961 Night Ambush

    Chapter 961: Night Ambush

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    Sun Zhongyang, Mo Xiaoya, and the rest looked at one another helplessly. There seemed to be no real need for Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu to stay behind. They were strangers who had come together by chance. Lu Shu had only established a deal with them to find the commander of the Wei Wu Army. He did not sell himself to them.

    To be honest, Sun Zhongyang and the rest were very confident. They did not think that it would be of much help to have a peak Rank Two like Lu Shu to stay behind. Of course, Sun Zhongyang also suspected that this young man had some sort of background. If not, how was he able to advance to peak Rank Two?

    Even when Sun Zhongyang and the rest of the geniuses were at Lu Shu's age, they were just as powerful as Lu Shu. But Sun Zhongyang did not know that this was the second time Lu Shu had trained to peak Rank Two...

    But no matter what, when Sun Zhongyang looked at Lu Shu, he felt that he was unable to swallow this insult. Why did it feel like it was more dangerous for him to be with this group of people? In the palace, no matter where they went, people would revolve around them. Why were they being abandoned here? Sun Zhongyang could not bear this humiliation!

    "I will add more money," said Sun Zhongyang as he calmly looked at Lu Shu.


    When Sun Zhongyang heard this, he started to have a headache. He suddenly felt that this young man had definitely not been sent by an enemy. If not, he would not be selling everything he had all the time...

    Lu Shu's eyes lit up. "How much more?"

    "One million notes. Escort us to the palace," said Sun Zhongyang. "When we reach the palace, you can take the money from any one of our private banks."

    Sun Zhongyang did not actually hope that Lu Shu would be able to escort them to the palace. Rather, he was holding his breath. He wanted Lu Shu to stay behind in the trade caravan. You wanted to go, right? You loved money, right? Then stay behind!

    Lu Shu thought about it. As expected, the Sun family was different. They were able to open private banks in the palace. But he shook his head. "The mission of escorting you will be very dangerous. Thus, one million notes will not be enough. I will have to collect three million notes!"

    This time, no matter what Sun Zhongyang and the rest thought, Lu Shu felt that the better the background of the Sun family, the stronger the people who would attack them. These slaves might have come only to explore the routes. Thus, one million would not be enough for Lu Shu to travel with them.

    If they encountered a danger that they could not face, Lu Shu could simply let Anthony bring him and Lu Xiaoyu to escape.

    Sun Zhongyang thought about it for a long time. Finally, he said in a cold voice, "It's only three million notes. Is that a lot? It's only one year's worth of allowance. Don't use your lifetime savings to fight my pocket money."

    "Amazing, amazing." Lu Shu praised him. "Help me write a receipt and stamp your fingerprint on it."

    "From Sun Zhongyang's distress, +777!"

    Sun Zhongyang and the rest realized that Lu Shu desperately needed money. He did not even take time to consider his own abilities. He even dared to ask for this deal!

    "People like you." Mo Xiaoya said calmly, "To you, money is as important as your life. But have you thought about this? What if this spreads? Whoever becomes your employer is an idiot. In the future, you will have fewer opportunities to make money, right?"

    Lu Shu paused for two seconds. Then, he looked at Sun Zhongyang. "She said that you are an idiot."

    Mo Xiaoya was confused.

    Sun Zhongyang was speechless.

    "From Sun Zhongyang's distress..."

    Sun Zhongyang and the rest realized that they had been more angry over the past few days than in their entire lives!

    At that moment, the food in the trade caravan was ready. Before Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu went over to take food, Xu Mujun had already passed bowls of rice to them. Then, she squatted beside them and watched them eagerly.

    Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu were helpless as well. This lady had always been like this since she joined the trade caravan. She was already in character...

    "Miss Mujun," said Lu Shu earnestly, "you don't have to do this for us. With your conditions, you will be able to live a good life wherever you go."

    Xu Mujun shook her head. "They are not as good-looking as you are."

    "Ha ha ha ha. Is that the case... ouch!" Lu Shu turned and angrily looked at Lu Xiaoyu. What a painful pinch!

    Xu Mujun did not say anything else. She brought a guqin1 and sang while playing the guqin. Needless to say, she was very skilled. On the other hand, Lu Shu was eating a bowl of buckwheat noodles outside. He seemed as if he was eating a feast...

    Indeed, Wen Zaifou had many resources. He even used this young lady as a planted agent. Lu Shu felt that something was wrong. It was as if Wen Zaifou had even greater plans.

    At that moment, Lu Shu suddenly looked up into the sky. Something that looked like a shooting star was heading towards him at a high speed. But it was not a shooting star. It was an arrow!

    Sun Zhongyang and the rest had seen the arrow as well, but had determined that the arrow was aimed at Lu Shu. Thus, they stood in one corner and watched quietly. They wanted to see how Lu Shu would react. They also wanted to see whether their judgment was right.

    When the sound of thunder reached their ears, Lu Shu had brought his bowl of buckwheat noodles to another side with Lu Xiaoyu and Xu Mujun. He continued to eat his noodles.

    Crash! The arrow caused a crater to form in the ground. But Lu Shu was no longer sitting there.

    Sun Zhongyang and the rest looked at one another, then looked at Lu Shu, who was eating noodles. The boss of the trade caravan was right. Although Lu Shu was greedy, he had his own standards.

    Ordinary people would be different from Lu Shu. They would not be able to continue calmly eating their noodles when an arrow was aimed at them.

    Lu Shu pondered. This probably happened after he had saved the boss of the trade caravan. The slaves lodged a report against him to mind his own business.

    They probably could not sense Lu Shu's limits. Thus, they wanted to see whether they could scare him away.

    The slaves had probably never expected that Lu Shu already had a plan. If these slaves caused any harm to Sun Zhongyang and the rest, he would not earn any money.

    Lu Shu would demand the money he was supposed to earn from the slaves...

    Sun Zhongyang said in a low voice, "He might be of use to us."

    Mo Xiaoya said in disdain, "He'd better not run away."

    "He doesn't seem like that kind of person to me." Sun Zhongyang shook his head. "You might not have noticed it, but I could sense murderous intent from him amidst his calmness. He is keeping it in, but once he unleashes it, it might be like a thunderbolt..."

    Before he could finish speaking, Sun Zhongyang suddenly heard Lu Shu shouting from not too far away. "What?! Run away!"

    They heard a sharp noise from the sky. Countless arrows dropped down from the sky like shooting stars. A hundred people had just fired their arrows!

    Then, Sun Zhongyang and the rest looked at Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu in shock. One of them carried the carriage, and the other carried a horse. Then, they ran away...

    This was a bit too much. Since when were there air carriages?

    Xu Mujun calmly carried her guqin and followed Lu Shu. She covered over a hundred feet in one step. She was like a deity crossing an abyss.

    The boss of the trade caravan could not understand what was happening in this trade caravan. All of them were strange...
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