1170 This Patron Is A Little Fierce

    Monkey was indignant as he continued to pour.

    The woman finally lost her temper. She put down the teacup and said angrily, "Master, you've finished pouring all the cold water. What are you doing?"

    Monkey was stunned when he heard that. Cold water?

    He quickly poured some water from the bottom of the pot on his hand. Although it wasn't pure cold water, it was definitely not scalding hot anymore. Only then did he remember that the kettle had been placed there for quite a good while. It was pretty good that it wasn't even colder considering the fact that it was winter.

    Immediately, Monkey felt a little embarrassed as he coughed dryly. "This Penniless Monk will go boil some water."

    "Are you nuts?" When the woman heard that the monkey wasn't done and wanted to pour another pot after boiling more water, she believed that his brain only had water instead of gray matter.

    The woman stood up abruptly and turned to leave.

    Monkey sat there awkwardly, not knowing what to say either. He felt like all the posturing he had done earlier couldn't make up for this single embarrassment.

    Red Boy showed no mercy as he held his belly and laughed out loud.

    As for Salted Fish, he spat out a huge mouthful of water, but the moment he opened his mouth, a coin fell into it. It took him plenty of retching before he managed to spit it out.

    Squirrel looked at Monkey with pity and silently said, "Amitabha. Poor Third Junior Brother."

    Monkey harrumphed and said, "Don't be too smug. It's only just the beginning. Once I'm fully prepared, there won't be such a problem anymore!"

    After Monkey said that, he thought for a moment. He wasn't sure when a visitor would come to him to clear their doubts. If he prepared the water beforehand, it would easily turn cold. He had to come up with a comprehensive plan.

    Monkey subconsciously looked up and suddenly saw a round fur ball. His eyes lit up as he asked, "Second Senior Brother, can I ask you to do me a favor?"

    Squirrel hurriedly nodded. "Sure, Third Junior Brother, ask ahead."

    Monkey immediately said, "If anyone comes, please get me a pot of water."

    Squirrel hurriedly nodded. Although the teapot was not small, he was just like Lone Wolf in the sense that his body had been indirectly enhanced. Among squirrels, he was definitely a monster-level existence. Carrying a kettle was not a problem apart from his height making it slightly inconvenient.

    With Squirrel providing a stable source of hot water, Monkey was completely relieved. The failure from before was immediately thrown to the back of his mind as he sat there in a composed manner, waiting for the next visitor to arrive.

    Before long, another woman sat in front of Monkey.

    Monkey did the same thing again. He asked his question first and then offered some tea.

    The woman was cooperative as she did as expected by taking the teacup and said, "Thank you, Master."

    Monkey smiled and nodded. With a wave of his hand, Squirrel handed him the hot water.

    Monkey immediately poured some tea in. As he poured, he gave Red Boy a smug look.

    Red Boy smacked his lips. He didn't know what to say, but he could only watch Monkey posture. There was a look of envy in his eyes.

    When Monkey saw that trace of envy, he felt even more pleased.

    At that moment...

    "Aiyah!" A scream made Monkey quickly turn his gaze over. He saw the woman throw the cup before it was full like she had been electrocuted!

    When the woman saw Monkey looking over, she smiled in embarrassment and said, "Heh heh, Master, you were distracted just now. Thankfully, I was quick or I would have scalded my hand."

    When Monkey heard that, he felt as though a hundred thousand curses ran past his head. Finally, it turned into a silent roar. "What kind of oddballs are these people?!"

    However, Monkey calmed down and took a deep breath. "Patron, don't worry. The water isn't hot. Come, have some tea."

    When the woman heard that, she looked at the steaming hot water and chuckled. "Master, this water doesn't look like it's not hot."

    Monkey said, "It's really not hot. Patron, have some tea."

    The woman looked suspiciously at Monkey, and after some thought, she picked up the teacup. Monkey continued pouring the tea before glancing smugly at Red Boy. Red Boy was eagerly watching the show when it ended up being resolved by Monkey, so he was a little displeased. However, he had to admit that Monkey had great composure.

    However, a few minutes later...

    Monkey obediently sat in front of Fangzheng and shouted at the same time. "Be gentler, be gentler! Master, my fur is falling off..."

    As Fangzheng treated Monkey's wound, he said, "Monkey, how did you let someone scald you like this?"

    Monkey said bitterly, "Who would have thought that the female patron would be so fierce? I learned from you and scalded her hand, making her let go once it hurt. In the end, when she felt the pain, she splashed that pot of water at me... She didn't give me any time to explain."

    A smile flashed in Fangzheng's eyes when he heard that, but he still said seriously, "Is that so? Stay here, and I'll go out to have a laugh."

    With that said, Fangzheng left. Moments later, Fangzheng's maniacal laughter sounded from outside.

    Monkey looked up at the sky in despair and grumbled. "What kind of master is this? Boohoo..."

    Although he had been tormented terribly this time, Monkey still refused to give up. He was addicted to being a master, but he had learned his lesson. In order to become a master, he couldn't just rely on a kettle of water. Instead, he began reading Buddhist scriptures and practicing Zen.

    The other disciples were tempted when they saw Monkey unpunished despite causing a stir.

    Fanghzeng had planned on teaching Monkey a lesson at first, but seeing how Monkey had motivated all the disciples to study hard, he decided not to punish him temporarily. His achievement made up for his sins.

    After a few days of peace and quiet, a festival took place, and the mountain bustled with activity.

    Fangzheng sat in One Finger Monastery and looked up into the sky. He was beginning to feel bored again.

    "Forget it. I'm going out for a walk." With that said, Fangzheng got up and, while no one was around, he pushed open the Formless Door and stepped inside.

    Now that One Finger Monastery was getting busier and busier, it was too difficult to bring his disciples down the mountain. Therefore, Fangzheng had no intention of taking them along for now. However, he was also considering this problem. After all, it was more beneficial for their future development to let his disciples mix with the mortal world and see the world.

    However, he had no concrete plans for now.

    In the darkness, Fangzheng seemed to hear someone counting. "One, two, three..."

    Following that, Fangzheng's eyes lit up as he appeared in front of a glass where there was a reflection. He was dressed in casual clothes, had short hair, and his face was still his. However, Fangzheng knew that this view was only limited to himself. Others saw a different face when they looked at him.

    Just like the last time he had turned into Chang Feng. His face had seemingly not changed then either, but no one had pointed it out. Instead, they accepted the fact that he and Chang Feng were one and the same person. Clearly, others saw him with another face.

    Fangzheng placed his hands in his pockets and smiled. He looked a little charming.

    "As expected, I've changed bodies again," Fangzheng mumbled. However, Fangzheng did not know whose body he had switched to.

    He quickly rummaged through his pocket and took out a wallet. There was some money in the wallet, about three hundred yuan. There was also an identification card. The picture on it was completely different from Fangzheng's face, but the person on it was also a radiant and handsome young man.
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