1076 Boarding the Plane

    Fangzheng said, "About that, This Penniless Monk can't explain it either."

    "It's fine if you can't. Maybe you can find a time to showcase it for me?" Jing Yan immediately revealed her crafty side. As a reporter, she had an innate curiosity-she couldn't sleep unless she figured out the truth. Over the past few days, she had not only been tortured by the high pressure of needing to produce news articles, but also tortured by her curiosity over the matter.

    When Fangzheng heard that, he smiled bitterly. "Patron, you might be disappointed. To be honest, the two Bodhisattva Dharma Aspects were created due to a clash of incidences, but they eventually lead to a series of negative matters. This Penniless Monk doesn't know how to let you see them even if you wish to."

    Fangzheng was speaking the truth. In fact, he was still a little hazy about that day when he tried to remember what happened. Back then, the bell and drum had sounded together to alert him as a sanguine beam shot into the sky. Fangzheng had been extremely worried back then, but none of the divine powers he had could provide him any help. In his anxiety, he seemed to realize something and managed to communicate with the Ten Thousand Buddha Plaque in the Ten Thousand Buddha Hall in a way he didn't even understand!

    That's right. Fangzheng hadn't contacted Bodhisattva, but the Ten Thousand Buddha Plaque!

    He had simply wished to borrow Bodhisattva's powers to help him. And to his surprise, it worked! And it caused him to shoot to fame.

    In fact, if he had known that borrowing Bodhisattva's powers would cause such a stir or if he could have remained slightly calmer, he would have gotten Red Boy to do the rescue instead of causing such a commotion. After all, there were pros and cons to being famous. He was very lazy, and he also enjoyed making a fortune silently.

    In any case, he did make a name for himself, but he realized a problem on the second day. Having used the Ten Thousand Buddha Plaque's powers to use the Heavenly Eye, Wisdom Eye, and Dharma Eye, he realized that he couldn't use any of them the second day!

    When he asked the System, the answer was simple. He had overused the eyes, and they would recover after some rest.

    Fangzheng had been worried and asked how long it would take.

    The System had lazily said, "That will depend on your body. Just wait. If it's fast, it will take two to three days. If it's slow, two to three years. But it will eventually recover..."


    It was fine if it wasn't mentioned, but once it was mentioned, Fangzheng felt bitter. Indeed, posturing only led to disastrous outcomes! This was retribution.

    Jing Yan trusted Fangzheng greatly. With Fangzheng saying so, she nodded. "Alright, but if there's a chance, you must show it to me."

    Fangzheng nodded.

    "Do you really have supernatural powers?" Jing Yan couldn't hide her heart for gossip.

    What else could Fangzheng say? He grabbed Salted Fish, who just couldn't sit still, and got him to answer.

    As a wily old fox, Salted Fish's ability to bullsh*t wasn't something Fangzheng could compare with. He managed to spin tales that left Jing Yan faint.

    At the airport, Jing Yan got out a pair of sunglasses and gave them to Fangzheng.

    Fangzheng was taken aback. "Why are you giving this to This Penniless Monk?"

    "You are now famous. If you don't want to be recognized and suffer all kinds of trouble, put them on quickly," Jing Yan said.

    Only then did Fangzheng recall that he was famous! Hence, he thanked her. "Thank you, Patron. They will be returned."

    Jing Yan rolled her eyes at him, mumbling. "It's no wonder you are a monk. You truly don't understand a woman's intentions!"

    "Patron, what did you say?" Fangzheng was focused on wearing the sunglasses and didn't hear her clearly.

    Jing Yan coughed dryly and said, "Nothing. Stand up straight, and let me take a look. Wow!"

    "Patron, what's wrong?" Fangzheng adjusted the sunglasses, thinking, "Am I too ugly?"

    "Nothing, but I never expected this pair of sunglasses would suit you so well. I thought a monk would look out of place with sunglasses, but on you, they look pretty good. Not bad at all! Heh heh," Jing Yan said with a chuckle.

    Fangzheng was wearing white monk robes, and his sunglasses were round. The combo gave him a sense of gentleness and curves. Matched with his handsome face, it was truly a different kind of handsomeness.

    Only then did Fangzheng feel relieved. He didn't care too much about beauty; he just didn't want to look odd and awkward.

    Jing Yan helped Fangzheng deal with the procedures. Fangzheng paid for the tickets himself which Jing Yan acquiesced to when she saw how firm he was about it. The visa could be applied for on arrival, and Jing Yan had a local friend who could help Fangzheng do it. Therefore, it went quite smoothly for Fangzheng despite the fact that he was a rookie who had never flown out of the country.

    However, Fangzheng's smile didn't last. After sending Jing Yan off and walking into the security checks...

    "Venerable One, you are only going overseas. You will be back soon. There's no need to be so upset about leaving," a kind female security staff member said.

    Fangzheng was rendered speechless. Were his eyes red because he missed home? Well, he was feeling regretful! But what he regretted was that they had burned the envelope! Otherwise, he would have saved plenty of money!

    At this moment, a security personnel member waved a piece of salted fish and asked, "Whose salted fish is this?"

    Fangzheng hurriedly said to the female security personnel member, "Thank you. This Penniless Monk was just feeling a little upset."

    With that said, he smiled at her before running to retrieve Salted Fish.

    The female security personnel member was stunned rooted to the ground when she saw Fangzheng's brilliant smile. Then, she mumbled with a blushing face. "Seriously, why must a monk be so handsome? This monk hasn't gotten married, right? He should still be able to renounce asceticism... Pui! What are you thinking? Back to work!"

    "Venerable One, why are you bringing a salted fish overseas? Thankfully, you are going to Vietnam. If you were going to America, any salted meat products would be prohibited," the male security personnel member helped Fangzheng stuff Salted Fish into the black cloth as he said.

    What else could Fangzheng say? He couldn't say that he was bringing a salted fish disciple to a summit, right?

    Hence, Fangzheng only smiled silently.

    "By the way, this salted fish is over the weight limit. You will have to check it in. Also, your baggage won't do. You will need to pack it again."

    Fangzheng was surprised. Over the weight limit? The packing wasn't sufficient? He needed to check it in? Immediately, Fangzheng turned anxious. Salted Fish was quite a slippery old fellow. He didn't feel at ease even when Salted Fish was placed right before him. Who knew what sort of problems would happen if he was placed in the baggage hold?

    Fangzheng was about to say something, but the well-meaning male security personnel member had already contacted a woman to help Fangzheng pack the item.

    Helpless, Fangzheng could only follow. The packing cost Fangzheng more than a hundred yuan, leaving his heart bleeding for the lost money. At the same time, he was thankful that he had brought some money with him; otherwise, it would have been a tragedy.

    As he carried the packed cupboard box, he heard Salted Fish grumbling inside. "Reverend, open a hole. It's so stuffy!"

    "Wait!" Fangzheng whispered before finding a spot to poke two holes in the box before checking it in.

    "Eh?" Not far away, an elder dressed in a Mao suit who sat really straight suddenly exclaimed.

    A girl with plaited hair beside him was dressed in a decent tracksuit, making her look energetic and youthful. She asked with a frown, "Grandpa, what's wrong?"

    "Nothing. I think I saw a familiar figure. That person looked like Abbot Fangzheng from One Finger Monastery who caused a stir on the Internet."
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