1290 Kill

    "Sealing the city?" All the masters of the wealthy families were stunned. This was extremely unbelievable as nobody had sealed the city in the history of the palace. Who dared to do that when the old King of Gods was around?

    The palace was the center of the world's power. Countless powerful individuals gathered there. There was also an uncountable number of experts and spies. Who had the guts to seal the city?

    Even when the old King of Gods was around, nobody dared to do that.

    At this moment, someone said in disbelief, "Sealing the city? How did the Wei Wu Army find the courage to do this, they don't even have that many people?!"

    The vastness of the palace was beyond one's imagination. An immense amount of hard work and manpower was used to build the fortress. The size of the Wei Wu Army was only 5000, how could they seal the city?

    Moreover, they would not be able to seal it, right?!

    One of the masters said anxiously, "Hold on, make it clear, how did they seal the city?"

    The servant said after hesitating, "They charged in from the east gate and claimed that they would seal the city, whoever dared to exit the city would be killed..."

    The masters heaved a sigh of relief. They were merely making a claim. Someone mumbled, "The Wei Wu Army is really ambitious, they wanted to seal the city with only a few thousand people. What can they do if we send people out of the city right now?"

    The Wei Wu Army had indeed given the masters of the wealthy families a sense of crisis. They did not dare to face the Wei Wu Army but the claim of sealing the city was way too daring.

    Moreover, earlier on, the wealthy families just sent off a group of their relatives. They thought that the Wei Wu Army was simply joking about sealing the city.

    "Let's hurry up and discuss how we should face the Wei Wu Army. They are probably coming for us. We must reach a conclusion today," said the master of the Song family calmly. He had been keeping silent for all this while and only spoke now.

    In fact, all the wealthy families were aware that the main disciples of the family had been sent out. The most important documents were also with those disciples. Of course, they did this out of desperation as they were afraid that the Wei Wu Army would be unreasonable and kill all of them.

    Someone said, "Even if the times have changed, we need someone to work. We, the so-called wealthy families, are merely lackeys, why is he treating us so seriously, we won't be able to pose any threats to the change in authority."

    "Do you really think that we are unaware of how you guys tried to kill Sun Zhongyang last year? Now, Sun Xunwen has become the West Lord of Heaven, think about the consequences!" said the master of the Song family coldly, "It's not the peaceful season now, stop looking at current problems with the same mindset you had in the past."

    "Moreover, every family sent out 10,000 soldiers to attack him. If he is really approachable, our soldiers should be safe and sound," said one of the masters.

    Earlier on, when the imperial edict was sent out, the entire Luniverse was affected. Meanwhile, the destruction of the alliance army of the palace was not a secret, everyone knew that the elite troops of the fourteen wealthy families were killed and the Sun family was the only family that survived.

    However, they thought that their troops had died. However, Lu Shu knew that there was a group of people who were unscathed and doing their homework in the celestial map...

    However, Lu Shu thought that the wealthy families had a misunderstanding about the Wei Wu Army. The Wei Wu Army had already decided on how to treat them long ago. This would not change because of the attitudes of the wealthy families.

    Everything was destined.

    Li Heitan and the rest suddenly disappeared from the sight of the spies because Anthony, who was controlled by Lu Xiaoyu, had been given the ability to shift the soldiers. Lu Xiaoyu and Lu Shu had discussed this long ago. If they wanted to spring a surprise attack, they had to use Anthony's ability to move the soldiers underground.

    Although Anthony, as a master, did not have unlimited ability, the route taken by the elite soldiers of the Imperial Dragon Soldiers coincided with Anthony's route.

    In this period of time, it was extremely easy for Anthony to move past several thousand kilometers underground with 5000 soldiers.

    When they were on Earth, everyone was annoyed by the pervasiveness of the earth-type Metahumans. They tried to stop these earth-type Metahumans by adding different special materials under the fortresses.

    On Earth, the earth-type Metahuman had a new nickname long ago. Everyone liked to call them the earth dogs. Earth represented their abilities while the word "dog" was merely to scold them and express their disdain towards the earth-type Metahumans...

    However, the entire world did not expect them to reach the peak because of Lu Xiaoyu and Lu Shu. They were no longer satisfied with lazing around by themselves underground and brought an entire troop with them.

    When this troop sprung a surprise attack, nobody could defend against them!

    The Imperial Dragon Soldiers suddenly appeared in front of the west gate of the palace and charged in!

    Li Heitan led the troops. His black Armor that Shook Mountains looked extremely charismatic and powerful!

    The spy waiting at the gates wanted to give a tip-off but was immediately killed by Li Heitan using his trident.

    The guards of the palace tried to stop the Imperial Dragon Soldiers but the hundreds of them looked as if they were kids who bumped into a chariot!

    In the blink of an eye, the Imperial Dragon Soldiers, led by Li Heitan, killed all of the guards.

    The prosperous and peaceful palace was stained with blood. The scent of blood wafted from the west gate and was unstoppable.

    "Whoever dares to leave the palace will die!" Li Liang entered and said coldly.

    However, they did not stop at the west gate but headed in. Nobody wanted to seal this gate but nobody dared to leave!

    The sealing of gate did not require manpower. It depended solely on threats!

    Although this seemed unbelievable, nobody dared to risk their lives!

    Suddenly, Li Liang pointed with his finger and everyone looked towards the direction of the rest station. Then, the people around Li Heitan took out their tridents and attacked the rest station from over ten positions.

    The tridents shattered the entire rest station like a bomb. When the dust settled, the villagers of the palace saw more than ten fully-armed soldiers and practitioners in the remains of the rest station. Some of them were young men. However, at this point in time, all of them were dead.

    Someone had sharp eyes and identified some of the young men as the outstanding disciples of the Song family. They were stuck here as they could not make it out the palace in time.

    The villagers froze and did not dare to move. They watched the Imperial Dragon Soldiers walk into the palace like killer gods. How long had it been since such a cruel troop entered the palace?
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