1047 A Good Dream

    Chapter 1047: A Good Dream

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    Lu Shu had finally completed everything he had wanted to do in the palace. He had joined the Sword Hut. Although he did not find the way home, he encountered Jiang Shuyi by accident. Although he had not found a way to break the barrier between the worlds, the space pathway had opened up by accident.

    According to Jiang Shuyi, the space pathway had closed temporarily, but it had been opening more frequently in recent times. Perhaps the Earth and the Luniverse would be completely connected one day.

    They were finally going home. Lu Shu had been waiting for this day to come for far too long.

    He led the Wei Wu Army to gallop towards the west. Other than the sound of metal and horses, there were no other sounds in the palace.

    A night of battles had finally ended. The morning sun was rising. Sunlight shone over the walls of the palace onto their bodies.

    Lu Shu suddenly caused his horse to stop. Then, the Wei Wu Army neatly stopped where they were.

    The entire Wei Wu Army followed Lu Shu and looked to the east. The sunlight represented the new life of the Wei Wu Army. There was a breeze. The red tassels on their helmets were like flags that fluttered in the wind.

    Many years later, the boss of the Song Ji, Xiao Mingze, recalled the events that had happened. "The Wei Wu Army quietly stood at the west entrance for a very long time. No one in the palace dared to disturb them. That day, the blood on the limestone road dyed the entire ground red. We spent a long time scrubbing the roads clean."

    "But for some reason, that morning, I suddenly felt that the Luniverse was very interesting. The sunrise that morning was particularly beautiful as well."

    When the Wei Wu Army once again galloped out of the palace, it was as if the palace had returned to normal in an instant. It was like someone who had been holding their breath suddenly dared to breathe out!

    Was the strength of the Wei Wu Army that frightening? Probably not.

    No matter how strong the small Wei Wu Army was, as long as they did not have a master, there was no need for the wealthy families in the palace to give in to them.

    But the potential Lu Shu had shown tonight was something called a "future".

    It had been a very long time since such a strong Rank One had appeared in the Luniverse. Many people started to think. The Wei Wu Army was an army from the North Region, and Duanmu Huangqi was fighting with the North Region. If Wen Zaifou was willing to protect Lu Shu, it might be worth it to invest in Lu Shu.

    But they did not know that they had missed the best timing. The moment the Wei Wu Army passed through the west entrance, they were no longer on the same level.

    The wealthy families in the palace were used to making what was good even better. They knew that it would be more memorable for them to provide timely help. But they did not dare to take the risk. After all, Lu Shu's enemy was a Lord of Heaven!

    Some thought that if Wen Zaifou did not step up and protect Lu Shu, it would not mean anything even if Lu Shu had killed 12 patrons. He would be continually chased by Duanmu Huangqi. Duanmu Huangqi would not rest until Lu Shu was dead.

    Lu Shu did not directly return to Nangeng City. Instead, he led the Wei Wu Army to a mountain creek, where Zhang Weiyu and the rest were waiting.

    Zhang Weiyu, Dong Ye, and the rest of the Imperial Palace Soldiers did not have any strength. Riding horses over such a long distance would take a huge toll on their bodies. How would they have the strength to commit a massacre with the Wei Wu Army?

    Thus, they could only hide in a concealed location and wait for the return of the Wei Wu Army. Luckily, Zhang Weiyu and the rest of the Imperial Palace Soldiers were very familiar with the palace. They had lived there for a very long time. They definitely knew the best places to conceal themselves.

    Furthermore, as former Imperial Palace Soldiers, they knew many secrets ordinary people did not know.

    But when Zhang Weiyu saw the Wei Wu Army head to the palace to save Lu Shu, he suddenly felt very melancholic. He, too, was once daring and energetic like them.

    In a flash, spring had turned into winter. They had wasted 23 years of their lives watching spring turn into autumn, waiting for nothing.

    Some people discussed in private about whether they should tell Liu Yizhao that Lu Shu was not the person they were waiting for.

    But Zhang Weiyu shook his head and said, "Is that important? Do you think Liu Yizhao is happy now?"

    "He does seem very happy," said someone.

    "Then why should we tell him about the truth? If what we are waiting for is destined never to appear again, why not let him be immersed in this good dream? Why do we have to wake him up and suffer with us?" Zhang Weiyu asked.

    All the Imperial Palace Soldiers were soldiers. That was right. Liu Yizhao was now very happy. He had found his king and a role that he was suitable for. If this was a good dream, then they should let Liu Yizhao live in this dream.

    Back then, they had trained Liu Yizhao as well. They saw Liu Yizhao as their own biological younger brother. Back then, they had misunderstood Liu Yizhao, but now, they knew that Liu Yizhao was waiting like them.

    "If we did not have our mission, I would like to follow Lu Shu and go on an expedition. Being able to ride a horse at high speed in the palace would be amazing! But it is a pity that we were born at the wrong time! So, we should just continue waiting." Zhang Weiyu smiled and said to the rest of the Imperial Palace Soldiers, "Let Liu Yizhao fly free."

    They were envious of Liu Yizhao. They were willing to help him succeed, but they had to wait for what they were waiting for.

    At that moment, there was the sound of metal and galloping in the distance. Zhang Weiyu and the rest turned to look. They silently heaved a sigh of relief.

    All the Imperial Palace Soldiers here were experienced. They could estimate how many soldiers had returned just based on the sound of them approaching. There were no critical injuries or fatalities.

    The first person who came into view was Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu on the same horse. Behind Lu Xiaoyu was the Wei Wu Army, whose vigor was at their peak!

    But when Lu Shu led the Wei Wu Army back, he did not get off his horse. Instead, he quietly sat on his horse and looked down at Zhang Weiyu. "If I tell you that there is a method for you to continue your foundation, would you believe me?"

    Zhang Weiyu was dumbfounded. The entire Wei Wu Army was dumbfounded. Was there really a method to continue their foundation? They had never heard of it!

    But for some reason, Zhang Weiyu subconsciously chose to believe him!

    Before they could answer, Lu Shu calmly asked, "If I help you to continue your foundation, there is one condition. You will accompany me on my expedition, until the person who you are waiting for has come. Are you willing to do so?"

    "No persuasion, no forcing, no Treaty of Alliance?"

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    "Yes," said Lu Shu.

    Zhang Weiyu took in a deep breath. "I, Zhang Weiyu, will represent the 56 Imperial Palace Soldiers to thank you! If what we have been waiting for does not appear, we will give our lives to you. But if he really comes, we hope that you will understand."

    Lu Shu suddenly laughed cheerily. "Yes, yes. Don't hesitate. There is going to be a tough battle immediately!"

    "Against who?"

    "Duanmu Huangqi!

    Zhang Weiyu had just said that Liu Yizhao had been living in a good dream. Now, he felt like he was dreaming as well.
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