1342 Quite a Big Mouth

    Fangzheng said, "If the birds in winter were to hide in the trees, people would only watch. If they were trapped in the cage, what do you think would happen?"

    Yu Nian said, "Be eaten..."

    Fangzheng said, "That's right. Eaten. Before getting married, you wrote her name on the title deed. You gave the betrothal money, but you didn't get any receipts. Not only are you a bird in a cage, but you even prepared spring onions, ginger, and garlic for them. You directly entered the pot."

    Yu Nian was speechless... He pursed his lips and said, seemingly unconvinced, "I never thought I would meet such a person."

    Fangzheng said with a smile, "In a huge forest, there will be all kinds of birds. Humans may have no intention of harm towards tigers, but tigers have the intent to harm humans. They might not do a thing because they are waiting for an opportunity."

    Yu Nian said, "Master, is this all my fault?"

    Fangzheng shook his head and said, "I'm just reminding you that in the mortal world. It's inevitable that you will encounter all kinds of demons. Only by being careful can you not be hurt."

    Upon hearing that, Yu Nian heaved a sigh of relief and said with a bitter smile, "I thought that you would say that it was all my fault."

    Fangzheng smiled. "You were at fault. The fault is giving others a chance to make mistakes. You are also not at fault because you never thought of harming anyone."

    Yu Nian was confused.

    Fangzheng continued, "Patron, have you thought of what to do in the future?"

    Yu Nian shook his head and said, "I don't know what to do either. Just as Master said, the money has been given to him. Without the receipt, I can't even sue him. The house is also in their name... Sigh..."

    Speaking of this, Yu Nian rubbed his head and said, "Perhaps, I will try my best to forget this matter, then try again, or leave this place..."

    "Then what about your dreams?"

    Yu Nian was taken aback. Then he fell silent for a long while before saying, "I don't know..."

    "Do you think it's because of your profession that the other party objected to you?" asked Fangzheng.

    Yu Nian nodded. "Isn't that so?"

    Fangzheng chuckled. "A layman tells you that your line of work is doomed, so you're giving up? Who knows it better? Him or you? Are you letting him live your life or for yourself? Your profession bears your dreams. When others look down on your profession, aren't you going to say a few words for it? Or do you also think the same way about it too? Leaving this industry means you have given up on your dreams. What kind of person without dreams?"

    Yu Nian felt as though he was struck by lightning when he heard that. His eyes widened as he looked at Fangzheng, motionless.

    Fangzheng did not say a word as he quietly sipped his tea.

    Time ticked by...

    After an unknown period of time, Yu Nian suddenly came to his senses and said, "Thank you, Master. I understand! If a person doesn't have a dream, wouldn't he become a useless piece of salted fish?"

    "Who's calling me?" Salted Fish peeked his head out and asked.

    Fangzheng rolled his eyes at him. "Go back!"

    "Oh..." Salted Fish smacked his lips and quickly dodged.

    "What do you understand?"

    Yu Nian's eyes finally lit up. "My occupation bears my dream. No matter what others say, my occupation isn't illegal. I don't steal or rob. I just rely on my own abilities to earn money to fulfill my dreams. That's enough! They look down on my occupation, so that's an insult to me. They are my enemies! I will use my actions to tell them that today, they can ignore me, but I will make them not worthy of me in the future!"

    Towards the end of his speech, Yu Nian suddenly stood up, and his original dispiritedness was swept away!

    "Very good. Then, do you still want your house and money?"

    Hearing this, Yu Nian felt as though he was in a difficult position.

    In fact, anyone who encountered such a situation would be put in a difficult position. When there was no legal support, a person who tried to protect his rights would have to rely on the other party having a conscience. Otherwise, one had to use illegal methods to protect their rights.

    Faced with this, Yu Nian's thoughts were: "I will get them back."

    Fangzheng shook his head and said, "Once you enter This Penniless Monk's door, you are not allowed to use illegal means. It's not worth it to waste your youth for a bunch of scum."

    Yu Nian was stunned. "Master, you knew what I was going to do?"

    "Fighting won't do," said Fangzheng.

    Yu Nian said, "But, what else can I do?"

    Fangzheng said, "Jingzhi."

    "Master, did you call me?" Salted Fish asked again.

    Fangzheng said, "Follow this patron down the mountain. You have heard whatever needs to be heard. You know very well what to do."

    Salted Fish immediately turned delighted when he heard that. He shouted, "No problem, Master. Don't worry! I'll definitely complete the mission! Hey you, follow me! Oh... No, I'll follow you!"

    When Yu Nian saw Salted Fish, he looked at Fangzheng. When he thought of Fangzheng's identity, he was delighted. He stood up and said, "Thank you for your help, Master!"

    Fangzheng waved his hand. "Go."

    Yu Nian nodded and immediately left.

    Salted Fish hurriedly followed and left the monastery. Salted Fish asked, "Patron, how should I address you?"

    Yu Nian was stunned. "Don't you know what my name is? Weren't you eavesdropping?"

    Salted Fish threw up his fins. "What eavesdropping? I woke up in the middle of the night to use the toilet and pee, but was caught. Is that considered eavesdropping?"

    All of a sudden, Yu Nian lost confidence in collecting his debt...

    Meanwhile, in One Finger Monastery.

    "Master, how do you know that Junior Brother was outside?" Squirrel jumped down from the tree and asked.

    Fangzheng said, "Didn't he appear the moment I called him? That's how I guessed."

    At that moment, Red Boy came out and kindly reminded him, "Master, I have to remind you that the fellow didn't hear anything. It was just a coincidence that passed by while heading out to pee..."

    Fangzheng immediately had an ominous feeling when he heard that. He thought to himself, "This fellow isn't going down the mountain to cause trouble, right?"

    However, on second thought, Salted Fish had been in One Finger Monastery for such a long time. He should have understood One Finger Monastery's style of doing things, so he likely wouldn't act recklessly.

    Therefore, Fangzheng did not think much about it. He got everyone to sleep early. They still had work to do tomorrow.

    Hence, everything was settled...

    The county that Yu Nian was in was not very far from One Finger Monastery. Salted Fish spent the entire night traveling with Yu Nian before arriving.

    Of course, along the way, Salted Fish pretended to be a dead fish the entire time while he carried him the entire way. When they got on the bus, Salted Fish refused to take the cargo module, so Yu Nian could only hug it.

    Along the way, Yu Nian did not know how many times people rolled their eyes at him...

    For example: "Look, the groom is hugging a salted fish so tightly. Is there some story behind this?"

    "That salted fish's mouth is quite big, and it's still open... Uh, why is it closed? Am I seeing things?"

    Salted Fish: "F**k, how can a person have such a rich imagination?"

    After alighting, Yu Nian looked at the familiar city in front of him. The relaxed composure he had been feeling earlier suddenly dissipated. Frowning, he lowered his head and continued his journey.

    When Salted Fish saw this, he glared at him. "What's wrong? Are you afraid? You've been bragging the entire journey about what you would do when you return? Now that you're here, are you afraid?"
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