977 Rank One! Rise of the Milky Way

    "Who advanced to Rank One?" Sun Zhongyang asked in shock. "Le Yulu?"

    It seemed as if this was the only possibility. If not, who else would advanced? But the sound of the Dao was very loud. It was almost unbelievable.

    The sound of the Dao came from the resonance with the heaven and the earth. Sun Zhongyang was puzzled. Given the scale of the resonance, did the person not create their own rules?

    "How far did the sound of the Dao reach?" Mo Xiaoya wiped the blood beside her mouth and asked with confusion. "It must be beyond a radius of five kilometers, right?"

    Not only did the palace geniuses compare their slaves and abilities, they also compared how far the sound of their Dao traveled.

    In order to build the foundation of their families, some new wealthy aristocrats would spoil their geniuses with excessive enthusiasm. As a result, some geniuses only had passable aptitude, but had already reached Rank One. While they had reached the realm of a Rank One, they were not as strong as those who had trained hard.

    Thus, geniuses like Sun Zhongyang and Mo Xiaoya who had relied on their own abilities to reach their current strength looked down upon the so-called "geniuses" who had rapidly advanced. In their circle, once they knew that the sound of their Dao did not reach a radius of ten kilometers, they would not pay attention to them.

    But there was another kind of situation. The sound of the Dao would go beyond five kilometers. 5.5 to six kilometers were possible.

    It was said that for the senior disciple of the Sword Hut, the sound of his Dao had reached a radius of 9.5 kilometers when he advanced to Rank One. The palace was in a panic for a period of time.

    In the end, reality proved that the heaven and the earth did not lie. The wider the range of the sound of the Dao, the stronger the person would be.

    "How can we be sure in this wilderness?" Sun Zhongyang laughed bitterly. Typically, when someone in the Luniverse advanced to Rank One, they would ask someone to observe. It was a grand occasion in the palace, like the Imperial College examinations. Countless people would surround and observe them. Many kind-hearted people would measure the range of the sound of the Dao.

    But now, even if Sun Zhongyang and the rest wanted to verify the range that Lu Shu had produced, they were helpless. On one hand, they did not have enough manpower. On the other hand, they could not move easily.

    They had already been severely injured. They had recovered for over a day, but now, they were injured again...

    They had never expected this to happen. They had just been sitting on the flatbed cart and observing the situation. No matter whether this young man was able to defeat the mercenary soldiers, they had no part or ability in this.

    They had just been observing, but had been hit by a stray arrow. How did this make sense?

    "From Sun Zhongyang's distress, +777..."

    "From Mo Xiaoya's..."

    But, even if they did not have a way to measure the sound of the Dao produced by Lu Shu, Sun Zhongyang was very certain. "It has gone beyond a radius of five kilometers. Perhaps it has reached 7.5 kilometers."

    Mo Xiaoya furrowed her eyebrows. "Are you overestimating it? Can he really reach 7.5 kilometers?"

    But... their imagination was restricted by their own views. At that moment, no bird within a 50 kilometer radius dared to land on a tree!

    Lu Shu stood still. He felt the breathing of the heaven and the earth. He sensed the alignment of his spirit with the heaven and the earth. So this was the power of a Rank One.

    The chains on Lu Shu's body that had been imposed by Dream Chooser broke. The celestial map emerged!

    Lu Shu could sense that the Seal of Lands was excited. The gourd in the Seal of Lands was greedily breathing in the resonance that radiated from Lu Shu's body to feed and heal itself.

    At that moment, everything that belonged to Lu Shu started to return. The stars in his celestial map suddenly started to shine brightly, as if the Milky Way was rising.

    But due to the sudden changes, the price of training both the celestial map and his Spirit Qi suddenly came.

    At first, when the celestial map was not locked up, any Spirit Qi that entered his body would be banished. This was the exclusivity of the celestial map as a higher leveled technique.

    But now, the realm of Spirit Qi was higher than that of the celestial map. For the celestial map, it was the first time that the celestial map was on par with Spirit Qi.

    But the Spirit Qi had already been distributed throughout Lu Shu's blood. Every inch of his body had grown stronger because of the success of Spirit Qi in training his body. Thus, celestial powers and Spirit Qi fought each other in Lu Shu's body. Lu Xiaoyu suddenly realized that this short burst of effort had left Lu Shu sweating profusely.

    Sun Zhongyang and the rest suddenly realized that among the sound of the Dao that filled the heaven and the earth, it was as if something else was suppressing the sound. No. More accurately, it was relentlessly suppressing the heaven and the earth.

    What was able to suppress the heaven and the earth?

    But before Sun Zhongyang and the rest could figure it out, it suddenly disappeared, as if it had never appeared.

    "Was that an illusion?" Sun Zhongyang asked, puzzled.

    "It wasn't an illusion. I felt it as well." Mo Xiaoya shook her head and said, "But I have never seen or heard of this."

    At that moment, Lu Xiaoyu suddenly saw Lu Shu sigh. He looked up and smiled to Xiaoyu. "I have walked through this path."

    He did not talk about what path he had taken or how he had walked through it.

    From the start to the end, Lu Xiaoyu had no intention of helping Lu Shu. She clearly knew that he had to walk this path alone. Furthermore, there was nothing that Lu Shu could not do.

    The soldier called Yi Qian was completely silent. He did not know how to deal with this situation.

    Yi Qian's many years of experience allowed him to build a strong judgment. Rank Ones had outstanding intuition. Thus, Yi Qian understood one thing. He could not defeat him. He might not even be able to defeat him if five or six of him rushed up to attack him at the same time.

    Yi Qian had killed many Rank Ones in his many years of experience. Thus, he knew that even if they were of the same Rank, there could be very stark differences. Therefore, he could understand the state of this young man. It was as if he was invincible, except against the Master Realm...

    But Yi Qian could not understand. This young man had just advanced to Rank One. Why was he so powerful? What would it be like if he was a fully trained Rank One?

    Lu Shu suddenly turned back to look at Yi Qian. "What did you say just now about relying on something to live on for the past years? Who are you killing?"

    Yi Qian thought about it and suddenly said, "Sorry."

    "From Yi Qian's distress, +999!"

    Before Lu Shu could say anything, Lu Xiaoyu said, "Do you feel that the two of you are quite similar in some ways..."

    Lu Shu was dumbfounded.

    "From Lu Shu's distress, +666!"

    Yi Qian could no longer say anything. Everything would be unnecessary. Lu Shu sighed with emotion. In movies and stories, after the main character advanced, they would have an army of weak enemies to defeat. Even though they could not defeat him, they still charged forth without fear.

    He was happy just thinking about it!

    But why did he receive this kind of treatment here? Once Yi Qian knew that he could not defeat Lu Shu, he gave up! Who approved of this?
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