1321 The Fierce Animals

    From his point of view, One Finger Monastery had nothing more than a few talking animals. How could he be afraid of such things when he had weapons on him?

    Squirrel was infuriated when he heard that. He brushed the fur on his arm and said, "I gave you a chance, but you didn't cherish it! Don't write me off as being tiny; I'm fierce!"

    "Woah, you're fierce? Come, come on down. Let me see how much meat you have for me to eat." Old Li laughed out loud.

    Just as he said that, he saw Squirrel turn into a black shadow and charge down!

    Following that, Old Li felt as if someone had punched him in the face. With a cry, he flipped to the ground!

    When he got up, his face was covered in blood!

    His nose was bleeding from being hit by Squirrel's head.

    "Puny one, let's see if you still dare look down on me!" Squirrel said smugly.

    "Little imp, I'll kill you!" Old Li raged and subconsciously took out his weapon.

    When Squirrel saw that the other party wasn't convinced, he turned into a black shadow again. He darted out a few times from the bamboo forest, preventing the other party from locking onto him. Then, he charged out!

    He roared, "Eat my butt!"


    Old Li was once again hit in the mouth by Squirrel's ass. All his front teeth fell!

    Old Li subconsciously opened his mouth to scream out in pain, but he heard a poof...

    Old Li felt that his entire tongue was tasting something off. His mind went into a daze as his eyes rolled back. He cursed, "Poison gas..."

    Squirrel took the opportunity to leap into the sky and climb up a bamboo tree. He said in embarrassment, "Sorry, I ate too much."

    "Get down here!" Old Li retched twice and roared angrily.

    Squirrel said, "You want to try again? I'm coming!"

    Squirrel leaped out with a whoosh and suddenly darted out and collided with Old Li!

    Old Li roared, "Old Zhang!"

    Almost at the same time, Old Zhang stood up abruptly. In his hands, he shielded Old Li with a large sack!

    Squirrel was practically walking right into the trap. With a bang, he burrowed into a large sack.

    Old Zhang quickly tied up the mouth and harrumphed. "Little imp, you want to fight a human? You're still too young!"

    Old Li took a pickaxe and said angrily, "Let me beat this little rascal to death!"

    "Wait a moment. A talking squirrel is a treasure! It will definitely fetch a sky-high price as a pet in the black market. Don't beat him to death. Leave him alive," Old Zhang stopped him.

    Old Li grunted. "I'll kick it a few times, would that do!?"

    "Alright! Kick him!" Old Zhang said.

    Old Li raised his leg, ready to kick...

    At that moment, a voice rang out, "Try kicking!"

    "Who the f**k is it?" Old Li cursed. But when he turned his head, he saw a white wolf that looked like an ox appear behind him. Its eyes were shining with green light in the dark night, its fangs gleaming!

    "You are scolding me?" Lone Wolf pricked up his brows and charged forward with a whoosh. Similarly, he didn't use his claws; he only used his head!



    This time, Old Li wasn't hit by a fist. It was as if he had been hit by a truck. He flew into the air and crashed into the Frost Bamboo. With a loud snapping sound, he fell to the ground! He clutched his chest, unable to say a word.

    "Don't come near me! Otherwise, I'll beat him to death!" Old Zhang knew that he could not escape, so he raised his pickaxe and aimed it at the squirrel in the bag.

    Lone Wolf shot a glance at Old Zhang and said, "Who are you threatening?"

    The look in his eyes was extremely ferocious. Together with the wolf growling, Old Zhang felt his limbs go numb. But at the critical moment, he roared, "I'm serious! If you come any closer, I'll really kill him!"

    "Who are you going to beat to death?" A voice rang out from Old Zhang's shoulder.

    Old Zhang subconsciously turned his head and saw that Squirrel had come out of his pocket at some point. He was holding a bright knife in his hand!

    It was a carving knife that Fangzheng had made for Squirrel. It was usually used for carving bamboo, but it had now become essential for cutting open a sack to escape.

    Old Zhang felt a chill down his neck. Was he going to slice it across his neck?


    At that moment, there was a gunshot. There was a loud bang on Lone Wolf's head!

    Lone Wolf subconsciously looked up. When he lowered his head again, his forehead turned red. At the same time, a bullet dropped from Lone Wolf's head.

    When Old Li and Old Zhang saw this, they were shocked.

    "What kind of monster is this? Not even a gun can kill it?" Old Li exclaimed.

    Squirrel ran over nervously and cried, "Eldest Senior Brother, are you alright? Say something? You aren't dead, right?"

    Lone Wolf rolled his eyes at him and said, "Have you seen someone die while standing? It's fine. It's just a scratch."

    With that said, Lone Wolf turned to look at Old Li, who was sprawled on the ground. He grinned and said, "If I don't show my might, do you think I'm a sick dog?"

    Lone Wolf suddenly vanished from the spot. His speed was so fast as though he was a silver-white bolt of lightning!

    Before Old Li could fire his second shot, a white claw swiped down and smashed the gun to the ground, breaking it into pieces!

    Old Li's eyes stared straight. That was a steel gun! It shattered in an instant. How terrifying would it be if he were to hit human flesh?

    Old Li was so frightened that he stood up and ran!

    Old Zhang ran off the moment Squirrel ran over to show Lone Wolf concern.

    Looking at their backs, Squirrel asked, "Eldest Senior Brother, are you letting them go just like that? You are bleeding."

    Lone Wolf bared his teeth and said, "That's right. I'm already bleeding. How can I just let this matter rest? However, we cant murder. Master said before that no matter how bad a person is, they shouldn't be killed if possible. This is called Buddha's mercy! Therefore, Master said that it's better to torture than kill.

    Squirrel rolled his eyes when he heard that. "Why do I feel that Master's choice is more ruthless than killing them? What should we do now?"

    "Come here." Lone Wolf whispered into Squirrel's ear. Squirrel immediately beamed. "Let's do it!"

    The next moment, an extremely ridiculous scene appeared on Mt. One Finger. The two humans ran as they howled. Behind them was a huge white wolf. There was a squirrel standing on the wolf's head, waving a bamboo stick in a majestic manner. Along the way, they smacked them, making the two of them cry out loudly, but they didn't dare stop. As long as they stopped, even if the white wolf didn't bite them, their assholes would be stabbed through!

    "What are Old Zhang and Old Li doing?" Old Zhou asked Old Zhao.

    Old Zhao looked carefully and said, "It seems like they are exercising. That's not right; there seems to be something chasing behind him. It's white, almost the color of snow. I can't see it clearly."

    "They should be alright, I suppose?" Old Zhou asked.

    Old Zhao said, "It's fine. Let's continue."

    "What are you continuing with?" someone asked.

    Old Zhao subconsciously said, "Continue to make a rub... Uh, who is it!?"

    Old Zhao suddenly snapped out of his daze. He turned his head and saw a monkey slamming a pole at him!
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