1042 Ominous Nigh

    The two immediately jumped in fright as they nearly ran back where they came from. However, they immediately burst out laughing when they saw that the dog was chained.

    Indeed, once the dog ran about eight meters, it was held back by the iron chain. All it could do was bark at the duo as though warning them to get out of its house.

    "Little Doggy be good, don't bark. Come, here's some food for you!" Zheng Yuan chuckled as he fished out a bun from his black bag, tore open the tender outer layer, and revealed the meat fillings. Instantly, the fragrance of meat emanated.

    The dog barked even more ferociously when it caught a whiff of it. It was unknown if it was because it wished to eat it or because it wanted the two to leave.

    Seeing the way the dog treated the two, Xu Xun knew that the duo were definitely not the owners of the house! Why would they be here at this time if they aren't the owners? Could they be burglars?

    At this moment, Zheng Yuan threw the bun over and smiled. "Little Doggy be good, eat the bun. You'll stop once you're done eating it! Hehe!"

    Upon seeing this scene, Xu Xun confirmed that the duo were definitely unlike her. They weren't there to take shelter from the cold. Even if they weren't burglars, they were definitely up to no good!

    With this in mind, Xu Xun suddenly sensed that the ferocious dog wasn't that fierce anymore. From the principle that the enemy of my enemy is a friend, the dog had become a freaking comrade in arms! Even if it wasn't, she couldn't sit idly as a life was snuffed out. However, what could she do?

    When the dog saw the meat bun, it immediately ran over.

    Xu Xun subconsciously wanted to warn the dog not to eat it.

    However, it was too late. It was unknown if the dog was hungry or if it simply loved the smell of the meat bun, but it swallowed the bun in one mouthful!

    Since it had already eaten the meat bun, Xu Xun immediately covered her mouth and swallowed the words she was about to say. It was useless shouting at this moment for she couldn't change anything.

    As expected, once the meat bun entered its stomach, the dog stumbled to the ground with a whine as it spewed white foam. Its body convulsed a few times before it turned still.

    Upon seeing this, Zheng Yuan grinned. "Silly dog. Try being fiercer!" With that said, he walked over and kicked the dog, laughing. "Tsk, there's plenty of meat. Fang Kui, this fellow can be sold for quite a bit."

    Fang Kui nodded. "Got it. Cut the crap. The villagers here are rich. They're all engaged in the rural tourism in this village, so all the dogs here are fed with leftovers. All of them are filled with fat. This is the first, and there are ten to twenty more waiting for us! Let's go in and take a look. Since the heavens have given us such a good opportunity, won't we be letting the heavens down if we don't pull off a big heist?"

    Zheng Yuan nodded. He wasn't in a rush to deal with the dog on the ground beside him. He followed closely behind Zheng Yuan and prepared to enter the house. At the same time, he said, "Hehe, that's right. I'm curious to know what valuables are stored in these people's houses. I'll wipe it clean for them."

    Upon seeing this, Xu Xun's nerves tightened. She had no idea what the two were doing, but she knew that these people were ruthless and had come prepared. If she were discovered, she might end up in a worse situation than falling into Ma Yuan's hands!

    With this in mind, Xu Xun felt deep regret, thinking, "Why is my life so miserable? I just came out of the frying pan and jumped into the fire!"

    Unfortunately, she didn't have the time to wallow in her misery. With the duo approaching the door, she hurriedly ran to the corridor and entered the kitchen.

    Northeastern farming villages typically had a corridor by the door. On the two sides of the corridor were two rooms. Walking straight down the corridor, there would be a kitchen. As for the overall layout of the house, the living area was in the middle with a yard in the front and back. The front yard had a portion for activities and vehicle parking, as well as an area to dry grains or for children to play. The rest were vegetable gardens. The backyards were typically all vegetable gardens.

    For convenience, there was usually a back door. It was similar to the front door, directly reachable by the corridor. It was the kind that could be seen just by looking straight ahead.

    Xu Xun ran to the back door and when she pulled it open, she heard the sound of a door opening behind her! At that instant, she felt her hair stand on end as she thought, "I'm finished. I've been discovered!"

    Indeed, the instant Xu Xun ran out the door, she heard someone shout behind her. "F**k! There was still someone in the house! What we did and said was probably all witnessed by her! And f**k, I didn't wear a mask!"

    "Catch her!" The other man was anxious as well.

    Xu Xun dashed as fast as she could when she heard that. However, the backyard typically didn't have another door leading out. Furthermore, in winter, few people tended to it, so it was covered in thick snow. Instead of calling it running, it was more like pulling out one's sinking legs. Every step resulted in sinking knee-deep into the snow. Pulling out the leg to take a second step would result in the same sinking. There was no way of running!

    Xu Xun wasn't fast, but neither were the two behind her.

    However, Xu Xun was already out of stamina from her previous run. As she tried running now, she felt like her legs were as heavy as lead. It was impossible for her to run fast!

    Thankfully, the backyard wasn't too large. She was smart as she didn't run deeper. Instead, she ran for the yard wall.

    Northeastern yard walls were typically short, at a height of about a meter or so. For aesthetics, they had beautiful holes in them. Even a child could easily climb over it, much less an adult. The yards were not meant to deter thieves, but to keep out any livestock.

    Although Xu Xun was out of stamina, she was still able to climb up the wall.

    However, right when she jumped up the wall, she heard a shout. "Come down!"

    Following that, she felt someone grab her leg and yank her downwards!

    At the same time, she saw two figures on the street. One of them was scanning the area with a torchlight, shouting as he did. "Sis Xu? Manager Xu? Where are you? You're wrong. We don't have any ill intentions! It's really a coincidence!"

    At this moment, Xu Xun no longer had the time to analyze whether it had been a coincidence or not, or if there was any danger from them or not. Just like a drowning person, she could only subconsciously grab at the straw in front of her! Hence, she screamed. "Ma Yuan! I'm here! Help!"

    "F**k, there's more people!" Zheng Yuan subconsciously cried out.

    Fang Kui was just about to say, "Don't worry. We are only here to steal dogs. It's not a big deal even if we get caught! We haven't even started our theft! We can get away with it!"

    But he heard Xu Xun yell, "Help! There's a murderer here!" Xu Xun wished to escalate the matter as much as she could to garner attention.

    When this was heard, the people across the wall exclaimed. "Murderer? Quick, call the police!"

    This shout shocked Fang Kui's words back into his throat. A murderer? When had they become murderers?

    Zheng Yuan wasn't as coolheaded as Fang Kui. He was quite an irascible person, so he pulled Xu Xun down to the ground and cursed. "F**king bitch, shut up or I'll kill you!"
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