1232 Fireflies Death

    Fangzheng smiled. "It's fine. Just continue the livestream later. This Penniless Monk won't be by your side."

    Zhu Lin said, "How can that do? Since you're here, of course it's my treat. I'll lead the way! You're my savior! I can be your guide. The tickets are starting to be sold. Let's go and see the fireflies! If you like them, buy a plate back and cook them!"

    Fangzheng was taken aback as he subconsciously asked, "Can fireflies be eaten?"

    Zhu Lin laughed out loud. "I'm just joking! Greedy monk!"

    Fangzheng: "..."

    Squirrel pursed his lips in amusement. "Haha, Master, you lost to ignorance."

    Fangzheng rolled his eyes at him. "This is called losing to trust."

    Just as Zhu Lin had said, she paid for it.

    Fangzheng was someone who tried to save if possible. Therefore, he allowed her to pay it since she was willing to. After all, he was thick-skinned and would not be embarrassed.

    After entering the Firefly performance hall, Fangzheng's smile suddenly froze. Squirrel was the same. The sensitive little guy subconsciously grabbed Fangzheng's ear and whispered, "Master, why do I feel so nervous here? It feels like I've entered a morgue."

    Zhu Lin rolled her eyes at Squirrel and said, "What are you talking about? To call such a beautiful place terrifying. Look at the lights. They are very pretty."

    A service staff heard Zhu Lin's words and smiled. "Our Hall of Illusions will provide you with a real journey of dreams. Walk forward, and you'll come to the Firefly exhibit. That is a scene that we meticulously set up. You must enjoy yourself."

    Zhu Lin smiled and nodded. "Since the money has been spent, we obviously have to take a look. Master, let's go."

    The service staff was taken aback. Master? She looked at Fangzheng. In her eyes, Fangzheng was just an ordinary person. She didn't remember what he looked like since nothing stood out. Most importantly, he was definitely not a monk or a Daoist priest.

    It was probably his nickname. The service staff mumbled inwardly.

    After passing the service staff, Zhu Lin saw Fangzheng's knitted brows and asked softly, "Master, what's wrong? Are you feeling unwell?"

    Fangzheng shook his head and said, "No. It's just that the moment I entered, I'm feeling uncomfortable for some reason. Just like Jingkuan said, it's like I'm walking into a morgue. It's strange."

    Zhu Lin was stunned. "How is that possible?"

    Fangzheng said with a bitter smile, "This Penniless Monk also finds it impossible. However, the feeling is very real. Don't you feel anything?"

    Zhu Lin shook her head and said, "No, I just feel that this place is very beautiful... Perhaps their air-conditioning is too low. It's not warm enough..."

    Fangzheng nodded and did not say anything. He just observed his surroundings.

    As more and more children came in, their laughter became louder and more lively. This only served to make Fangzheng feel even more uncomfortable. This was the first time he had such a feeling...

    Squirrel didn't think too much of it. Once there were more people, especially children who ran and shouted, his attention was immediately drawn by them. When he saw the children playing, he happily joined them in their silly antics. He became happy-go-lucky as well.

    After passing through a door, the temperature rose significantly. At the same time, the scenery in front of them had also changed from artificial lighting to a man-made plastic garden.

    At the entrance, the staff members stopped everyone from entering. They waited until enough people had cleared before opening the door.

    Everyone waited obediently. Some of the children peeked in. It was pitch-black inside, and they could barely make out the layers of gauze covering the plants. The curtains separated the space inside and outside.

    One of the female service staff said with a smile, "There's not much point peeking in. You'll only see the effects when you enter. Alright, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, please take note. Please be civilized. We request that you not take photos, but if necessary, please do not turn on your flash."

    Someone immediately frowned and said, "We can't use the flash? It's so dark inside. We can't be able to capture anything."

    The female service staff said, "Sorry, this is a rule."

    Many people pursed their lips upon hearing this, clearly not taking it seriously.

    Soon, everyone was gathered. The staff opened the door and said, "Please enter. The journey of dreams has begun."

    Fangzheng followed the crowd and looked around curiously. As everyone entered, the lights behind them also turned off.

    Zhu Lin subconsciously grabbed Fangzheng's hand and said, "Master, follow me closely. I will protect you!"

    Fangzheng rolled his eyes. You are protecting This Penniless Monk? Why are you trembling if you are that amazing?

    The children around them were somewhat afraid. Some held the adults' hand and shouted, "Daddy, I'm afraid."

    Just as the parents were about to comfort him, someone said, "Look! Fireflies!"

    Everyone looked around and saw that the pitch-black world suddenly lit up with green specks of light. It was like the stars in the night sky, embellishing the darkness.

    Following that, fireflies lit up one after another. The pitch-black environment was also lit up by the light. Fireflies flew across the sky like shooting stars, causing the children to cheer and the adults to smile.

    Squirrel also brandished his claws and shouted.

    Taking advantage of the darkness, Fangzheng dispelled a portion of A Golden Millet Dream's divine power. If he left it activated all the time, it would be a waste of his energy. With his principle of being thrifty, Fangzheng slowly dispelled his divine power until it was completely gone. Although his white clothes were rather eye-catching in the dark, everyone's attention was on the fireflies. Naturally, no one noticed this figure in the crowd.

    It was hard to tell if the fireflies had been awakened in an instant or for some other reason. They increased in number and lit up the surrounding space with a green glow. Some of the artificial plants were decorated with plastic flowers and plastic trees. It did give off a fairytale atmosphere. For a moment, many people kept exclaiming how worth it the tickets were.

    However, when everyone was immersed in it, Zhu Lin realized that Fangzheng's frown deepened. Hence, Zhu Lin poked Fangzheng's waist and asked, "Master, what's wrong?"

    "Did you hear that?"

    Zhu Lin was puzzled. "What did you hear?"

    Fangzheng said, "The fireflies are crying. They are crying!"

    Zhu Lin was stunned. "The fireflies are crying?"

    Fangzheng nodded. "Yes. Although they are small and weak, their emotions are not small when they gather together. I can sense that they are crying."

    Fangzheng could understand birds and beasts, but he couldn't understand insects who transmitted information using pheromones or dancing. However, his mental strength was strong and his sixth sense was extremely sensitive. Fangzheng could sense the emotions of the fireflies, so he could sense their sorrow and tears.

    Squirrel added, "I think I can feel it too. They are very sad."

    Zhu Lin said in confusion, "But they're fine. Why are they crying? Could it be because they don't have freedom? I heard that birds wouldn't be happy if they are locked up. They would be sad, and some would even die from hunger."
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