1112 Defying Common Knowledge

    Sakurai Yaeko was about to return to her room. Lu Shu stopped her. "I want to see you eat the fruits before you go back."

    Sakurai Yaeko suddenly smiled. "Okay."

    When Sakurai Yaeko ate the two refresher fruits, she was dumbfounded. Lu Shu was not surprised. After all, he had given out many refresher fruits. All the reactions had been the same.

    The next moment, Sakurai Yaeko whipped out her phone. "Bring the sodium-potassium alloy!"

    Many people from the Collection of Gods went to work with this phone call. Someone quickly retrieved the sodium-potassium alloy from the warehouse in the headquarters and drove over. Then, Motegi Toshimitsu respectfully brought it over.

    When Motegi Toshimitsu came in, she carefully observed Lu Shu and Sakurai Yaeko. Then, she looked at the doors of their rooms. To her surprise, they slept in different rooms. This was completely different from what she had expected...

    She had suspected that Lu Shu was no good in a certain aspect, but later on, she felt that this possibility was low. Thus, this young man in front of her actually had morals.

    Sakurai Yaeko was very pretty. Even Motegi Toshimitsu had to admit that Sakurai Yaeko's looks could make many girls jealous. Thus, it was not easy to conceal her attractiveness.

    Motegi Toshimitsu had sensed that there was something wrong with Sakurai Yaeko over the past two days. After the school festival, Sakurai Yaeko had casually asked her, "Motegi, if it were you, how would you manage the Collection of Gods?"

    Motegi Toshimitsu was one of the Class B's with the most potential to advance to Class A in the Collection of Gods. Furthermore, Sakurai Yaeko trusted her. Thus, she had a lot of power.

    But she had never thought about this question, as she knew that the lifespan of a Class A expert was much longer than that of ordinary people.

    It was not clear exactly how long they would be able to live for. After all, the magically rich era had just begun on Earth. They did not have experience in this area. Lu Shu would immediately be able to answer. The lifespan of a Class A Practitioner was about 800 years. Only the strongest would be able to break through this limit.

    When Motegi Toshimitsu heard Sakurai Yaeko's question, she suddenly realized that Sakurai Yaeko might want to follow the Ninth Heavenly King to the Heavenly Network.

    She did not know that during the school festival, Lu Shu had said that he would bring Sakurai Yaeko to eat snacks. Sakurai Yaeko was considering this question very carefully.

    Back then, Motegi Toshimitsu was so shocked that she did not dare to speak. She was worried that Sakurai Yaeko was testing her loyalty. As one of the representatives from the Conservative families, she knew that being so close to the 'emperor' was like being close to a tiger. She was afraid that she would be eliminated by Sakurai Yaeko if she had said something wrong.

    Now, Sakurai Yaeko was like an obedient baby in front of Lu Shu. Only those who had experienced a battle with her would know how fiercely the leader of the Conservatives had eliminated the Jingoists!

    Now, Motegi Toshimitsu suddenly realized that this girl could let go of the power and profits in her grasp just for the Ninth Heavenly King. She did not mind leaving the Collection of Gods either.

    If Zhong Yutang, Hao Zhichao, and Nie Ting knew about this, they would be troubled as well. They had sent Lu Shu here to send the Collection of Gods a message. "We have sent Lu Shu to build relations with you. After all, our Ninth Heavenly King is on good terms with the leader of the Collection of Gods."

    But they had done so to ensure that Sakurai Yaeko controlled the Collection of Gods and did not cause any trouble for the Heavenly Network. Sakurai Yaeko was very friendly towards the Heavenly Network. Everyone hoped that Lu Shu would be able to improve this relationship.

    But now, the leader of the Collection of Gods was about to be taken away!

    Did this make sense? Who kidnapped the king while building relations? What kind of relations were you building?

    Sakurai Yaeko had taken out a dagger from her sleeve. Lu Shu had seen this dagger before. It was the weapon that Sakurai Yaeko carried around with her, along with the cherry blossom kimono that she wore.

    Sakurai Yaeko asked Motegi Toshimitsu to leave. Motegi Toshimitsu politely retreated. She realized that Sakurai Yaeko wanted to test her own aptitude.

    Sakurai Yaeko had Class A abilities. This was not a secret in the Collection of Gods, but aptitude was fixed. Had there been a change?

    Everyone knew that one's abilities could not change. This was common knowledge!

    The moment before Motegi Toshimitsu left the Kirihara residence, she carefully looked at Lu Shu. She understood. No matter whether it was in the news or from information, this young man was always defying common knowledge.

    It was not impossible for him to defy common knowledge for Sakurai Yaeko!

    What was above Class A abilities? No one knew. At least, Motegi Toshimitsu did not know!

    When Lu Shu tested his abilities with the sodium-potassium alloy, the platinum alloy became like the stars.

    When Lu Xiaoyu tested her abilities with the alloy, the platinum alloy turned pitch black.

    After Coral ate the fruits, thunderbolts flashed in the alloy.

    Lu Shu did not know, but there was someone who was born with such abilities. Nie Ting.

    When Nie Ting tested his abilities for the first time, something strange happened to the alloy. It was different from that of Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu. The alloy in the bottle transformed into the shape of a sword.

    This was one of the Heavenly Network's top classified secrets. Shi Xuejin had laughed that Nie Ting was one in six billion. No one was as lucky as he was.

    Until Lu Shu appeared and overturned everything Mama Shi knew...

    Sakurai Yaeko used the dagger to cut her finger. Her blood dripped on the alloy and quickly integrated with it. Lu Shu saw pink symbols that looked like cherry blossoms forming in the platinum alloy.

    It was as if the cherry blossom trees along the street had bloomed in spring. Then, the wind blew, and cherry blossom petals fell to the ground.

    Sakurai Yaeko's eyes lit up. She picked up the bottle and observed it. "How pretty."

    Lu Shu heaved a sigh of relief. It was done!

    Although this gift did not cost much to Lu Shu, it was something that Sakurai Yaeko could benefit from for the rest of her life.

    Although advancing to the master realm required aptitude and not abilities, you had to train to a certain level in order to be better than the rest.

    "Thank you, Lu Shu-kun." Sakurai Yaeko bowed to Lu Shu. Lu Shu suddenly looked away, as he realized that the collar of her kimono was very wide...

    At that moment, Motegi Toshimitsu hurriedly returned and saw this scene. She controlled her laughter. She felt that although the Ninth Heavenly King did not seem decent, he was rather gentlemanly.

    Sakurai Yaeko adjusted her collar and looked at Motegi Toshimitsu. "Is something the matter?"

    Sakurai Yaeko had kept the alloy in her space ring, as she did not want others to know about Lu Shu's secret. Even if Lu Shu did not mind, she had to prevent others from attacking Lu Shu.

    Motegi Toshimitsu said, "A young man dressed in strange clothes suddenly came. He said he is here to find Lu Shu..."

    Lu Shu was dumbfounded. Had a slave owner come? He curiously asked, "Did he say who he was?"

    "He said that he was Wen Zaifou, and that you know him." Motegi Toshimitsu said, "He is... very strong."
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