1215 I Control My Own Fate

    In the courtyard of the Longmen Fortress, Shi Xuejin unfolded a piece of Xuan paper[1]. It was an ordinary piece of paper. There was nothing special about it.

    Many people did not like to use Xuan paper to do calligraphy, as they did not like how the ink spread easily. It also made one's strokes look very weak. But Shi Xuejin did not care about this. He was not like the others, who intentionally went to buy paper.

    Ordinary paper was fine. He was simply writing words.

    But his paperweight was not normal. It was not that the material was rare. It was made out of brass that Nie Ting had personally refined for him. There were four neatly written words on the paperweight. "Dust settles, light lives."

    Shi Xuejin had just received his present. It was rare that he was in the mood to write but today was different as he had just received the gifted paperweight.

    But just as he prepared the ink, the door was suddenly pushed open. The only person who dared to push open the door in this courtyard was the Ninth Heavenly King. Even Li Yixiao would knock on the door before coming in...

    "Is there any water to drink? Where is Nie Ting?" Lu Shu sat beside the stone table. "Should we build an airport in Longmen Fortress? After all, it is inconvenient to fly back here from outside."

    "But you are flying a civilian airline. They cannot possible stop at Longmen Fortress for you and bring the rest of the passengers to their destination, right?" Shi Xuejin argued back. His mood to write had suddenly been disrupted by Lu Shu.

    For some reason, there was an unusual aura radiating from Lu Shu. When he was around, it was difficult for others to remain calm.

    "You're back just after returning. Is there anything urgent?" Shi Xuejin asked.

    "Nothing. I'm just here to tell you what happened in the remains," said Lu Shu.

    "Oh. The adventures of World Hero Lu Shu in the remains. It's worth a listen." Shi Xuejin happily put down his brush. He even carefully screwed the cap of the ink bottle, afraid that the ink would dry up. He was intending on continuing to write after Lu Shu left.

    He and Nie Ting were very curious about what had happened in the remains. Why were there bandits there? Why were there so many frightening creatures? What did Lu Shu earn from the remains?

    Too many strange things had happened in the remains. Shi Xuejin and Nie Ting could not help but make guesses.

    Shi Xuejin picked up the phone and made a call. "Hello? Lu Shu is here. Hurry up and come back, Right. What do you want to eat at night? Porridge and kale? Okay."

    Then, Lu Shu looked on helplessly as Shi Xuejin busied himself in the kitchen. He did not seem like a master at all.

    Lu Shu saw that a sapling had been replanted in the courtyard. It was a walnut tree.

    Earlier, at the Liuhai Lane courtyard in the Capital, the walnut tree had been cut down by Nie Ting, but it had grown again when Shi Xuejin advanced to the master realm. However, Shi Xuejin could not have moved the tree here.

    Now, Shi Xuejin felt that something was missing in the courtyard. He thought about it for a long time and realized that they were missing a walnut tree. Thus, he planned to plant another tree and wait for it to slowly grow.

    Suddenly, Lu Shu was curious. The plants he placed in the celestial map all grew very quickly, as the soil on the stars contained celestial powers. What would happen if he took out some of the soil?

    He took out a pile of soil from the celestial map and placed it by the walnut tree. Suddenly, the walnut tree started to grow. It was as if its growth had been accelerated by a few years!

    Lu Shu thought about his prediction. The remains were the stars that existed within God Lu. Had the creatures in the forbidden land been intentionally nurtured by God Lu using celestial powers?

    But ordinary people did not have this treatment. The barrier to the forbidden land was to prevent these frightening creatures from eating humans. It was also to protect humans from entering the forbidden land and enjoying the benefits of the celestial powers.

    When the punishment ended, and Filth Removal asked Lu Shu whether Lu Shu wanted to release these creatures, he had already given Lu Shu the answer.

    While he was thinking, Nie Ting had returned to the courtyard. He looked at Lu Shu. "Hello, World Hero."

    "Heh heh." Lu Shu replied with a fake smile.

    "Recently, there have been waves of energy coming from the space pathway outside Longmen Fortress. It might open soon," said Nie Ting. "What are your plans?"

    "Plans?" Lu Shu was dumbfounded.

    "Yes." Nie Ting nodded his head and sat opposite Lu Shu. "I have discussed with Shi Xuejin. Although the Heavenly Network cannot fight with you, the two of us can help you to fight."

    "Wait." Lu Shu suddenly felt that something was wrong.

    At first, Lu Shu said that he wanted to kill Duanmu Huangqi in order to take revenge for those in the Flood of Bronze who had died. Back then, he was not sure of his identity.

    But there was an important detail in Nie Ting's words. He would help Lu Shu fight.

    If he was taking revenge for the Flood of Bronze, Nie Ting would definitely see it as his duty, instead of helping someone else.

    Thus, Lu Shu suddenly realized that Nie Ting was prepared. He would help Lu Shu kill some people, not just Duanmu Huangqi.

    Lu Shu explored. "Have you guessed something?"

    Nie Ting looked at Lu Shu. "Should I call you the King of Gods, or Lu Shu?"

    Lu Shu laughed. "I am Lu Shu, not the King of Gods. The past has disappeared. I only have memories of Lu Shu, not the King of Gods."

    For some reason, Nie Ting suddenly sighed with relief. He and Shi Xuejin had guessed something. He had not sent anyone to the remains this time, as he knew that the remains were something Lu Shu had left for himself. There was no point sending someone else.

    Lu Shu was also relieved. He wanted to tell Nie Ting and Shi Xuejin a few things, as they were comrades who could trust one another. But Lu Shu was slightly worried that Nie Ting and Shi Xuejin would not be able to take it.

    After all, the Ninth Heavenly King had suddenly changed. He had become the demon king that humans and practitioners had always been on the alert for. This gap was rather large.

    Thus, Lu Shu was worried that if Nie Ting and Shi Xuejin knew the truth, there would eventually be some animosity between them.

    Nie Ting suddenly said, "But since you said that you are Lu Shu, you have to fulfill the responsibilities of the Ninth Heavenly King... remember to come back after you are done there."

    Lu Shu started to space out. During times like this, he realized the importance of family. There was someone in the Luniverse who was plotting against him. This person wanted him to once again be filled with murderous intent and commit crimes.

    He had killed far too many people in his previous life. In this lifetime, he simply wanted to end everything and return back here to spend the rest of these days in peace. Someone wanted to put Lu Shu back on the chessboard. No matter whether he was a chess player or the chess pieces, they wanted him to return there.

    But just as Lu Shu had said, he would never allow anyone else to control his fate.

    Lu Shu stood up and picked up the brush that Shi Xuejin had put down. He wrote five words. "I control my own fate!"

    When Shi Xuejin walked out with a bowl of porridge, he saw these words and was dumbfounded. "Such ugly words!"

    Nie Ting burst out laughing. But when he picked up the Xuan paper, the stone table crashed and turned into dust. There was sword energy within the words.

    Lu Shu could use sword energy to attack others with his current level of swordplay.

    Nie Ting kept this piece of paper. Suddenly, he felt very happy. On the other hand, Shi Xuejin was distressed over the stone table.

    [1] a high quality paper made in Xuancheng that is good for traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy
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