1070 Drawing The Lottery Again

    "Oh my, does that mean Bodhisattva received my incense? Bodhisattva, please bless my family with peace, and make it so that I make a fortune in the year ahead..."


    Meanwhile, Fangzheng looked up at the sky. As the incense offerings increased, a wisp of smoke rose up into the sky, forming a green dragon. It soared into the clouds and stayed there despite the strong northeastern winds of Laba.

    Instantly, it garnered countless exclamations as all sorts of pictures were posted on WeChat Moments. The Internet was already paying attention to One Finger Monastery, so once the pictures and videos were posted, they immediately spread throughout the Internet. Countless people discussed One Finger Monastery.

    Of course, there were always believers and doubters. However, that didn't even matter now. What mattered was that no one could stop One Finger Monastery from stealing the limelight!

    Fangzheng was laughing himself silly with his fame. Because at that moment...

    "Ding! Congratulations on completing the mission. One Finger Monastery's reputation has spread throughout the province! You have won an additional chance at the draw."

    "System, this isn't the same as before. With me becoming so famous, can you really say my reputation has only spread throughout the province?" Fangzheng was depressed. This didn't make sense.

    "Ding! Congratulations on completing the mission. One Finger Monastery's reputation has spread throughout the three northeastern provinces! You have won an additional chance at the draw."

    Upon hearing that, Fangzheng was delighted. That was more like it! At the same time, Fangzheng felt a little expectant. Would there be more?

    However, Fangzheng obviously had a wild imagination. After waiting all day, the System asked him impatiently, "Are you drawing or not?"

    Fangzheng was taken aback as he asked, "Uh, System, that's all? I'm the focus of the entire nation!"

    The System chuckled. "You are overthinking things. Although you have caused quite a stir, how many people actually saw you produce miracles in person? How many people are there in the country? In this age of advanced technological development, with fake videos everywhere, how many people believe any video they see unless it is confirmed by the authorities? That's right, nearly every big city in the country is talking about you, but people talking about you and them believing in you are two completely different matters. Finally, have you forgotten the measure with which your reputation is determined? It's only when most people in the region talk about you, know about you, and remember you that it counts. You clearly haven't reached a state where everyone in the nation knows about you. Although the Internet is advanced, many elderly people do not use the Internet. Many people in the mountainous regions don't have Internet access either. And in China, the majority of people are still in the villages, not the cities.

    "As for you being famous in the three northeastern provinces, it's only because people here are used to treating their own kind as family. To have someone amazing appear in their 'family', it's natural for everyone to wish to know more about you and spread the news. This resulted in a snowball effect. To become famous throughout the country, you will have to work harder."

    Fangzheng pricked up his brows. "This doesn't seem to be too difficult, right? I just need to pull off miracles every day. Do I need to be afraid that no one will talk about me or believe in me then?"

    "Of course," the System said.

    Fangzheng was taken aback, originally believing that the System would object. He never expected the System to agree! He was immediately delighted as he asked, "For real?"

    "Of course! If you don't wish to renounce asceticism, you can do as you please," the System said.

    Fangzheng nearly burst a gasket when he heard that. All his joy was instantly gone. He asked, "What has this got to do with renouncing asceticism?"

    "First, you have to understand that this planet of yours doesn't have many people. It only counts about seven billion people. And the amount of merit you require to renounce asceticism is an astronomical number. Although it's not to the level where it requires you to save everyone once, here comes the problem. Do you think every one of the seven billion people will give you a chance to save them? There are countless people facing death every second in the world. You are only able to save a number of them. The chances of you being able to rescue the same person to obtain merit again is very small. Therefore, you have to learn to cherish every chance to earn merit you get.

    "Second, when two people donate to a beggar, with one being the richest man in the world, someone known to all, while the other is a down-and-out youth, who do you think the beggar would be more grateful towards when they both give a hundred yuan to him?"

    Upon hearing that, Fangzheng instantly understood the System. Having divine powers wasn't a fault, and having them did help him. Who wouldn't wish for an otherworldly person to appear by their side to provide them help when in times of trouble? However, once everyone in the world knew that he was a person with divine powers and with Buddha descending each time, people would get used to it, treating his help as something expected. There wouldn't be any gratitude! Without gratitude, where would the karmic merit come from? Even if there would be some, it would be greatly discounted.

    With so few people to help, along with the discounted merit, how was he to renounce asceticism? He might have to stay a monk his entire life.

    With this in mind, Fangzheng said, "I get it. Sigh. The path of cultivation is slow, and I'm still a long way off from success..."

    Shaking his head, Fangzheng's excitement was gone. However, he didn't wish to waste the two chances at the draw. Hence, Fangzheng said, "System, combine the two draws into one."

    "Are you certain?" asked the System.

    Fangzheng nodded. The previous draw had drained the merit he had earned, so if he wished to get something good, he needed to stack them.

    The System said, "Alright. Here it goes!

    "Ding! Congratulations on obtaining a Seven Treasure Lotus Flower Lamp!"

    Fangzheng frowned. Why did he draw a lamp? Although lamps had many uses in Buddhism, and many Bodhisattvas and Buddhas carried a lamp, Fangzheng was certain that One Finger Monastery was lacking one... Yet, with just one lamp, how could it be useful?

    Shaking his head, Fangzheng first checked the features of the Seven Treasure Lotus Flower Lamp before saying anything.

    "Seven Treasure Lotus Flower Lamp: A lotus flower that grew out of the Heavenly Dragon Pond at Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva's doorstep. Using hell's negative karma fire as its flame, the lamp is eternally lit. A bit of negative karma fire can burn all negative karma, lessening a person's punishment in hell.

    "Note 1: The possessor is unable to ignite his own negative karma. For others, without them sincerely repenting and bearing the karma and responsibility, it's impossible to ignite their negative karma either.

    "Note 2: The Seven Treasure Lotus Flower Lamp coupled with the Fortune Incense Cauldron increases the effects severalfold."

    Fangzheng grinned as he couldn't help but curse when he read the first description. What was he most afraid of? It was negative karma negating his merit! Therefore, he had always been careful in what he did to prevent himself from not being able to reach Buddhahood and being able to renounce asceticism. The Seven Treasure Lotus Flower Lamp, meanwhile, could burn off negative karma, making it a cheat! But before he could rejoice, he realized he couldn't use it!

    Fangzheng really wished to grab the System and yell at it, "F**k you!"

    Unfortunately, he couldn't say such things and could only bear with it.

    However, to call the Seven Treasure Lotus Flower Lamp useless? That wasn't right either. This was definitely the best form of karmic return to good people. Humans weren't saints, so how could they not commit wrongdoings? There would be negative karma as long as they made mistakes. With the accumulation of negative karma, they would be judged after death. Those with merits were rewarded, and those with negative karma were punished. But after the two forces negated each other, one's merit would be greatly reduced...

    However, with the Seven Treasure Lotus Flower Lamp, those who dared to bear the burden, admit to their faults, and be sincerely penitent, would be able to burn off their negative karma and not suffer punishment but enjoy bliss instead. Hence, this was a perfect item for redeeming people! Furthermore, it formed a set with the Fortune Incense Cauldron, increasing its effects. This way, the devotees that came to offer incense would have their fortunes increased. One Finger Monastery would also receive more of the light of providence; therefore, it was quite worth its price.
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