650 Fangzheng Awakens

    However, since Jing Yuhang had asked, he had to say something, didn't he? A flash of brilliance struck Lin Tai as he began scheming in his mind. He said in all seriousness, "I am indeed a little angry, but this is an anger stemming from being able to see a treasure yet not being able to get my hands on it."

    "A treasure? You are knowledgeable in this area?" Lin Tiancheng really thought little of his son as he wore a look of doubt.

    "Yes! It's an absolute treasure! I got Song Tianqiao to take a look before, and he said that this treasure, a bell, is bigger and more ancient than the world's current biggest and most ancient bell. It's worth several cities! Unfortunately, the bell is in the hands of a young monk. That fellow doesn't know how to cherish it and allows the bell to hang out in the elements. Tell me, isn't that the destruction of a treasure?" said Lin Tai.

    "Oh? Song Tianqiao has also seen it? A bell?" Lin Tiancheng pricked up his brows and felt intrigued.

    "That's right. If you don't believe me, you can ask Song Tianqiao. He knows it better than me. Even if you don't trust me, you can trust him, right?" Lin Tai knew that he was no different from a fool in Lin Tiancheng's eyes. Nothing he said was believable to Lin Tiancheng. Therefore, he immediately used Song Tianqiao's name.

    "Song Tianqiao? That supposed architecture genius who won a major architectural price at the age of sixteen?" Now, Jing Yuhang had his interest piqued too.

    "That's right. It's him," said Lin Tai immediately.

    Lin Tiancheng said, "Song Tianqiao is a business partner of mine. One of our estate projects was designed by him."

    Jing Yuhang said, "I also know of this person. He is indeed an expert when it comes to architecture and antiques. Now that Brother Lin mentioned this, I'm actually rather intrigued by this bell. Brother Lin, where is this bell located?"

    "Black Mountain City, Songwu County, Mt. One Finger!" Lin Tai answered immediately. To be honest, he was afraid to go up Mt. One Finger alone. The last time, he had to crawl down the mountain for some baffling reason. Even until today, the wounds on his knees had not recovered. However, things would be different if Lin Tiancheng and Jing Yuhang joined him.

    Jing Yuhang was indeed interested. He chatted with them for a while and after scheduling to visit Mt. One Finger tomorrow, he bade them farewell.

    Once Jing Yuhang left, Lin Tai went to Lin Tiancheng's side and asked, "Dad, who is that guy? Why does it feel like you are giving in to him for every single matter?"

    "Bro, don't you know? That's the young master of the Jing family! Not talking about anything else, but just in Guilin Province, the Jing family is one of the most powerful families. It has a deep and powerful background. Although Jing Yuhang is not of the direct lineage, their entire family is wealthy. Ten of our families couldn't even match a single one of theirs!" As Lin Xi said that, she seemed to yearn for Jing Yuhang since he was handsome and had quite a good personality. He was polite and not arrogant. He had both money and looks, the ideal prince charming in her heart! The only unfortunate thing was that he wasn't as handsome as the monk...Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click  for visiting.

    As for the bell Lin Tai mentioned, Lin Xi naturally remembered. However, she instinctively didn't wish to involve herself in it. She had a good impression of Fangzheng, so why must they wrangle with such a handsome monk? However, Lin Tai was her brother after all, so she didn't say anything and remained neutral.

    Lin Tai said in astonishment, "The Jing family? The richest family in Guilin, that Jing family?"

    "So you still know about the Jing family? Not bad, it shows that you are still redeemable." Lin Tiancheng snorted.

    Lin Tai said in embarrassment, "Dad, at the very least I've been among the scion circles. I naturally know the Jing family."

    "Scions? You really think of yourself as one? The scions you are referring to..." At that moment, Lin Tiancheng laughed. "Which one of them can be considered scions? Even our family is nothing but a nouveau riche family. I've already told you many times to keep a low profile when outside! Keep it in! Do well!" Lin Tiancheng looked at Lin Tai and reprimanded him.

    When Lin Tiancheng saw Lin Tai remain silent, he said with a sigh, expecting better from him, "Alright, let's stop talking about this. Rest up for tomorrow. If you want to have fun in the future, do it with people like Jing Yuhang. Learn how to be a real scion like him. They aren't like you, hitting on chicks everyday with sports cars, bragging, and getting into fights. Learn from him!"

    After berating him a little, Lin Tiancheng ignored Lin Tai and left. However, before he left, he told Lin Tai to make the preparations so that they could head for Mt. One Finger early the next morning.

    After Lin Tiancheng left, Lin Tai heaved a sigh of relief and leaned back into the sofa, mumbling, "Talking about how great the children of other families are. Why don't you say that someone else's dad is the richest man?"

    Lin Tai was quite disgruntled regarding this entire situation, but since Jing Yuhang came from the powerful Jing family, he had no choice but to accept it.

    Meanwhile, Jing Yuhang had come to a restaurant and began having a few drinks with his friends. They began talking about Lin Tai's Mt. One Finger's One Finger Monastery and the bell.

    Everyone laughed when they heard that.

    "I'm not sure if there exists such a huge bell, but Yuhang, if you are going to Black Mountain City, don't forget to pay your respects. That place is Sis's place. If she knows you went without paying your respects, take care that she doesn't chase after you with a stick on the street," said Jing Yulong.

    "Yulong, there's no need for you to tell me. I'll naturally inform Sis if I'm heading to Black Mountain City. Speaking of which, Sis sure is daring. She doesn't even listen to the Patriarch. She actually went to work at a tiny place like Black Mountain," Jing Yuhang said helplessly.

    "Sis has been like that since she was young. The Patriarch can't rein her in," said Jing Yulong.

    "Enough, let's stop talking about her and chat about other things." Jing Yuhang diverted the topic as the few scions drank and chatted about the stock market and their investments. It was quite a joyous gathering.

    Meanwhile, Fangzheng suddenly opened his eyes and sat up.

    "Master, you are finally awake," exclaimed Squirrel in excitement.

    Fangzheng looked at the fat guy beside his pillow and rubbed his glabella as he said ruefully, "What do you mean 'finally'? How long have I been asleep?"

    "Not that long. Just two days and two nights," said Squirrel. From his viewpoint, as long as Fangzheng woke up before the rice in the rice bucket was finished, it wasn't too long a period.

    Fangzheng did not know what his disciple was thinking, but he was stunned! All he did was attempt to figure out that voice and see the pictures, so how did he end up sleeping for such a long period of time? That was... fascinating!

    "Master, you're awake? Jingzhen made you some gruel. Have some." At that moment, Red Boy came in and when he saw Fangzheng awake, there was a look of relief in his eyes.

    Upon seeing this, Fangzheng smiled and said, "Alright. Let's have our meals first."

    While eating, Fangzheng recounted his experiences to Red Boy. There was no other way about it. Among his disciples, Red Boy was the only one who had cultivated in divine powers. He was the only person Fangzheng could ask.

    Red Boy stroked his chin and said like an aged sage, "Master, I know a little bit about what you mentioned! This is a kind of Dao. A Dao has shape and sound, but it is hidden in the void and invisible. Ordinary people will not see or sense it their entire lives, but the Dao is pervasive. For instance, the falling of tree leaves is the Dao, and the sunlight shining brightly is a Dao too! In short, the myriad things in the world, all its rules and laws are manifestations of the Dao. In physics, it's said that everything has gravity, but why is that the case? Where does gravity come from? At the root of it, it's the Dao. Whoever can explain or research the Dao will achieve the Dao and become immortal or Buddha. But that's just too difficult..."
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