923 Where Did You Hide Our Grain Transport Carriages

    The fleet of vehicles, that stretched over 1000 meters, stopped and looked back. To their shock, they discovered that the carriage at the very end of the fleet was sinking into the ground. The ground was like the surface of the water. Thump! The carriage fell into the ground and disappeared.

    Furthermore, the number of disappearing carriages increased. There was no sign of them stopping.

    The soldiers from the Long Meng Army hurriedly protected their carriages. They had not even understood what was happening! They wanted to greet their enemies with an attack, but they could not even see their enemy!

    In the end, when over 30 carriages disappeared, the Rank Two commander of the Long Meng Army shouted, "I'm afraid that the Black Feather Army has made their move. Everyone to be on guard! Lift the carriages away from the floor!"

    At that moment, the Long Meng Army lifted up the remaining 20 carriages . They finally prevented the carriages from disappearing.

    Lu Xiaoyu could drag these people into the ground along with the carriages, but Lu Shu specifically told her not to kill anyone. Her space ring could not hold much more either. Lu Xiaoyu turned and left.

    The soldiers of the Long Meng Army realized that this was an effective measure. They started to praise their commander. "Our commander is so wise!"

    To the Long Meng Army, who else would steal grains other than the Black Feather Army? There were techniques in this world that allowed one to hide in the ground, but very few people possessed this technique. It was said that an aristocrat in the Black Feather Army had this technique.

    Lu Shu was in the limestone caves of King Lu Mountain training his swordplay. He discovered that Lu Xiaoyu had earned a large amount of distress points. The distress points were in the hundreds. Lu Shu suddenly felt that the rate at which Lu Xiaoyu earned distress points was just as fast as him...

    On the path north of Wei Bei Pass, five people quietly sat in a row on the tree branches. They closed their eyes and rested. Suddenly, there was the galloping of horses. The five of them opened their eyes at the same time. "They're here."

    "Attack and run immediately," said the leader. "The commander is determined to take Wei Bei Pass. We cannot let our guard down."

    "Understood," said the remaining four people in unison.

    These five people were the most elite scouts in the Black Feather Army. One of them was a Rank Two expert. Although they were called scouts, they were different from the scouts that were typically in the front of the army. Their responsibility was to infiltrate the area and complete their tasks.

    They were the ones responsible for the burning of grains in Wei Bei Pass. They had been lying in ambush in Wei Bei Pass for a full five years. When the Black Feather Army arrived this morning, they dealt Wei Bei Pass a decisive blow.

    However, they knew that even if they had destroyed all the grains in Wei Bei Pass, the Long Meng Army had the right to obtain grains from the five neighboring cities. Thus, after they had dealt with Wei Bei Pass, the five of them hid nearby and waited for the transport fleet to come.

    Since they wanted to start an aggressive attack, they had to break off their opponents' foundation.

    But at that moment, the five of them were suddenly dumbfounded. "Something is not right!"

    When the transport fleet came into their field of view, the five of them realized that the amount of grain being transported was very small. "Did they discover that we are lying in ambush and diverted some of their grains? Why do they have so few carriages?"

    "No." The leader shook his head. "We have been in the Long Meng Army for five years. How would we not know about how they transport grains? Everyone is here, but they are lacking in carriages!"

    He was right. Everyone was present, but what about the transport carriages? They had a massive amount of carriages. How had they all disappeared?

    "There's something strange," said someone suddenly. "Look..."

    Everyone looked at the direction the person was looking in. They realized that the Long Meng Army was not using mules to pull the carriages. Instead, they simply lifted up the carriages and walked...

    "What is this? We have been waiting in the Long Meng Army for five years. This is my first time seeing them carry transport carriages as they walk..." Someone sighed.

    "There is something wrong..."

    Although they could understand why the Long Meng Army carried the carriages as they walked, the scene in front of them was far too strange. The five scouts from the Black Feather Army would not believe that there had been no problems behind this...

    "Do we still attack?" Someone asked in a low tone.

    The leader thought about it and said, "Wait, wait. Let me think about why they're doing that... is it some sort of trap? But this trap is far too strange..."

    The scouts from the Black Feather Army could not understand why these people had to carry the transport carriages. The Long Meng Army could not understand why an expert was blocking a small transport fleet like them either...

    It was not that the Long Meng Army wanted to carry the transport carriages. In reality, everyone thought that if it was the expert that they were thinking about, they might have dragged them underground along with the carriages. But after they lifted up the carriages, there were no more attacks...

    This felt like an animal experiment. If a monkey in a cage stretched out its hand to grab a banana, it would be electrocuted. It would acknowledge that it would be electrocuted if it tried to take the banana. Thus, it would not dare to take the banana.

    What could they do? They were in despair as well!

    "The transport fleet is gone before we've understood what happened..." One of the scouts from the Black Feather Army sighed.

    "Wait, wait... forget it. It's too strange. Disperse!" The scouts from the Black Feather Army dispersed. They only had five people, and were very strong. They only needed to deal a decisive strike. They could not do anything too risky.

    But at that moment, they suddenly felt massive pressure from the sky. Their leader shouted, "A Rank One from the North Region!"

    They saw the Rank One raise his hand and exert pressure on the ground. A massive black hand fell from the sky. Fierce winds blew in the forest. The forest that they were in had been pressed down by the expert. The five Black Feather Army scouts lay on the ground, unable to move.

    They tried to struggle, but they were pressed down by the black hand. They could not even lift a finger.

    The person in the sky said in a cold voice, "Return everything you took. If you dared to steal grains from the Long Meng Army, then you'd better be ready to beg for mercy."

    When the five scouts were thrown into a jail cell in Wei Bei Pass, an old man dressed in black robes came over. He looked at the imprisoned Black Feather Army scouts and said, "Tell me. Where did you hide our grain transport carriages that have disappeared?"

    The Black Feather Army scouts were full of fear. "Let me explain. We were just sitting on the tree this morning. Then, we saw the Long Meng Army carry transport carriages and walk over... we didn't even have the time to react!"

    The old man furrowed his eyebrows. "How absolutely unrepentant. Tell me. Where did our transport carriages go?!"

    The Black Feather Army scout was about to burst into tears. They really did not steal their carriages!

    That night, the Long Meng Army sent out a large amount of elites to search the area. They wanted to find soldiers from the Black Feather Army who had infiltrated their army...

    Back on King Lu Mountain, Lu Shu looked at the transport carriages, absolutely stupefied. "How much did you spend on these?"

    "I didn't spend anything!" Lu Xiaoyu sounded very pleased with herself. "I didn't injure anyone either. Nothing happened. Everything is under control!"
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