1218 Silly Deer

    Wei Shengli rolled his eyes at her and said, "Silly girl, what's on your mind all day?"

    As he spoke, the black bear had already run in front of them. Wei Xiaolin closed her eyes and mumbled, "The black bear is blind. He can't see me, he can't see me..."

    Wei Shengli was completely helpless towards his daughter.

    The black bear came to a stop in front of Wei Shengli. Wei Shengli chuckled and greeted him. He tossed the meat in his backpack to Old Black.

    Old Black took a sniff and licked Wei Shengli's hand before running away with the large piece of meat in his mouth.

    Hearing the departing footsteps, Wei Xiaolin opened her eyes. Seeing the bear run away, she asked in confusion, "Is he really blind?"

    Wei Shengli rapped Wei Xiaolin's head and said, "You stupid girl... What's in that mind of yours? Old Black isn't blind? After receiving the takeout and signing the receipt, of course he's going back to eat it while it's hot."

    Wei Xiaolin: "..."

    After leaving the black bear's territory, Wei Xiaolin started nagging again. "Dad, it's best you resign. In this mountain, even the bear is male. With you here, don't you miss Mom?"

    Wei Shengli: "..."

    Wei Xiaolin said, "Dad, actually, after you resign, you can still patrol a mountain."

    Wei Shengli: "What mountain?"

    Wei Xiaolin: "The fake mountain rockery in our bathtub."

    Wei Shengli: "..."

    In the end, Wei Shengli couldn't take his daughter's nagging anymore. "Daughter, can we talk about something else?"

    Wei Xiaolin thought for a moment and said, "Sure, let's talk about my mom. Do you think she's lonely at home? Do you know what our neighbor's surname is?"

    Wei Shengli shook his head and said, "She should be lonely. I really don't know what our neighbor's surname is."

    Wei Xiaolin: "You really aren't putting any effort in this. As the saying goes, the concern of a thief is more dreadful than his action. If the neighbor next door is someone with the surname Wang, would you still be able to come up the mountain with ease?"

    Wei Shengli: "..."

    Wei Shengli finally understood. His daughter's clamoring to join him in the mountains today was nothing but to make him leave the mountain!

    It seemed like it was impossible for Wei Xiaolin to give up on this matter.

    Thus, Wei Shengli took the initiative and asked, "Daughter, do you know what a roe deer is like?"

    Wei Xiaolin thought for a moment and said, "I don't know, it's probably about the same as a big mouse, right? Or is it about the same as a badger? It can't be something like a husky, right?"

    Wei Shengli shook his head and said, "Nothing like that. Make another guess."

    Wei Xiaolin said, "I heard that roe deers are cute and adorable. It's said that there are alpacas overseas and llamas in the northeast. The two run neck and neck with each other. Don't tell me they look similar to llamas?"

    Wei Shengli said with a bitter smile, "Daughter, when you are outside, don't tell others that you are the daughter of a northeastern forest ranger."

    Wei Xiaolin asked cutely, "Why?"


    Wei Xiaolin said, "If I'm not your daughter, then whose daughter am I?"

    Wei Shengli said, "The daughter of a roe deer."

    Wei Xiaolin said, "So Dad is a deer spirit! No wonder he keeps staying on the mountain and refuses to leave."

    Wei Shengli shook his head. He couldn't be bothered to argue with his daughter. He continued, "A roe deer is not a badger, nor is it a llama. It's... Eh, speaking of the devil, it's here. Look, there's one!"

    Wei Xiaolin looked in the direction Wei Shengli was pointing and saw a tremor in the bushes. A silly face came out. The little guy's fur was grayish-brown and looked a little like a Père David's deer, but it was much smaller than one. Its eyes were big, its nose was black, and its big black eyes looked a little cute.

    Its ears kept trembling, as if it wanted to shake off the snowflakes on it. However, it couldn't flick off the snowflakes. It didn't give up as it kept shaking its ears like crazy.

    "So this is a roe deer?" Wei Xiaolin never expected the deer to look like this. "But it's really quite cute, why isn't he running?"

    Wei Shengli said, "roe deers are naturally very curious. Besides, he will only run after confirming that the other party is dangerous. I've been on the mountain for so many years and have never attacked them. Of course, he's not afraid of me."

    Wei Xiaolin pointed at herself and said, "But I've never been here before. He doesn't seem to be afraid of me."

    Wei Shengli said, "To use the logic of a deer to explain, he doesn't even know what kind of thing you are or whether you are dangerous, so he decided to put you into the ranks of not dangerous."

    Wei Xiaolin said, "If I have the intention to harm the deer, wouldn't he be dead?"

    Wei Shengli smiled and said, "In the past, there was a forest. It wasn't easy to eat meat in that era. But in the forest, there's no lack of meat. Guess what meat it was?"

    Wei Xiaolin subconsciously asked, "Could it be a roe deer?"

    Wei Shengli nodded and said, "That's right. At that time, we were lumbering in the forest, and the logs that were harvested rolled down from the mountain... Oh, right, that was a joke that went as follows:

    "Roe Deer A: 'What's so loud over there? Let's go take a look?'

    "Roe Deer B: 'We can't see its wonder from the side. Let's head to the front.'

    "Thus, the two deer stood in the way of the rolling logs and looked up.

    "The logs rolled down...

    "Roe Deer A: 'Wow, how spectacular. They are rolling down, do you think they will hit us?'

    "Roe Deer B: 'I don't know. We'll know once we take a look.'

    "Roe Deers A and B died.

    "The forest workers: 'Let's make dumplings tomorrow with roe deer meat fillings.'

    "Roe Deer C: 'Roe Deer A and B said it's very loud there. Let's go take a look tomorrow.'

    "Roe Deer D: 'Sure.'

    "The forest workers: 'There's too much meat. What if we can't finish it?'"

    When Wei Xiaolin heard this, she was stunned. "How did such a stupid animal survive till now?"

    Wei Shengli laughed out loud and said, "Indeed, many people think that way. I remember there was a road at the foot of the mountain, and every time someone drives by at night, other animals would avoid it. But roe deers like to run in front of the car, then..."

    Wei Xiaolin said, "There's no need to think about it. It's definitely made into dumplings."

    Wei Xiaolin saw the silly deer still looking at them. It didn't know that they were talking about using roe deer meat as dumpling fillings. She couldn't help but say, "Such a silly and cute animal. I reckon they survive simply by acting cute."

    Wei Shengli shook his head and said, "It's mainly due to the wide distribution of roe deers and their strong adaptability. They can still survive in places that other animals cannot live in."

    As he spoke, not only did the deer not run, it even came over. It was as though it wanted to confirm what these two-legged fools were or whether they were dangerous.

    Wei Xiaolin did not move. She wondered if she was going to touch the deer and feel its cuteness.

    The deer got closer and closer, and in the end, it was only about a meter away. It raised its head and approached Wei Xiaolin. Just as Wei Xiaolin was about to touch it, she saw the deer's eyes suddenly widen. Then, it let out a cry, as if it had discovered a huge monster. The moment it turned around, Wei Xiaolin saw the fur on the back of the deer's buttocks stand on end, revealing its white buttocks. It looked very comical. However, the speed at which it ran was not slow at all. It soon disappeared without a trace.
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