1196 I Was Careless

    The old prison guard observed Lu Shu and Coral. He realized that they were quite good-looking. No wonder the rest had been beaten up, while nothing had happened to the two of them.

    The city guard looked at Lu Shu and Coral. He laughed, "We have committed many crimes. In the future, if you meet any city guards, I hope that you will be able to overlook their faults. This is part of our duty."

    Lu Shu understood. They were planning to offer them to the city head. They were afraid that they would make their lives hard by abusing their power.

    Humans were very complex. You would not know what the person in front of you was thinking until the very end.

    But Lu Shu could not stand this humiliation. Why was he about to be offered?

    The old prison guard led Lu Shu and Coral inside. "Come in. Our city head likes adaptations like this. This place does not have good-looking people. Of course, it is probably because this place does not have good-looking people that we were forced to change our tastes..."

    Lu Shu did not know whether to laugh or to cry. What was this prison guard talking about?

    He looked to the side. Groups of ordinary people and secret practitioners from Earth were sitting in the prison cells, looking as if they had nothing else to live for. When they saw Lu Shu and Coral walk by, they were shocked. Why were the two of them treated so well? It seemed like they were doing an inspection with the leader!

    Someone could not accept this. They asked the prison guard, "Why aren't they handcuffed?"

    The prison guard said with disdain, "It's because they are more good-looking than you."

    The people in the prison cell looked as if they had been struck by lightning. Why were their looks being compared in the remains? Were there any pure lands in the world?

    A separate room was arranged for Coral and Lu Shu. The room was bright and clean. There were two beds in the room. There was even a small potted plant on the table in between the beds.

    This was not a prison. This was a hotel room...

    It seemed like important people often came to the prison. If not, there would not be a need to prepare such a room.

    It seemed like the prison guard was not of a high position. There were far too many people he could not provoke. He could only serve them.

    Coral thought about it and asked, "Are you going to kill the city head?"

    "After all, there are no punishments for killing bandits." Lu Shu waved his hand. "But my murderous intent is not that strong. Don't think that I am a murderous demon."

    "Okay." Coral nodded her head and took out items from her invisible storage equipment. She took out blankets, a mattress, and food...

    Lu Shu leaned against the door of the room and watched Coral quietly clean up the room. She was like a kind wife.

    Coral turned and said, "Do you want to sleep? I've changed the bedsheets."

    Lu Shu was dumbfounded. He suddenly snapped back to reality. "Oh. It's been a long time since I slept. You should rest too."

    Not long after, Coral turned the prison cell into a small and warm room. Coral did not plan to stay here for a long time, but she hoped to make the place where she would interact with Lu Shu more beautiful.

    "Do you typically do housework?" Lu Shu asked curiously.

    "Back in the Deities, I didn't do housework. I had a servant." Coral smiled. "But when I went to the Changbai Mountains, it was different. I had to do everything myself. I learned how to cook too. I can cook sliced fish, and sour and hot potato shreds!"

    Lu Shu looked down and casually asked, "What plans do you have after this?"

    "Nothing." Coral shook her head. "I will take things one step at a time..."

    "What if the results are not what you wanted?" Lu Shu asked.

    "You are not fate. You wouldn't know." Coral's smile was as bright as the sun.

    At that moment, someone in the room beside them coughed. "Brother Shu, this place is not soundproof..."

    Lu Shu's expression turned dark. "Chen Zuan, have you been captured as well?"

    "Brother Shu, that's not right." Chen Zuan was unhappy. "I did it to infiltrate the prison. I was not locked up! I came here out of my own volition!"

    "How long have you been here... wait. Are you in a single room too?" Lu Shu was dumbfounded. They were the second last room along the corridor, while Chen Zuan was in the last room. Thus, Lu Shu did not see Chen Zuan.

    At that moment, he could only feel waves of energy from Chen Zuan. This meant that Chen Zuan was in a single room.

    "Ahem." Chen Zuan awkwardly said, "They said that they would offer me to the city head tonight..."

    Lu Shu's expression darkened. Although his expression was not pleasant when he found out that he would be offered, he was quite happy that his good looks were acknowledged.

    But when he found out that Chen Zuan was also being offered, he was slightly unhappy... were they serious about appreciating beauty?

    At that moment, Chen Zuan still excitedly said, "I wanted to kill them. I looked around and realized that although there are Rank Ones here, there are not many of them. I heard that the city head is only a peak Rank One. Later on, they said that I would be offered. I want to go and see who has the eye for beauty..."

    Lu Shu silently sighed. He found fun in this. He was even enjoying himself in the prison.

    Chen Zuan leaned against the wall and asked, "Brother Shu, why are you in a single room? I took a look at your room. It is the same as mine..."

    Lu Shu expressionlessly said, "I am also going to be offered..."

    "Ha ha ha ha ha!" Chen Zuan laughed out loud. "Are you serious?"

    "Chen Zuan, you really don't want to live, huh..." Lu Shu was shocked!

    With that, Lu Shu opened the door and attacked Chen Zuan. Then, he returned to his room...

    "From Chen Zuan's distress, +666!"

    "I was careless." Chen Zuan rubbed his bloody nose.

    "Fatty, have you seen Qiuqiao?" Lu Shu asked.

    "No, but you don't have to be worried about him." Chen Zuan casually said, "As long as they do not touch the old monsters from the families, nothing will happen to a Rank One."

    "Oh. It looks like you've understood the situation?" Lu Shu asked curiously.

    "Of course. When I arrived here, I was outdoors. I encountered a few people and obtained some information from them." Chen Zuan softly said, "The strongest people here are the seven families. They all possess rather powerful techniques. There are a total of seven cities. Each family controls one city. These cities are responsible for transporting resources for the families."

    "Wait. Who are these old monsters you mentioned?" Lu Shu asked curiously.

    "Masters." Chen Zuan mysteriously said, "Brother Shu, you probably don't know this, but everyone here was forced here by the King of Gods from the Luniverse. They are all criminals. Some of these monsters were important people in the Luniverse. For some reason, the old King of Gods did not kill them. Instead, he let his enemies survive."

    "Have you ever heard of a place called Bulao City?" Lu Shu asked curiously.

    "Hm? No one has ever mentioned that place. Brother Shu, what is Bulao City? Is it in the remains?" Chen Zuan asked curiously.
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