spirit...

    Although they did not have the Bishop's spirit, she could capture a Class B earth-type!

    When Lu Xiaoyu was a Class C, she took three days to materialize Johnson's soul. Now that she was a Class B, she only needed three hours.

    This was a strategy that Lu Xiaoyu had thought about. If she could immediately find the Class B earth-type Metahuman, she would be able to control three Class B earth-type Metahumans and start an underground massacre after three hours.

    She had three earth-type Metahumans. Lu Xiaoyu herself was also a Class B. With four Class B's, the earth-type Metahumans underground would not stand a chance.

    The cooperation between four Class B's was very frightening. The entire Heavenly Network only had 19 Class B experts...

    If the large organizations personally took part in the war, they might be able to target Lu Xiaoyu efficiently. After all, Lu Xiaoyu would face many inconveniences underground. But it would be more of a hassle for the large organizations. Trying to kill Lu Xiaoyu would result in extremely heavy losses on their side.

    When the secret practitioners saw that they could not rely on the earth-type Metahumans, they could only charge forth reluctantly. They could only get used to this war if they wanted to make it out alive. In the chaos of war, the secret practitioners had no choice but to learn to work together.

    In front was a lofty fort, but behind was thousands of members from the large organizations supervising the battle. This was probably the most supervision during a war in the history of the realm of cultivation. There might not be a similar sight in the future.

    In the middle, the secret practitioners were in pain, as if they were being roasted over a fire in hell.

    Among this despair, fire-type, lightning-type, and metal-type Metahumans were using their abilities to attack the Heavenly Network Practitioners on the wall. The strength-type Metahumans also tried to overcome the wall.

    Some secret practitioners were completely in despair. They tried to escape, but they could not run away from the brutal murders by the large organizations.

    The bronze armored soldiers killed the secret practitioners with a cold expression on their face. But there were just too many secret practitioners. There seemed to be no end.

    Chen Zuan took off his helmets and wiped off the blood on his face. "They are like locusts! Suddenly, they're not afraid to die? When will we finish killing all of them?"

    Cheng Qiuqiao was very frank. His tone was very fierce. "After this war, I'm going to see nightmares for a few years!"

    "So what if we get nightmares? We will kill everyone who comes!" Chen Zuan put on his helmet and continued to defend the fort against the invaders.

    At this moment, everyone realized that the ground was no longer exploding.

    When Lu Xiaoyu had been fighting, there was the occasional sound of explosions underground. Afterwards, the large explosions stopped. Now, there was silence.

    Chen Zuan whispered, "I hope Xiaoyu is fine. She cannot be injured. If anything happens to her, Brother Shu will go crazy!"

    When he thought about this, he shivered in fear. He could not imagine how Lu Shu would be like when he went crazy.

    "Wait! Look!" Someone shouted!

    There was a dull roar in the distance...

    The Heavenly Network had only cut down the trees in a two kilometer radius to widen their field of view. The forest was beyond that.

    But all the bronze armored soldiers looked into the distance. They suddenly saw that a storm of dust and dirt had kicked up after the roar. After that, one square kilometer of the ground started to sink!

    As the ground sank, the sand and soil around the ground started to bury the hole like a waterfall.

    When the ground was flattened again, the people who had been standing there had disappeared.

    It was a massive cemetery, with many Metahumans buried underneath!

    "Is that the legendary Sand Shower Tripitaka... has Xiaoyu advanced to Class A... this is cheating!" Chen Zuan exclaimed in shock

    Not only was Chen Zuan shocked, the entire battlefield fell silent. The scene, which had been as frightening as a natural disaster, had been the result of Lu Xiaoyu's cooperation with the three earth-types after she had successfully materialized the third spirit!

    It was hard to protect themselves against it, like a true natural disaster!

    Chen Zuan suddenly felt that something was wrong. "That is the territory of the large organizations... why is Xiaoyu there?!"

    But the next moment, Chen Zuan suddenly understood. Lu Xiaoyu had not attacked without an objective, She had launched an assault on the members of the large organizations who were supervising the attack. She wanted to create an escape path for the secret practitioners!

    There were far too many secret practitioners. Even if they were not united and were weak, they could create a lot of trouble for the Heavenly Network.

    Now, Lu Xiaoyu gave these secret practitioners another choice. They previously had no escape route and could only choose the path of death. Now that they could escape, would they?!

    After the Sand Shower Tripitaka had passed, Lu Xiaoyu's smiling face suddenly appeared in the ground. Even during times like this, Lu Xiaoyu did not forget to portray her emotions...

    The secret practitioners, who were about to attack the fort, suddenly ran towards the escape path in a frenzy. Now, the secret practitioners were the trouble of the large organizations!

    Hao Zhichao watched this silently. He suddenly laughed. "I had never thought about giving the secret practitioners an escape route. They would run in that direction as if they no longer wanted to live. This pair of siblings are weird. I'm looking forward to when Lu Shu returns to the battlefront."

    For some reason, Hao Zhichao suddenly felt that this pair of siblings killed for a living. After all, Lu Shu was not normal.

    He finally understood why Nie Ting said that everything would be worth it.
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