1117 Hunting in a Typhoon

    "Why do I feel that you don't have good intentions?" Lu Shu suddenly asked as he and Wen Zaifou were walking in front. He had given Sakurai Yaeko a dagger, and said how tears were water in a woman's brain. It seemed very mysterious.

    Lu Shu turned to look at Sakurai Yaeko. She was still eagerly following behind. She was observing the dagger engraved with a demon.

    Sakurai Yaeko was the leader of the Collection of Gods, but the best weapons and mythical objects in the Collection of Gods were not suitable for her to use. Big organizations were not all-powerful. Thus, Sakurai Yaeko's dagger had always been an ordinary weapon.

    It was better now. The purple dagger seemed unusual. At that moment, a strand of Sakurai Yaeko's long hair was blown in front of her by the wind. It came into contact with the dagger in her hands. The strand of hair was cut into half.

    Sakurai Yaeko did not mind that a strand of her hair had been cut. After all, others would not be able to tell. The more she looked at the dagger, the more she liked it. It was as if the dagger had existed for her sake.

    But she could not summon the demon in public. It would be too conspicuous.

    But Lu Shu felt that even if she did not summon the demon, countless pairs of eyes were already looking for them. It was as if the entirety of Japan knew that he had run off with the leader of the Collection of Gods. This had become the hottest news.

    The owners of the seafood stores unconsciously observed him. They wanted to stare at him, but wanted to act as if it was not intentional. Lu Shu was very uncomfortable...

    Sakurai Yaeko ran to Lu Shu's side. She held her new dagger and asked, "Is it pretty? Doesn't it suit me?"

    Lu Shu suddenly felt that to Sakurai Yaeko, the most important benefit about the dagger was that it was pretty.

    The owners of the seafood stores looked at Lu Shu. They wanted to know what good deeds Lu Shu had done in his lifetime that caused the leader of the Collection of Gods to be infatuated with him...

    At that moment, a small girl with a basket of flowers walked up to Lu Shu. She said, "Uncle, buy a bouquet of flowers for sister."

    Lu Shu was dumbfounded. He was not old enough to be called uncle. He fiercely said to the young girl, "It's brother!"

    This time, the girl was dumbfounded. "Uncle, buy a bouquet of flowers for brother."

    Lu Shu was speechless.

    Lu Shu looked at Sakurai Yaeko. Sakurai Yaeko's gaze was uncertain. Suddenly, she said in a small voice, "I didn't arrange that this time..."

    So you had arranged that last time, right? Lu Shu helplessly laughed. The magician's acting was very good, but everyone knew that there was no such coincidence in this world.

    While Lu Shu was in a dilemma, a strong gust of wind blew. The sky changed in color. It looked as if it was about to rain.

    Before they set off, they had taken a look at the weather forecast. A typhoon was approaching Osaka. It was not suitable for going out.

    The owners of the seafood stores were worried. Once the typhoon came, the tourists would not dare to go out. The business at Kuromon Market would drop drastically.

    One of the owners smiled at Lu Shu. "Do you want to buy some more seafood? After all, we won't be able to make any more business today. I will sell them to you at a cheaper price."

    Lu Shu was about to agree, when Wen Zaifou suddenly said in a proud tone, "If the wind reaches this place, it will be my loss."

    As he spoke, Wen Zaifou flew towards the direction where the typhoon was. Lu Shu did not know whether to laugh or to cry. Why was he competing with a typhoon?

    But at that moment, Lu Shu suddenly pulled Sakurai Yaeko behind him. Then, he smiled at the young girl who was selling flowers. "Little girl, you should go home. It is not safe here."

    The next moment, Sakurai Yaeko saw people dressed as tourists surrounding them. There were a few dozen people.

    They had been hiding in the crowd, until Wen Zaifou went to deal with the typhoon.

    Lu Shu had realized this early, but had not done anything. He was able to discover them as he was a sensory-type. How could he not have sensed a group of Rank Ones approaching them? However, he had not attacked as he knew that as long as Wen Zaifou was around, they would not appear. Lu Shu had not come to Japan to hide from the slave owners. He was here to kill them and deliver a warning to the rest!

    Their objective was no longer Sakurai Yaeko. It was Lu Shu!

    Sakurai Yaeko looked at them from behind Lu Shu's back. Suddenly, she felt unusually safe.

    A few days ago, when Lu Shu had come, although she knew that a large group of slave owners had come to Earth and were targeting her, she was not afraid ever since Lu Shu had arrived.

    This sense of security was a form of trust. She knew that Lu Shu would protect her and prevent her from being injured.

    The young man who had proclaimed that everyone should stick with the dealing of money had not done so himself.

    Lu Shu said in a soft voice, "When we are fighting, don't leave my side. Got it?"

    He counted. There were 13 Rank Ones and 24 Rank Twos. Suddenly, Lu Shu was dumbfounded. Did they not know about his achievements on the limestone road? Were they trying to target him?

    Lu Shu felt a chill. He was very clear that these slave owners, as well as the mastermind, were not foolish. If they were not willing to sacrifice their lives, they definitely had an escape route.

    These slave owners did not intend on postponing this. They went into formation very quickly. This was an organized hunt. The slave owners had arrived in Japan early on. They had probably waited patiently in ambush for today.

    Lu Shu thought about it. Had they been planning to draw him out of China? Was he the prey they were looking for?

    But... there were so few slave owners. This was not enough.

    The owners of the seafood stores in Kuromon Market realized that something was not right. Someone picked up the phone and called the police. To everyone, although the news that the leader of the Collection of Gods had been taken away, they felt that this young couple was very cute.

    But it was useless to call the police.

    Suddenly, it seemed as if a purple wind blew past. Lu Shu watched as the purple wind blew past the slave owners. Then, their chests seemed to have been put under massive pressure and collapsed. Their spines suddenly jutted out of their backs like camels.

    A girl dressed in purple stood on the street. She turned and looked at Lu Shu. She smiled. "Did you miss me?"

    Lu Shu was dumbfounded. Sakurai Yaeko nervously asked in a small voice, "Lu Shu-kun... who is she?"

    "Yu Fuyao," said Lu Shu calmly.
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