785 A Living Person!

    Xunzi nodded in response, and Monk added. "I think Glasses is right. Safety first. Run faster!"

    Therefore, the four ran even faster.

    Fangzheng thought about it and found it understandable. In a godforsaken place like this, to have a child-like voice sound all of a sudden, a voice which sounded without them being able to see any human figure at that, it would scare the daylights out of anyone! Regardless of what Squirrel said, his voice dealt more damage than a wolf's howl. His calls sent their hair raising, and whatever he said was frightening.

    Squirrel didn't understand this at all. All he did was keep threatening them from behind with all his might. "Continue running and I'll feed you cabbage! You'll be eating cabbage for a whole week straight! No, a month!"

    "Still running? This King will make you fetch water! You will also be made to enter the mountains to search for pine nuts!"


    Upon hearing these threats, Fangzheng sighed. This child... is hopeless.

    However, Squirrel had a great time shouting. He kept switching directions and like herding sheep, he led them backwards!

    Xunzi and company were also scared out of their wits. They dug out all their potential, using every fiber of strength in their bodies, running in what seemed like a true endurance run.

    As they ran, black figures which looked like statues suddenly appeared in front of them. Their hearts tightened as they nearly wept. What is it now!?

    When they came closer, their scalps tingled. They saw a pack of gray wolves sitting on the white snow land in rows. Their heads were craned up at a huge white wolf who was sitting atop a boulder. This wolf was the size of a calf! It was unknown what he was doing sitting there.

    When they ran close, all the wolves turned their heads to look at them!

    Monk ran the fastest and was the closest to the pack of wolves. He was able to see them the clearest. He could clearly tell that the wolves were drooling when they turned their heads over. Monk halted in fright, turning around, hoping to run away.

    The others shared the same reaction. All of them were scared out of their wits. There was a demon behind them, and there was a pack of wolves in front of them. Regardless of the direction they took, it was a path of death!

    "We're doomed! We will be torn to pieces if we proceed, but heading backwards will lead us to be eaten by the demon," Glasses gulped and said wryly.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "Don't retreat. Run forward!" Just as the crowd was planning on retreating, Wei Yaqin suddenly shouted.

    "What? We might have an intact corpse if we run backwards. But if we run forward, we could be torn apart by the pack of wolves," Monk cried out.

    Wei Yaqin said, "Back then, the white wolf saved me and helped us block the pack of wolves. I think we can bet on him..."

    "Bet? What's there to bet?" Monk cried. "Can we afford to bet?"

    "We'll die even if we don't bet. There might be a chance if we take the bet! I'm listening to Sister Wei. Let's run forward!" Xunzi had seen the scene of the white wolf rescuing Wei Yaqin. Furthermore, the facts had already proven that the pack of wolves weren't chasing after them because the white wolf had stopped them. Now, he was placing all his hopes on the white wolf again.

    Realizing that they were in a predicament regardless of which direction they took, Glasses gritted his teeth when he was told there was still a chance if they ran forward. "I agree on heading forward!"

    Monk was just about to say something when they suddenly heard the nascent voice behind them. "Oh my! Eldest Senior Brother, you are here too!?"

    The moment that was said, Monk's scalp nearly blasted open from fright! As if one demon wasn't enough, an even bigger one was there! Imagining the scene of the two demons eating him, he felt that there was no way he could have an intact corpse anymore...

    Xunzi, Glasses, and Wei Yaqin also didn't dare stay any longer. They bit the bullet and ran forward. Monk had no choice but to follow when he saw this.

    Therefore, the four slowly ran past the pack of wolves with their heads lowered and teeth clenched. The tension was indescribable. Furthermore, having run so far, they were already at the limits of their stamina. They couldn't run much faster. Rather than calling it running, it was not even much faster than walking. But they didn't stop. They were simply pressing on thanks to adrenaline. Once they stopped, there was no way they would be able to take a single step anymore.

    Monk secretly looked at the wolves and was horrified to see the wolves looking at them in an orderly manner. Their heads were like closed-circuit cameras, panning as they moved, all the way until they left!

    After passing the pack of wolves and confirming that they weren't chasing after them, all of them heaved a sigh of relief.

    "The lot of you can't run any longer, right? Do you want to take a break?" Squirrel had followed them the entire time. Noticing that they were slowing down, as though they would collapse at any time, he momentarily forgot that he was acting as a great demon king. He even asked them a question out of concern.

    The four who were about to slump to the ground were agitated by their horror once again, and they mustered the last bits of their strength when they heard Squirrel's voice. They continued running forward as they shouted.

    Squirrel was surprised as he rubbed his belly. "These people sure are energetic..."

    When Lone Wolf saw that Xunzi and company were a distance away, he pricked up his brows. "What are you looking at? Continue the lesson! We were talking about Cold Dew just now. Let's talk about Lidong now! Lidong also has a phrase that's similar to Cold Dew. Let This Penniless Monk test you..."

    The pack of wolves turned their heads, slurping up the saliva at the corners of their mouths. All of them wore bitter looks as they rolled their eyes. Who the hell would remember what you said? When is this going to end?

    When Fangzheng saw this scene, he shook his head slightly and thought to himself, "This darn dog just regurgitated This Penniless Monk's words..."

    Elsewhere Xunzi and company were still running, but after they ran another twenty odd minutes, they were completely exhausted and about to collapse. Finally, they saw flashlights up ahead as well as human speech!

    At that instant Xunzi, Glasses, Monk, and Wei Yaqin nearly cried. They finally saw humans!

    When the rescue team came towards them, Xunzi didn't say a word and pulled one person to him. As he touched the person, he shouted. "There's a body temperature!"

    Glasses shouted. "There's a shadow!"

    Monk said with a sobbing tone, "Holy sh*t, it's a living person!"

    As for Wei Yaqin, she burst into tears...

    Old Luo and company watched from the side, wearing a confounded look. Ding Quan asked in a whisper, "What's wrong with these people? Have they gone mad?"

    Old Luo smacked his lips. "Probably."

    After the four confirmed the identity of the rescue team, they were especially excited. However, this excitement didn't last more than a few minutes for they fainted right there and then. After the rescue personnel checked them, they realized that it was a result of exhaustion. They exchanged looks and were puzzled. What gave these people so much courage? In the pitch-black night, they were running in a blizzard... What the hell were they thinking?

    On the tree, when Squirrel saw this scene and was about to open his mouth, a huge hand descended from the sky and held his mouth before pulling him back up to the clouds.

    "Hey! Junior Brother, why did you cover my mouth? I helped them find the rescue team. They haven't even thanked me," Squirrel grumbled.

    Fangzheng smacked him. "Silly! Do you really think you are human? Once you speak, the ones running will be us four!"

    Squirrel was stunned before he realized what was happening. He giggled and said, "These people are just too cowardly. I didn't do anything..."
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