313 Flowers Blooming In An Instan

    Then, with tears nearly bursting out of him, he saw an indication that he had used up 10 merit points! This meant that a divine power at the level of Call the Wind and Summon the Rain needed to expend at least ten merit points! What he gained from the previous mission only allowed him to use it ten times! At that instant, Fangzheng's heart turned cold.

    "Since the merit has been spent, come on! Let me see what divine power it is!" Fangzheng widened his eyes as he saw an image appear in his mind.

    Five gold-shimmering words flew out the next moment: "Flowers Blooming In An Instant!"

    "Flowers Blooming In An Instant: Flowers bloom with a thought, allowing one to greatly enhance the growth of plants, achieving instantaneous blooming and maturing of vegetation, speeding up the plant cultivation process."

    "Man, isn't this making This Penniless Monk become a gardener?" Fangzheng could only smile wryly.

    Although he felt like he had been scammed by the divine power, Fangzheng had no plans on wasting it. He decided not to try his luck on another divine power. Instead, he walked out the temple hall and looked at the Frost Bamboo.

    He heard Red Boy make a fuss, "Master, I'm hungry. Why don't you make something to eat? I can't recall with a bad mood!"

    Fangzheng really felt like giving the punk two slaps when he heard his voice. However, he could only pin his hopes on Red Boy now that he had failed to obtain the Call the Wind and Summon the Rain divine power. All he could do was snort and get Monkey to prepare the meal.

    When Monkey heard that, he immediately curled his lips, "Fourth Junior Brother, can't you make it yourself?"

    "I can't. I need to think about the problem regarding Call the Wind and Summon the Rain. How can I distract myself? Quickly prepare the meal! I want some soup today!" shouted Red Boy.

    Monkey looked at Fangzheng with an aggrieved look, "Make it for him."

    Monkey was rendered helpless and could only go to the back kitchen. Ever since Fangzheng left the back kitchen to Red Boy, Monkey had not done much. Furthermore, meals on Mt. One Finger were simple. Just adding some rice and water and controlling the fire was sufficient. Monkey was clever and he naturally mastered it after a few times.

    As for making soup, it was easy too. They just needed to boil a pot of water, throw a bunch of bamboo shoots in, and sprinkle some salt. As for oil? It had long been used up. Oil was not something easily bought. Since they had finished it, it just meant that they no longer had it. Fangzheng had not tried to obtain more, so it had been quite a while since they used oil in their cooking.

    Fangzheng ignored Monkey's cooking since Monkey was adept at cooking the vegetables and making soup. He went to the back of the mountain and cast Flowers Blooming In An Instant on the Frost Bamboo's mother bamboo. The next instant, the mother bamboo emitted a green light as Flowers Blooming In An Instant caused swaths of bamboo to begin growing on the mountain. Flowers Blooming In An Instant quickly controlled the mother bamboo and sent it down the mountain. Immediately, any spot in the Mt. Tongtian range's periphery that lacked paddy fields had bamboo popping up. Fangzheng quickly deactivated his divine power in horror!

    Even so, there was now a huge bamboo forest that had appeared out of nowhere. Fangzheng's head was covered in sweat. If people were to realize that the bamboo had grown so rapidly, it would probably be on the news the next day.

    Thankfully, the spot where the bamboo had grown was a little remote. It was almost noon and no one appeared on the mountain at this time. But that would not necessarily be the case in the afternoon... Fangzheng could only feign ignorance now that it had happened. Furthermore, the swaths of bamboo forest that had appeared were not considered ridiculous. With Frost Bamboo having a fast rate of growth, it was unlikely for a mountain to be made out of a molehill on this matter.

    Fangzheng heaved a sigh of relief after deactivating the divine power. He turned around and wanted to cast it on the Crystal Rice, but-

    "Friendly reminder, a divine power of this level requires payment with each use. In other words, it's ten merit points per use!"

    Fangzheng's hand trembled as he immediately retracted the divine power he was about to cast. Although Crystal Rice was expensive, it could be bought with money. Merit was not something that could be bought with money. It was obvious which was more important when weighing the differences. After deactivating the divine power, he felt contempt for the System's nefarious attitude. To think it charged him per use. Why didn't it just rob him? Wait. He was already being robbed!

    Unfortunately, he was powerless about it. All he could do was put up with it.

    Feeling disgruntled, Fangzheng was in no rush to return to One Finger Monastery. He strolled on the mountain for some time before returning when his stomach groaned.

    The moment Fangzheng returned to One Finger Monastery, Monkey's soup was already done, and it had been placed on the table.

    Red Boy sat at Fangzheng's usual spot and before waiting for Fangzheng's return, he had already begun eating. He was slurping down the soup loudly.

    Lone Wolf said unhappily, "Junior Brother, that's Master's seat."

    "I know. Don't you see? I can't recall the divine power, so maybe a change of seating will help me. Besides, casting divine powers is quite a tedious job. If I do not eat, sleep, and drink well, how would I have the strength to cast such a powerful divine power?"

    Squirrel said angrily in a peeved manner, "Let's hope so. Eh? Master is back."

    Red Boy immediately got off the stool and returned to his spot when he heard that. The moment he sat back in his spot, Red Boy cursed inwardly, "How stupid am I? That darn baldy is requesting for my help now. What's there to be afraid of?" Despite having such thoughts, he did not dare shift back to Fangzheng's spot.

    Clearly, the punishments from before had made Red Boy fear and revere Fangzheng. Regardless if he willingly submitted or not, he was still a little afraid deep down.

    Fangzheng did not say a word when he saw this. He sat down and ate his meal calmly. After finishing his meal, he placed his bowl and chopsticks down and looked at Red Boy, "Jingxin, have you recalled?"

    "Not yet, Master. Why don't you return me my Dharmic powers. Let me go out and have some fun. Maybe I can recall something once my mood is better."

    Fangzheng's nose nearly bent from flaring up. This rascal was letting it get to his head! Fangzheng smiled as he looked at Red Boy, "My dear disciple, you do know that your master has the Divine State, right? It's just not that very stable when casting it. Speaking of which, what happens if your master is able to suddenly use Call the Wind and Summon the Rain? Who knows what else will happen, but there's one thing that will definitely happen. Perhaps great scripture recital inspirations will overcome me, allowing me to recite them for three days and three nights without a problem."

    "Master, don't scare me. My brain doesn't work well when scared. Don't blame me if I can't recall." Red Boy was unsure if Fangzheng's threat was real. However, he knew very well that no one could learn a divine power out of nothing. If Fangzheng did not know, it meant he did not know. There was no way he could master it without anyone teaching him. Therefore, Red Boy was not afraid in any way. However, his heart chilled when he saw Fangzheng's smiling expression. He had a nagging feeling that he had missed out on something. Furthermore, why did that expression look so similar to the expression Fangzheng had the night he made him eat stones?

    Fangzheng patted Red Boy on the head, "Alright, keep thinking, my dear disciple. Your Dharmic powers will be returned the moment you recall it. You will then be able to Call the Wind and Summon the Rain. If you can't recall, keep thinking... Your master also needs to do some thinking."

    Fangzheng had finally seen through the farce. Red Boy was bent on not cooperating. He did not care about anything and was trying to take the opportunity to have his Dharmic powers back. He even wanted to escape One Finger Monastery and lead a carefree life? Fangzheng would not mind returning Red Boy his powers if his personality were alright. However, the young demon king's killing intent was yet to be extinguished. He would probably wreak havoc if he were released. Fangzheng did not wish to be burdened by such grave sins!
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