1112 Salted Fish Arrives

    Cries of amazement sounded and without him realizing it, Fangzheng had riled everybody up with his invincibility. Red Shirt had awed and suppressed everyone by using murder since the moment he appeared. But at this moment, his efforts were instantly shattered by Fangzheng's actions. No longer in fear, the crowd felt that nothing was a problem with the living Buddha around.

    Realizing that he had lost control of the situation, his heart tightened. He didn't care about killing, but these people were chips for his negotiation. If he were to kill all of them... There would be nothing to negotiate about! All he could do then was wait for the military to bombard him.

    Therefore, there was a limit to his murderous madness.

    But at that moment, he knew that he couldn't hold down the situation any further if he didn't figure out something to break this impasse.

    Red Shirt watched Fangzheng get up and walk towards Nguyen Vo Hong who had been shot in the legs. A crazy look flashed across his eyes as he grinned and waved his hand. The AK47 landed in his hand once again as he laughed sinisterly. "Fangzheng, I have to say that you are the most magical monk I've ever met. You may be invulnerable, but are they? You can save people on the brink of death, but can you resurrect the dead? Let's see which is faster, you or my bullets!" After Red Shirt said that, he aimed at the group of hostages.

    The hostages felt their hearts quiver. They never expected Red Shirt to be this crazy! Unable to kill Fangzheng, he had directed his murderous rage at them.

    "He's using our lives to threaten Master Fangzheng!" a political figure revealed Red Shirt's intentions, but it was useless. Red Shirt regained control over the situation. The balance had been tipped in Red Shirt's favor with him saying that.

    Red Shirt looked at Fangzheng with a heinous look. "Monk, want to try?"

    Fangzheng sighed and slowly turned his head at Red Shirt. "Amitabha..."

    His voice was infinitely solemn and domineering, but he had dragged out his tone like an elderly monk. However, no one found it strange. A master like Fangzheng could do anything without appearing weird.

    But while saying that, Fangzheng returned Salted Fish his divine powers!

    Almost at the same time, Salted Fish's voice sounded. "Master, what's wrong?"

    This Penniless Monk has encountered some trouble. If you don't appear in three seconds, you will be starving for a month when we return! Fangzheng immediately transmitted.

    Red Shirt's words had reminded Fangzheng that not everyone was invulnerable like him. He could use A Golden Millet Dream to pull everyone into a dream and even scare him or make them fire at the ceiling.

    However, Fangzheng was a little afraid at this moment. The corpses on the ground reminded him that these people were capable of killing. Fangzheng felt uncomfortable seeing these corpses around him. Although he didn't feel deeply guilt-ridden, these people wouldn't have died if he had been present...

    Hence, he still felt some shame and regret.

    A Golden Millet Dream could make these people dream and hallucinate. If these terrorists reacted quickly, it was possible for them to pull the trigger the moment they noticed that something wasn't right, spraying bullets everywhere... Fangzheng couldn't guarantee that these bullets wouldn't accidentally kill someone.

    Therefore, Fangzheng didn't dare leave it to luck. Instead, he waited for Salted Fish, who possessed divine powers, to arrive. With all his divine powers available, Salted Fish would definitely have the means to resolve this situation.

    Meanwhile, Fangzheng also informed Salted Fish of the situation before asking, "Do you have a way of resolving this situation?"

    "A piece of cake!" Salted Fish chuckled.

    Fangzheng immediately felt relieved and said, "Alright. I'll give you two more seconds. Come here within five seconds to resolve the situation or you'll be starving for two months!"

    "No way? Reverend, it was only three seconds and a month a moment ago! Why did your punishment increase?" Salted Fish lamented.

    Amitabha. With great power comes great responsibility. This Penniless Monk just realized how powerful you are, so you have been given greater responsibility. Don't worry. The rewards will also be increased.

    When Fangzheng said the first part, Salted Fish had the urge to kill the darn baldy, but when he heard the incentive, he suddenly felt that the darn baldy made sense.

    Seeing Fangzheng drag out his voice like he was singing a Beijing opera piece as though there was no end to it... After a while, Red Shirt couldn't help but ask, "Monk, what else do you wish to say?"

    Fangzheng said, "Patron, in China, there's a saying: Death won't happen if you don't seek it. Now, let's begin the countdown."

    "What do you mean by that?" Red Shirt was taken aback.

    "Five!" Fangzheng said.

    Red Shirt felt his heart tighten as he had an ominous feeling. He raised his hand and got all his men to hold up their guns in preparation to fire!

    "Four!" Fangzheng said nonchalantly.

    Red Shirt stared at Fangzheng intently. He had decided to fire the moment Fangzheng counted down to one. He was going to stake it all!

    Just as "four" was said, there was a loud bang as the door opened.

    Following that, there was a shout. "The ancestor arrives. Who dares harm my reverend!"

    With this shout, everyone's attention was directed at the new entrant. When they turned their heads, they saw a group of people holding all kinds of weapons charge over. Amongst them, there were four who had somehow gotten some poles that held up a chair. Sitting on this palanquin-looking contraption was a salted fish. It sat on it half slumped like some big shot as it wore a pair of sunglasses! It was holding a walking stick with fins like they were hands. Its whiskers were flailing freely, making him look like some mafia boss.

    Everyone wore a flabbergasted look. Since when was it possible for a fish to have such style? Since when was it possible for a fish to be a big shot? Since when was it possible for a fish to speak? Since when was it possible for a fish...

    Countless thoughts flashed through their minds, but that wasn't important any longer because someone had reacted.

    "Monk, you f**king schemer! The countdown hasn't even reached one and your backup is here? Where's your integrity?" Red Shirt cursed at Fangzheng.

    Fangzheng looked at Red Shirt with an embarrassed look as he rubbed his nose. "Sorry, I planned for it to be on the count of five with him, but you spent two seconds speaking nonsense, and I spent one second, so he arrived at four. To be honest, he's still rather punctual."

    "Punctual? Screw the punctualness! All of you, spare no one! Fire!" Red Shirt had gone mad. At that moment, he regretted getting someone to get this jinx over! Otherwise, the situation wouldn't have devolved to its current state.

    At the same time, he felt depressed. He had planned for more than a month. Everything had gone so smoothly, but it all failed because of this darn baldy! He couldn't accept it.

    No matter how unacceptable the situation was to him, he had to accept it. Now, he had to risk it all or he might not have a chance anymore.

    The moment Red Shirt gave the command, all his men raised their arms and fired.

    "Salted Fish!" Fangzheng roared as he flipped his hand, allowing a string of Buddha Beads to land in his hand. He had decided to use the divine powers on the Buddha Beads if Salted Fish failed to resolve the problem!
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