1017 The First Heavenly King, Nie Ting

    Chapter 1017: The First Heavenly King, Nie Ting

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    Leading the flood of bronze, the practitioners pointed the way for them automatically. Initially, people did not understand it when they received the instructions from the Heavenly Network. It was the first time the Heavenly Network conducted such a large-scale evacuation.

    Although the battle on the Tiger's Back was intense, there was no need for this much trouble as there were not many people left in the Changbai Mountains.

    Yet now, what on earth happened on the Longmen Mountain that made the Heavenly Network spend so much effort?

    If the enemies had arrived, they ought to come from the borders. Why was Luo City encountering the enemies?

    At this moment, only very few people knew that a space passageway on the Longmen Mountain had suddenly opened. Meanwhile, there was an extremely developed civilization on the other side of the space passageway. The power of cultivation was way greater than that of the Earth. It was able to conquer Earth using the powers of the West Region only.

    There was only one Master Realm expert, Nie Ting, in the Heavenly Network. Meanwhile, including Duanmu Huangqi, there were four individuals Masters, from the West Region.

    Of course, Duanmu Huangqi was in the palace. Nobody knew how many Masters from the West Region would head to the Earth.

    If Lu Shu knew about this, his first reaction would probably be, Duanmu Huangqi came to the palace in order to hold everyone's attention in the palace so that he could proceed with his plan!

    Chen Zuan and the rest were in the midst of conducting their plan. Suddenly, a little girl who was hugging onto a soft toy looked at the flood of bronze on the rooftop. Her mother held her hands and she looked up suddenly, "Mom, who are they?"

    The little girl's mother looked above her and calmed down. "They are superhumans."

    "What are superhumans?"

    "Very very powerful superheroes," said her mother while smiling, "The superheroes who protected us."

    The girl suddenly shouted towards the flood of bronze, "Thank you!"

    Chen Zuan, who was on the rooftop, suddenly pulled up his mask and jumped around crazily while smiling. "F*ck, even if I die, it's worth it."

    Cheng Qiuqiao said beside him, "Touch wood."

    Chen Zuan said, "... Where did you learn this from, touch wood."

    The entire flood of bronze laughed. The bronze armor was different from that of the past. Initially, everyone thought that the Heavenly Network wanted to improve the bronze armor using some tactics. However, they realized that the so called "improvement" was to add a communication device and night-vision device to the top of the armor. This was rather down to earth...

    This was a combination of science and martial arts. At least, the entire flood of bronze could communicate with each other at the same time, including chatting with the armor on.

    The flood of bronze continued to head to the South. Everyone knew that they would run into danger... Or else, why would Zhong Yutang bow to them?!

    But... So what if there was danger. Everyone in the flood of bronze was waiting for this day. They were hoping for an intense battle to prove that their beliefs were not without reason.

    Zhao Yongchen who was beside them suddenly recalled the conversation he had with Lu Shu on that rainy night that felt like a long time ago. For some reason, he hoped that Lu Shu could lead the rest to face the crisis. It was as though the outcome would be tremendously different if he was around.

    When the flood of bronze reached the Longmen Mountain, everyone stood solemnly beside a section of the fort. Chen Baili was sleeping at the dilapidated wall. Although he killed several hundreds of Black Feather Army earlier on, there was a Rank One expert who managed to attack him.

    However, although he was injured, he still managed to kill everyone else.

    Chen Zuan looked at the several hundred dead bodies in front of Chen Baili and the partners from the Heavenly Network. This scene was terrible and it had been a long time since such things happened after the battle on the Tiger's Back.

    Before the fort was built, it was already broken through. Chen Zuan suddenly said, "Let's carry our brother to the back of the wall to prevent them from getting hurt during the battle later."

    Chen Zuan knew that dead people would not get injured.

    Chen Baili opened his eyes and glanced at Chen Zuan. "Watch out."

    Chen Zuan was shocked. This was the first time his granduncle showed concern for him.

    Cheng Qiuqiao, Chen Zuan and Zhao Yongchen led the teams to carry their teammates bodies respectively. Zhong Yutang had taken over as the temporary commander and was diverting the entire flood of bronze to Luo City.

    There was no proper handover and there was no time for it. What was happening on Longmen Mountain was the most important.

    It was one kilometer from the space passageway. Chen Zuan and the rest stood on the dilapidated walls and watched the sunset. For some reason, everyone felt that time passed extremely slowly and was extremely difficult to last through. Nobody knew what would appear in the space passageway and nobody knew if they could see the next morning's sunrise.

    The few rays of the sun setting shone on everyone's faces. However, everyone had put on their masks and the flood of bronze was ready to attack at any moment.

    Everyone knew that the first batch of the other party was just a scouting group. However, even the scout group was able to injure Chen Baili...

    At this moment, a gigantic wave of energy spread. Chen Zuan and the rest saw a senior wearing a black robe appear out of nowhere and leaped into the sky while laughing loudly. "I, Chen Yuxuan, the master of the West Lord of Heaven has arrived. Why aren't all of you kneeling and asking for my forgiveness?"

    Chen Zuan and the rest became extremely cautious. This person... seemed to be extremely powerful!

    They saw the senior throw a black baton up into the sky. It was carved with complicated patterns.

    After that, the patterns on the baton began to move. They spread out like a net from the sky, as though it was about to engulf the entire area from above.

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    The senior laughed. "None of the Masters are willing to welcome me?"

    At this moment, a black saber appeared above Chen Yuxuan's head without any warning.

    The entire space began to distort. With the strike of the saber, the black knife radiance was extremely powerful and cut the black net into two!

    A cold voice was heard above Chen Yuxuan's head, "Scram!"

    Instantly, the radiance of the saber appeared again and the senior named Chen Yuxuan was shocked beyond words. He did not expect such a powerful Master to be present! He did not dare to defend against the strike. However, the most annoying thing was that he had to obey the other party's instructions and descend in order to avoid the saber. He was acting as though he was very obedient!

    Everyone, including Chen Zuan, looked up into the sky at Nie Ting. The First Heavenly King of the Heavenly Network had never disappointed them.
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