1135 Style of a Master

    At the same time, another gentle voice sounded. \"It's fine. It's fine. The monk can run, but his temple can't run. We will stay here and wait.\"

    Monkey's voice sounded. \"Amitabha. Patron, the monastery is too small. It does not allow outsiders to stay.\"

    The gentle voice was obviously stunned for a moment. Then, the owner of the voice bitterly smiled and said, \"Uh... Okay, but we can set up tents, right?\"

    \"Patron, as long as you find a suitable place, feel free.\"

    The other party looked at the mountain that was filled with people. If they were to set up tents, they would basically be like animals in a zoo. If they were surrounded by people the entire time, they could forget about resting! Thus, the other party said helplessly, \"Forget it, let's stay at the bottom of the mountain.\"

    Wang Yougui said awkwardly, \"Well... There probably aren't any rooms in the surrounding villages within a five kilometer range. If you don't mind, you can stay at my place. I'll arrange some space for you.\"

    The other party was almost sobbing as they said, \"Make the arrangements...\"


    Somewhere in Southeast Asia.

    \"Another failure? Useless!\"

    \"White Clothes, you are too anxious.\"

    \"You don't have to worry about my matters. No matter who it is, any enemy of Red Fiend has to pay the price!\"

    \"You should read the news more. He's currently hot in China. There's no need for us to go against China.\"

    \"You may be afraid of China, but I'm not! My business is none of your business.\"

    \"Sigh... You're just bringing trouble on yourself.\"

    \"For the glory of Red Fiend!\"


    At the same time, all the major media outlets in China went into a frenzy again.

    However, everyone collectively kept silent. No one mentioned the cultivation theory that Salted Fish had taught. There even wasn't any complete version of the theory across all the websites. The only thing that could be found were clips of about ten seconds. Just by watching them, no one would learn anything. Instead, everyone felt that Salted Fish was just bragging all the time...

    However, no one had the energy to pay attention to what Salted Fish said. This was because everyone's eyes were focused on the stone slabs on Mt. One Finger!

    \"A towering stone stele suddenly appeared on Mt. One Finger. It was engraved with Abbot Fangzheng's medical insights!\"

    \"The insights of a miracle doctor. Those who are fated can learn them.\"

    \"Stone slabs from the heavens with mysterious patterns contain shocking secrets.\"


    The major headlines kept flooding in, and countless people clicked on them and read the articles.

    However, after reading the content, there was endless debate.

    \"Is this for real? Only those who are fated can see the contents. The unfated can only see messy patterns? Isn't this too magical?\"

    \"I think it's fake too. Shouldn't the country stop such fake news?\"

    \"I've heard of computer documents being encrypted. I've never heard of words that can be encrypted! F**k... Was the editor's brain fried?\"


    However, the moment the cursing started, it was immediately suppressed by a wave of voices.

    \"Previous poster, don't be ignorant. Abbot Fangzheng is an accomplished monk with great divine powers! Furthermore, he's China's best doctor. He has successfully treated a patient suffering from Lou Gehrig's disease!\"

    \"If this happened elsewhere, we could consider it fake news. But if it happened on Mt. One Finger, I believe it!\"

    \"Stop arguing. I'm at the scene. Some doctors are going crazy when they see those insights!\"

    \"I'm at Mt. One Finger too. I want to say that this will be a medical revolution! Abbot Fangzheng deserves infinite merit for benefiting all of humanity. Amitabha, haha! I've figured out several obstacles I was struggling with before.\"

    \"I'm here too. I saw a fast way of treating leukemia! F*ck, if the tests succeed, leukemia will be no different from a cold or fever!\"


    Countless praise resounded. It was especially so on the medical discussion forums, and they were in a complete mess. At the same time, a large number of doctors started to apply for leave again as they headed north... The country was once again at a standstill and could only give a last-minute directive. Each hospital had to ensure that there were enough doctors staying behind in order to allow other doctors to apply for leave.

    Black Mountain City had given a directive at the last minute to strengthen the security of Songwu County. Then, it began soliciting for money to build roads!

    There was no other way about it. The road leading to Mt. One Finger was a village road, and it even took a lot of effort to overtake another car on it. Now that so many people were going to One Finger Village, they would be stuck in a jam if they didn't build more roads. Furthermore, the government could tell that One Finger Monastery was probably only going to get more and more popular. It was best to resolve the traffic problems as soon as possible so as to avoid future troubles.

    As the stone slabs caused a greater stir, the commissioners from Beijing couldn't sit still any longer. They finally ran into One Finger Monastery and, without seeing Fangzheng, began a long talk with the few animals.

    \"Are you sure that the things on the stone slabs can be read only by people with Chinese blood who have good morals? And only people who have some skill in medicine can read them?\" The commissioner looked at the few animals in surprise.

    \"You don't have to glare at us with such wide eyes. Just like how we can talk, there are some things that can't be explained to you, so just take it as a matter of fact,\" Salted Fish said.

    The commissioner fell silent. After a long while, he said with a bitter smile, \"What you said is too unbelievable.\"

    Salted Fish said, \"Then after coming here, what have you seen that wasn't unbelievable?\"

    The commissioner fell silent once again. When he walked out, he had a bitter look on his face. He didn't know how to report to the higher-ups because nothing made any sense.

    However, at this moment, the culprit who caused all the chaos in China had already appeared elsewhere. Furthermore, because he didn't have his cell phone with him, he basically knew nothing about this. However, even if he knew, he probably wouldn't pay much attention to it.

    As the darkness faded, Fangzheng regained his vision.

    Fangzheng realized that he had actually appeared in a bustling group of people. He was in a huge city with tall buildings that stood like towering mountains.

    The people around him walked very quickly as if they were in a hurry.

    As for Fangzheng's arrival, he had indeed attracted the attention of many. Being dressed in a white monk robe made him too eye-catching.

    After receiving a few looks, Fangzheng felt a little creeped out. He thought to himself, \"This Penniless Monk won't be recognized by fans, right? If that happens, This Penniless Monk can forget about doing anything...\"

    However, to his surprise, these people only glanced at him before shaking their heads and leaving. It was as though not only were they not curious about him, they were even a little disdainful.

    Fangzheng smacked his lips as he wore a baffled look. However, he didn't mind it. Instead, he chuckled, joined the crowd, and began strolling.

    After walking for a while, Fangzheng saw a young man in front of him. He wore a white monk robe and had cut his hair bald too. Like him, he slowly walked over with a string of prayer beads in his left hand.

    Fangzheng looked at the other party's appearance and then looked back at himself. He thought, \"People actually wear the same outfit as me? Are monks these days all wearing the same clothes?\"

    The other party had clearly seen Fangzheng as well. He even smiled at him as though he was saying: \"Aiyo, you're also dressed like that?\"

    Before Fangzheng could figure out what was happening, another man dressed in the same outfit walked over barefooted. More importantly, he was walking a huge white dog. It looked like a Samoyed, and in order to make it look more like a white wolf, there were two bags on both sides of the Samoyed's body with the name: 'Jingfa!'
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