209 Kindness Exceeds Paragon Beauty

    After a momentary loss of words, the women suddenly laughed out collectively.

    Fangzheng was flabbergasted when he saw this. What was happening? They were not angry but instead were laughing?

    A beautiful girl with a black mole under her chin laughed the most absurdly as she pointed at Fangzheng, "Master, I thought you would never mention it. I never expected... Haha... I'm dying from laughter. You bitches, give me back the money you took! Wahaha... I knew it! Venerable Fangzheng would never disappoint me!"

    The other women lamented. "Venerable Fangzheng, why are you this pure and innocent? Just pretend as though this had never happened. Boohoo! A month's pay is gone..."

    "That's right, Venerable Fangzheng, you are too much. I still wanted to return and brag to my sisters that a monk fell in love with me, so much so that he stole my undergarment," said another bespectacled woman while doing her best to hold in a laugh.

    Fangzheng looked at the bespectacled woman dumbfounded. Could someone tell him what was happening?

    Li Xueying was also dumbstruck. Same for Yu Guanze. Lin Dongshi and the other men were completely dumbfounded as well. Questions pondered in their minds. "What the heck is going on?"

    Li Xueying could not help but ask the beauty with the mole, "Xiaoling, what's going on?"

    Xiaoling smiled, "Actually we discovered that Monkey was stealing our undergarments that day. There was also that squirrel. It even burrowed into Luoluo's bed. It gave her such a fright that she did not dare utter a sound. Also, that monkey isn't that deft. I heard him and first thought that a thief had come. I did not dare move but later stole a look. I found it cute and didn't say anything. Indeed, a bunch of girls that slept like pigs realized that had their undergarments stolen the next day. Haha..."

    "Why didn't you say so earlier? And why didn't you say anything once you knew?" Li Xueying asked with furrowed brows.

    Xiaoling replied, "What should I have said? Do I tell people that Venerable Fangzheng stole our undergarments? This would sully his reputation. After some consideration, I decided to forget the matter. Later, I told the other girls and everyone thought it was cute, so we thought nothing of it. Most importantly, look at Venerable Fangzheng's pure eyes. Does he look like a pervert? It's that monkey. He does look a little dreadful..."

    Fangzheng was rendered speechless. After all he had gone through, they had long knew of it. Indeed, as long as it was done by humans, the heavens would know of it. Certain things could not be concealed. This matter gave Fangzheng a vivid lesson.

    Xiaoling continued, "We later made bets. I bet that the pure Venerable Fangzheng will definitely confess on his own accord but they believed that Venerable Fangzheng was too pure and that he might be too embarrassed to deliver the undergarments back and would end up becoming an accomplice. In the end... Venerable Fangzheng didn't come for days. I lost so much that I nearly had to sell off my panties. Finally, hehe..." Xiaoling looked nefariously at the women beside her as though she was going to rip them off.

    The women lamented and grumbled in unison...

    As Fangzheng saw the scene before him, he felt that the world truly was a fascinating place. The women had such beguiling thoughts. Instead of being unconcerned about the undergarments they lost, they were more concerned about winning or losing... Indeed, women were unfathomable. Safety first, stay clear of women.

    As for Lin Dongshi and company, they exchanged looks. Lin Dongshi said, "If I recall correctly, the last time we were in someone's village, a dog took away Xiaoling's stilettos and she nearly fought with the dog's owner, didn't she? Why is she so easygoing today?"

    Old Tao patted Lin Dongshi on the shoulder. "Even I wanted to smack that guy with freckles with two pancakes. Now, look at this... How can you expect fairness in a superficial society? If you want fairness, why don't you marry Fang Rong?"

    Thinking of the woman was three times heavier than him, Lin Dongshi looked enlightened. "Indeed, women have degenerated as well. We are all f**king sick..."

    Luo Li said, "Both you good-for-nothings. That freckled-face spewed out invectives the moment he spoke. It would be a wonder if Xiaoling didn't scold him. Look at Venerable Fangzheng, how is he the same?"


    The target of their envy, Venerable Fangzheng, was close to tears. A large group of women surrounded him and assaulted him with questions. Furthermore, they were all against the precepts he followed. The barrage of questions made him feel like his brain was turning to mush.

    "Venerable Fangzheng, having seen so many undergarments, which type do you like?"

    "My type was the biggest one. It's the red one with a rose on it. Venerable One, do you remember?"

    "Venerable One, it's not nice if it's too large. An average size is just nice..."

    Fangzheng looked up into the sky, speechless. He regretted coming down the mountain to apologize. Apologize? It was more like sending himself into a den of wolves! Fangzheng finally understood why the monk from Journey to the West, Tripitaka, needed such a powerful monkey escorting him. Without Monkey, Tripitaka would probably go from being alone to having an army of people following him by the time he reached the West...

    Fangzheng shot a glance at Monkey who was on the ground. The fellow was eating bananas that were offered to him. He was enjoying himself and completely ignored him. He had also completely forgotten about apologizing. Why was the difference so huge despite Sun Wukong and Monkey both being monkeys?

    "Alright, alright. You imps, put an end to this. Stop teasing him. Quickly pack the things. We need to leave soon. If we leave too late, there won't be time for dinner." Li Xueying finally came to help extricate Fangzheng from his predicament.

    All the women turned their attention to a new target. Xiaoling hugged Li Xueying's arm and chuckled, "Sis Xueying, didn't you search the monastery? Why didn't you discover our undergarments? You didn't search thoroughly enough..." Then, she gave Li Xueying a knowing look.

    Another person clung onto her other arm. The girl said chuckling, "Sis Xueying, that night... I saw you carrying a luggage bag..."

    "A Louis Vuitton bag for each one of you," said Li Xueying as she looked into the sky.

    "I think Sis Xueying was there to watch the sunset. Was the sunset pretty?" The girl immediately changed her words.

    When the women heard that, all of them turned interested. They crowded over and began chatting.

    Fangzheng felt as though thousands of ducks were running around. He felt dizzy.

    At that moment, a huge hand pulled Fangzheng to the side. It was Yu Guanze. He asked curiously, "Venerable Fangzheng, was it really taken by the monkey?"

    Fangzheng kicked Monkey. "He's asking you. Were you the one who took those things."

    Monkey covered his face as he turned away in embarrassment.

    Yu Guanze laughed out loud and then a glint flashed in his eyes. "Venerable Fangzheng, your three animals are truly intelligent. If they are taught well, they could make pretty good actors. Why don't you..."

    "Director Yu, it's no longer early. This Penniless Monk shall return first. Goodbye..." Fangzheng hurriedly dragged Monkey away.

    Acting might be good but Fangzheng knew what these animals wanted. They wanted to live carefreely and not lead a structured life while following the filming crew all over the country. Most importantly, Fangzheng was unwilling to part with the three animals...

    When Yu Guanze saw this, he laughed heartily. "Venerable Fangzheng, contact me if you ever change your mind. I've requested to be your friend on WeChat. Please accept it!"

    Just as Fangzheng was about to reply, he heard a group of women shouting behind him. "We added you too, Venerable Fangzheng. Please accept us! We want to be your friends!"

    Fangzheng fled in panic. Women were indeed terrifying beings.
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