1012 The Sword Formation of the Cottage

    Chapter 1012: The Sword Formation of the Cottage

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    The words "Library" looked extremely proper. Lu Shu could not hide his excitement. He looked around secretly and stepped into the library since he did not see anyone around.

    Lu Shu was thinking, could there be a guard around in an important place like the library?! After all, it contained the books of the entire palace of the King of Gods!

    However, when Lu Shu walked in, nobody stopped him. There was nobody in the library.

    He took a few steps behind and pushed a door near the cottage. Then, he saw a man sitting with his legs crossed on the ground with a sword in its sheath. When the man heard the door open, he opened his eyes. However, when he opened his eyes, the door was already closed.

    Lu Shu walked into the library feeling bothered. "Isn't there someone here, not everyone has gone to the Sword Hut selections. Why isn't anyone guarding the library, which is an important place?"

    As he said that, he stepped into the library. As he walked, he examined the orientation of the room. When he saw the first two rows of shelves, he was stunned. It was difficult to look at these books, they were the poems of the king?!

    Were the people crazy? Why did they keep such books?

    Lu Shu sighed. He thought the Sword Hut was different but it was just as old-fashioned!


    He randomly grabbed a book and flipped. He was stunned almost immediately. The first poem was "Quiet Night Thought" written by Li Bai1!

    The poem was printed within and the author's name was handwritten!

    "Don't tell me the owner of the Sword Hut wrote it," exclaimed Lu Shu.

    He had always been curious. In the past, someone told him that the owner of the Sword Hut went to the palace of the King of Gods to fight with the old King of Gods for the poems of the king. At that moment, he wondered if the owner of the Sword Hut was someone from Earth?

    There were also rumors saying how the owner of the Sword Hut was a child adopted by the old King of Gods when he was out on a vacation. Therefore, Lu Shu was thinking, perhaps he went to Earth and copied so many poems?

    Therefore, the owner of the Sword Hut should have come from Earth too...

    Therefore, the owner of the Sword Hut did not expose the old King of Gods blatantly but instead helped to take care of his reputation. However, the books in the Sword Hut's Library was filled with handwritten information regarding the book's author and place of origin...

    Initially, Lu Shu was not very interested in the library but he suddenly became extremely interested...

    He felt as though his heart was burning with the urge to find out more. He revealed such a big secret by randomly flipping through a book?

    He wanted to take every book out to flip through them. Then, Lu Shu realized that the owner of the Sword Hut had written down the author of every poem. Of course, the owner of the Sword Hut was not someone who studied the old poems. Therefore, it was understandable that they did not know who the author of certain poems were.

    However, even if they did not know who the author was, they still wrote a small line of words at the back of the poem. Although Lu Shu did not know who wrote it, he was certain that it was not written by that particular person.

    Tsk tsk, Lu Shu was initially mad with how the old King of Gods got rid of his backup plan. Now that he saw what the owner of the Sword Hut did, he suddenly felt relieved...

    After a very long time spent flipping through the books, Lu Shu regained his senses and realized that the sun had set. At this moment, he heard footsteps outside the library. Then, he heard Gu Lingfei's voice. "What is going on, how can he go missing in the Sword Hut? If he disappeared, you guys are in trouble!"

    Suddenly, Gu Lingfei stopped in front of the library of the cottage and turned. Both Gu Lingfei and Lu Shu's eyes met.

    Lu Shu was about to say that he entered to take a look at the books. Since he was young, he loved to read books... Then, he suddenly realized that Gu Lingfei's expression turned to a look of disbelief. It was the first time she showed that expression on her beautiful face.

    Gu Lingfei was shocked. "How did you get in? Who allowed you to go in?"

    Lu Shu was unhappy. Nobody was guarding the library and there was no rule stating that nobody could enter. Why couldn't he enter? He said while looking at Gu Lingfei, "I am here to browse the books..."

    "You..." Gu Lingfei was panicking. She tried to take a step into the library of the cottage and before her feet could touch the ground, the sound of a sword could be heard echoing throughout the library. It was an extremely sharp sound.

    Lu Shu looked up in shock. He suddenly realized that the grass of which the cottage was made up of turned as dangerous as swords! The library was a sword formation!

    At this moment, he finally understood why Gu Lingfei panicked. No wonder the place was left unguarded. Ordinary people could not even enter, including Master Gu Lingfei!

    Gu Lingfei asked coldly, "Teacher had left for so many years and nobody could enter! Why can you enter?!"

    Lu Shu was confused. "That's right, how did I enter?"

    As he said that, Lu Shu stepped into the deep corners of the library and Gu Lingfei demanded in a low voice, "Get out now!"

    Lu Shu said nonchalantly, "You come in and get me..."

    Although Lu Shu did not understand why others could not enter but he could, he knew that if he went out and was caught by Gu Lingfei, he would never have the chance to go in again!

    Therefore, he could not go out. Moreover, the way back home was in the library! Or rather, he wanted to dig out all the secrets in the library before he left!

    Judging from how Gu Lingfei rushed Lu Shu out, it seemed like she had entered in the past and knew that it was an important place. However, that was precisely why Lu Shu wanted to stay.

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    Moreover, if the Master could not enter the cottage, it was the safest place...

    However, Lu Shu thought that even though the owner of the Sword Hut had exceeded the Master realm, they would not be able to prevent a master from entering by randomly plotting a sword formation. Gu Lingfei probably did not attack because she was worried that she would destroy the entire library.

    Lu Shu did not know that all the seven Masters of the Sword Hut had entered the library and was taught by the owner of the Sword Hut.

    This was the second most mysterious place, apart from the rear mountain, in the Sword Hut. Only those of the Master Realm could enter. After the owner of the Sword Hut left hurriedly 12 years ago, nobody could enter the library at all.

    As Lu Shu walked, he suddenly discovered that the library only had poems of the king... He did not believe it initially but after touring the entire library, he confirmed that there were only poems of the king....

    His face turned black immediately. Were all the books hidden?!
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