1108 School Festival

    Li Junyi was dead. Suddenly, Lu Shu understood that he had been targeted early on in the Luniverse.

    Thus, Lu Shu suddenly realized something. The enemy had come to Earth not to attack the Heavenly Network. The enemy was targeting Lu Shu.

    He looked at Nakagawa Masaharu and Oda Masako. Nakagawa Masaharu was in despair. He looked at Lu Shu and asked, "Who in the world are you?"

    Nakagawa Masaharu suddenly realized that from the beginning, he had felt that this kidnapping was very strange and mysterious. It was not because he was inexperienced. It was simply because he had kidnapped the wrong person.

    But Lu Shu did not plan to waste time on him. He used the Concealed Arrow to take away Nakagawa Masaharu's life.

    To Lu Shu's shock, Oda Masako was calm. He was not as panicky as Nakagawa Masaharu.

    Lu Shu asked curiously, "Aren't you scared?"

    Oda Masako asked, "Is there any use in being scared?"

    "I'm curious," Lu Shu suddenly asked, "Why didn't you join the Collection of Gods?"

    No matter whether it was Chiba Mahiro, or Nakagawa Masaharu, or Oda Masako, they were all Metahumans who had escaped the screening by the Collection of Gods. They blended in with the ordinary students.

    Oda Masako calmly said, "I just want to be free."

    Lu Shu carefully observed Oda Masako. Suddenly, he laughed. "Interesting. Don't worry, I won't kill you."

    Lu Shu even thought about himself. Back then, he had concealed his strength because he wanted freedom.

    But Lu Shu could not help Oda Masako, as he had to hand Oda Masako to the Collection of Gods. He picked up the phone and called Sakurai Yaeko. In less than five minutes, people came to clean up the scene. The Collection of Gods had been following Nakagawa Masaharu's car ever since Lu Shu had been kidnapped, but they had not rashly provided assistance.

    Or, Sakurai Yaeko had told them that Lu Shu did not need help. They just needed to help out with logistics...

    The members of the Collection of Gods brought Oda Masako away. He would be in detention until Lu Shu left Japan.

    Lu Shu did not kill him, as he had confirmed that Oda Masako had been forced. Oda Masako was put in detention as they were worried that he would leak information. After all, Lu Shu still had to wait for the other slave owners to arrive.

    Even the members of the Collection of Gods who had cleaned up the scene had to be isolated for a period of time. The news of Lu Shu attacking, and the death of a slave owner called Li Junyi could not be leaked.

    Lu Shu had exposed his real appearance, but he still needed to continue using Kajiyama Hiroshu's looks...

    This kidnapping provided Lu Shu with a new idea. His original plan was to disguise himself as Kajiyama Hiroshu and hide in the Kokushikan University campus, but he had been exposed by Sakurai Yaeko in minutes.

    Back then, Lu Shu thought that his plan had failed, but the slave owner immediately planned to kidnap him...

    Would he only be able to succeed through unexpected actions? Lu Shu could not accept this...

    The members of the Collection of Gods sent Lu Shu back to Kokushikan University. The students in class looked helplessly as "Kajiyama Hiroshu" sat down beside Sakurai Yaeko. Then, Sakurai Yaeko smiled with extreme happiness...

    The hearts of all the boys in the class broke. They did not have the courage to chase after Sakurai Yaeko. They also knew that even without Kajiyama Hiroshu, they would not have a chance. But when they saw Sakurai Yaeko's attitude towards, Kajiyama Hiroshu, it was difficult for them to endure the heartache... what was good about Kajiyama Hiroshu?

    Sakurai Yaeko wrote a note to Lu Shu. "Has it been settled?"

    "Yes." Lu Shu wrote on the note. "But he was only one of many. I still have to continue waiting for the arrival of the other slave owners."

    Sakurai Yaeko wrote. "Then that's good."

    Lu Shu was dumbfounded. Hey, you were still in danger. Could you be a bit more serious about your own safety?!

    But now, Sakurai Yaeko was in a very relaxed state. It was as if she had regained the campus life that she had lost.

    In the afternoon, Sakurai Yaeko brought Lu Shu to the school festival. The students in the campus grouped together in their classes or societies. They had prepared exhibitions or food stands. Lu Shu followed behind Sakurai Yaeko, who seemed very happy. He felt infected by her happiness.

    In the previous era of the Collection of Gods, Sakurai Yaeko had attended school with a purpose. When the era was brought to a close by Lu Shu and Coral, Sakurai Yaeko bid goodbye to her school days.

    Thus, the school festival was a pleasant surprise to Sakurai Yaeko.

    Lu Shu followed behind Sakurai Yaeko. To his surprise, there were food stalls selling "Chinese Xiaolongbaos[1]...

    Sakurai Yaeko took out her wallet and said in a small voice, "Lu Shu-kun, let me treat you!"

    Lu Shu did not mind. Sakurai Yaeko was the leader of the Collection of Gods. She was definitely rich. Treating him would not be too much for her.

    But he did not know how important this was to Sakurai Yaeko, but her entourage, Motegi Toshimitsu, knew. Sakurai Yaeko only had a few hundred thousand yen in her wallet. She carried it around everywhere she went, but had never spent it.

    Lu Shu picked up a small xiaolongbao and put it in his mouth. Sakurai Yaeko looked at him. "Is it good?"

    Lu Shu smiled. "It's definitely incomparable to what we have back home. If you have the chance to come, I can bring you to eat good ones."

    "Really?" Sakurai Yaeko's eyes lit up.

    Lu Shu was dumbfounded. He had said it out of politeness, as he knew that although the Collection of Gods was not in an antagonistic relationship with the Heavenly Network, it would be difficult for the leader of the Collection of Gods to freely enjoy delicacies in China.

    But when Lu Shu looked at Sakurai Yaeko's expression, he suddenly realized that she had actual plans for this.

    The surrounding students were nervous when they saw Sakurai Yaeko and Lu Shu walk by. This was not an exception. This was their basic instinct.

    The students involuntarily gave way to them. The stall owners would be unusually friendly when they visited their stall.

    It was as if the grand school festival of Kokushikan University had been organized for them.

    Furthermore, Lu Shu realized that... students were not the only participants in this grand and crowded ceremony. He saw many members of the Collection of Gods and workers disguised as students, but their disguises were shoddy...

    [1] a type of Chinese steamed bun filled with hot soup
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