1079 The Mystery of the Barrier Between the Two Worlds

    The alcohol that the Heavenly Network drank at night was neither premium alcohol nor one that everyone could drink. Even though all of them knew how the space pathway would open, they had to wait for a while. However, the problem was that the tradition of the Heavenly Network did not allow them to do anything they wanted.

    What if the space pathway opened that night?

    At this moment, Lu Shu had told Nie Ting his thoughts. There could be someone backing Duanmu Huangqi and controlling everything. Therefore, even if the Black Feather Army perished, they could not let their guards down.

    After all, Duanmu Huangqi had yet to die and nobody knew who was backing Duanmu Huangqi.

    At this moment, Nie Ting started to think about how to face the Luniverse. In the past, Nie Ting would think that it was better for him to mind his own business.

    That was because the Heavenly Network was not good at attacking. They were better at defending.

    However, times had changed. The Heavenly Network was not good at attacking but Nie Ting suddenly realized that the earth was like a luring target in the eyes of people in the Luniverse.

    Pathways had opened in North America and Northern Europe. However, only some people from the Luniverse barged in accidentally like Li Ke. Nobody had found the correct entrance yet.

    However, the practitioners from the Luniverse were surprised when they entered. The reason was neither the food nor the discovery of magical stone mines. The reason was because they found out that there was a large number of people without a leader!

    In the Luniverse, people were assets. They served as the supply of slaves!

    Lu Shu and Nie Ting did not expect that. Initially, they thought that the Luniverse would not be interested in the Earth. However, they discovered that the Luniverse's perception on keeping slaves was completely different from that of the Earth's.

    Moreover, they did not keep slaves based on trades. They had broken free from the restrictions of the King of Gods and viewed the people on Earth as properties which they could "pick up" as and when they liked.

    In the Luniverse, ordinary villagers had their register as an ordinary villager. One had to sign a slave contract with an ordinary villager and report it before the villager was officially considered one's slave. This was a rule made by the old King of Gods in order to protect the villagers. However, the implementation of the rule faced many problems.

    When the old King of Gods was around, the slave owners did not dare to do anything funny. However, after the old King of Gods was no longer around, the moral degeneration of the society began to get worse.

    And now when they arrived on Earth, they did not have to report to anyone. Without any restrictions, they started labelling people as slaves directly!

    The good thing was that these people were lost. Only a minority of the people from Luniverse dared to do this when they first arrived at a foreign place. Most of the people from the Luniverse decided to wait and see first.

    However, some of the attitude of the people in the Luniverse were sufficient to ring a warning bell on Earth. The parties did not view each other equally, they were thinking about whether they could steal one's resources.

    This was not the speciality of people from the Luniverse. In fact, in the history of the development of people on Earth, there were many cases of how one invaded others.

    The situation in Northern Europe was still alright. The entrance was beside the Holy Palace and one would get surrounded by the Deities once they stepped out.

    However, the situation was different in North America. The people from the Luniverse who entered accidentally made 100 over stamps for slaves overnight. Fortunately, the Phoenix Society discovered this in time.

    Lu Shu's first reaction after entering the Luniverse was, 'Why is this place so under-developed?' That was because the "basic infrastructure" and "production" was too under-developed. To put it simply, their technical skills were extremely bad.

    However, when the people from the Luniverse went to the Earth, they also felt that the Earth was under-developed. Why was the average capabilities of people so bad?!

    This was the difference between the culture of technology and culture of training. Both of their ideologies were extremely different!

    However, at this moment, Lu Shu was thinking about a question. If the space pathway on the Changbai Mountains was left behind by the old King of Gods for himself, then what about the Longmen Mountain, Northern Europe and North America?

    Did one space pathway mean that a powerful individual from the Luniverse had broken through the barrier between the two worlds and landed on Earth?

    Based on the information they had so far, it was not easy for one to break through the barrier between the two worlds. At least, Duanmu Huangqi was unable to do that!

    However, was it only possible for one to be at a higher level than the master realm to accomplish that? That did not make sense, only three people on the Luniverse accomplished that.

    Lu Shu felt that he should keep this question in mind. Northern Europe... If his speculation was accurate, who would come from Northern Europe?

    Lu Shu fell silent.

    When he was drinking at night, Lu Shu was extremely happy. To Zhang Weiyu and the rest, they were in a new environment. To Lu Shu, on the other hand, he had returned home.

    Lu Shu was a person who liked to stay at home and did not like to be out and about.

    When he was in the Luniverse, he felt that he did not belong there as everything was somewhat unrelated to him. He was only willing to be a passer-by.

    As he was drinking, Li Yixiao ran over sneakily, "Brother!"

    Lu Shu looked at Li Yixiao while smiling, "You are planning to do something to the Luniverse again?"

    "I know the Luniverse is very dangerous," said Li Yixiao as he lowered his volume, "I am saying this while I am high from the alcohol. You don't know how difficult my time is at home. So, I decided to head over to the Luniverse the next round when the space pathway is opened... Is it easy to earn money over there?"

    Lu Shu was happy. The last sentence finally made Li Yixiao speak his mind. Then, Lu Shu saw Nalan Que's figure and shouted, "Look after Heavenly King Li, he is about to head to the Luniverse."

    Nalan Que frowned immediately. Li Yixiao had to explain for a long time to calm her down.

    "Brother," said Li Yixiao as he frowned, "You were not like this last time, did you forget the days when we earned money together?"

    Lu Shu said, "I am doing this for your sake. The Luniverse is a dangerous place, you should avoid it at all cost. To be honest, the Luniverse is like an abyss, even if you go over, it won't make a difference."

    Lu Shu said this sincerely. He really did not want to see Li Yixiao die over there. Although Li Yixiao was already very powerful, it was too dangerous, especially since the masters were moving to the frontline.

    At this moment, Hao Zhichao who was beside him said, "Li Yixiao, are you so afraid of Heavenly King Nalan?"

    Li Yixiao was extremely unhappy. "You think that my wife is very strict because you only see how I give in to her when I am outside. I endure this treatment because I respect her. Back at home, she cooks for me, washes my clothes, serves me tea and cleans the house, you do not see all of that!"

    Lu Shu kept silent for two seconds. "Can you see it yourself?"

    Li Yixiao sighed, "I can't f*cking see anything..."

    "From Li Yixiao's distress, +748!"
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