435 Gunny Sack To Store All the Money

    "That's not possible, right?"

    "Three As? How do we f**king continue?"

    "As expected of a beginner. Beginner's luck is so good that it strikes you like an explosion."

    "F**king impressive!"

    "He didn't even look at his cards."

    "F**king impressive..."

    A series of praise sounded, something Zheng Jiaxing found extremely familiar. Back then, he had been lauded in such a manner that he lost himself, thinking that he was really a King of Gambling. It eventually led to his present situation.

    The laymen were there for the excitement, while the experts looked at the technique.

    Wang Qingzhi subconsciously shot a glance at the croupier, but he gave a look of innocence. He swore that he had never handed Fangzheng the three cards!

    Wang Qingzhi looked suspiciously at Fangzheng who remained looking completely harmless. He looked at the money in his hands with a little embarrassment and excitement. He began counting each bill just like the perfect archetype of a brainless money grubber!

    Upon seeing Fangzheng acting as such, the look Wang Qingzhi had in his eyes improved as he thought to himself, "It must be sheer luck. But this punk is so silly. He will soon lose."

    The handing out of cards continued, followed by the bets, then...

    Wang Qingzhi did not throw down a thousand immediately. He started off with 500. Long Face did the same. When it reached Fangzheng's turn, he threw all the money in his hands into the pot without even looking at his cards!

    At that instant, Wang Qingzhi and Long Face were completely dumbfounded. What the heck was he doing? Was he f**king gonna stop playing?

    Fierce Face felt even more miserable. The others had started off with 500, but when it came to his turn, he had to either fold or call with 6000! How was he to f**king play? No matter how rich he was, he could not be such a prodigal!

    What left Fierce Face even more speechless was when Fangzheng said embarrassedly, "Well, I only have this bit of money. I've thrown it all in. I don't have anymore if you want to add."

    Why did his statement sound so familiar? Fierce Face, Long Face, and Wang Qingzhi had the urge to vomit blood when they heard him! 'Only have this bit of money?' Can't you split it and add it bit by bit? Do you even know how to gamble?

    With this thought in mind, they suddenly recalled that the fellow didn't! He was playing completely randomly!

    With this in mind, all their expressions turned peeved but amused. However none of them believed that Fangzheng could win. Gambling based on luck? Cut it out. All experts knew that luck was bullsh*t, completely useless! There were a lot of strategies involved.

    There was no way to continue with the scoundrelly way Fangzheng was acting. Fierce Face gritted his teeth and whipped out 6000 yuan as he threw it on the table. "Call!"

    "Brother, it's quite hard to play with you in such a manner. I'll call as well, but the next time you play, it's best you think well before you make your bet. What would happen if you were to lose if you continue this strategy?" Wang Qingzhi advised Fangzheng as though he had his interests at heart.

    Zheng Jiaxing was gripping with anxiety. Previously his awareness was clouded, but now, he could see things from an objective perspective and could see the trickery involved. The three bastards were clearly in cahoots! Furthermore they often exchanged glances, which implied that they were scheming against Fangzheng! He suddenly realized that it was all a scam! He was allowed to win in the beginning, causing him to fall deep into the scam from having a sweetened experience. After which, they would turn serious and devour the victim clean. He was a living example, so he constantly attempted to pull Fangzheng away.

    However Fangzheng was like a very heavy rock. Despite trying to secretly pull him away, there was no way he could be moved.

    The onlookers only found it interesting as they cheered. There were also constant boos.

    As for Fangzheng, he maintained a harmless smile as he acted bashfully. He was just short of having a huge red flower on his ear to make him look like a lady.

    Who would believe that someone looking like that was good at gambling? He was nothing more than a pushover, a lamb for the slaughter!

    Wang Qingzhi and Long Face quickly fished out 5500 yuan and threw it on the table. In just one round, there was a pot of 18,000 yuan!

    Upon seeing so much money, Wang Qingzhi, Long Face, and Fierce Face felt a little uneasy. If they were to win, it would be a huge win! All of them secretly looked at the croupier who subtly pointed to Wang Qingzhi. It was evident that this round was for Wang Qingzhi to win. Long Face and Fierce Face immediately turned displeased. However they also knew that a fish had to be drawn in bit by bit. They were in no hurry.

    Wang Qingzhi smiled brightly as he chuckled. "Since our young brother here is out of money, let's open?"

    "Let's open!" echoed the others.

    Wang Qingzhi flipped his cards over. Three Ks!

    Wang Qingzhi was overjoyed, but the croupier frowned. He remembered that he had given Wang Qingzhi three As! How did they become 3Ks? However 3Ks could win almost everything, so he did not think further.

    Long Face flipped his cards over. It was a straight with different colors. He immediately shook his head and threw his cards aside.

    When it was Fangzheng's turn, he chuckled and flipped the cards over too.

    Everyone subconsciously stretched their necks forward, and as the cards flipped over and landed, the familiar character appeared, instantly coloring everyone's eyes red!


    "That can't be!?"

    "F**k, this is heaven-defying! Another three As!"

    "How can this continue? Another three As. He just wipes out the table!"


    Fierce Face rolled his eyes and threw the cards in his hand. He did not even look at his hand as it was pointless. Then Long Face, Fierce Face, and Wang Qingzhi glared angrily at the croupier.

    The croupier sweated profusely. He was certain that with all his years of experience, it was impossible for him to have given Fangzheng three As! However he could not say that now, since reality had triumphed over everything!

    However the croupier did one additional step. He showed every single card in his deck, and everyone saw clearly that the three As were no longer in his deck! That meant that Fangzheng's three As really did come from the same deck. It meant that there was no way he had cheated. Pure luck?

    Wang Qingzhi's face turned ashen. If it had been like the past, where they deliberately lost to Zheng Jiaxing, it would have only been a few hundred each turn. It was still tolerable to lose more than a thousand. However, no one could afford 6000 yuan a round! Only Wang Laosi might be able to afford it. They looked at Fangzheng who pulled in all the cash on the table like a solid money grubber. Then Zheng Jiaxing threw all the money into a gunny sack he had prepared earlier!

    "F**k, he even f**king brought a gunny sack!? What the hell is this bastard up to?" Wang Qingzhi nearly cursed out loud.

    The others shared the same thoughts. What was he doing? Did he bring a gunny sack to store all the money because he was certain he would make a killing?

    At that moment, Fangzheng said, "Jiaxing, you were right. Beginner's luck is indeed good. Look, I just gambled with my eyes closed, and I've won so much. Later on let's go buy a nice-looking motorcycle, an imported one."

    Upon hearing that, Wang Qingzhi, Long Face, and Fierce Face felt as awful as if they had eaten a dead fly. That was their money! Wang Qingzhi felt it even more acutely. With the mentioning of the motorcycle, he found things a little odd. Hadn't he obtained the motorcycle way too easily?

    However Wang Qingzhi's take of Fangzheng was that he was in no way a gambling expert. Furthermore the guy simply leaned back and didn't even touch his cards. All he did was push the money forward, flip his card, and pull the cash back in. This scene made him feel like his mind was insufficient to comprehend the events before him. Did such luck really exist in this world?
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