1402 A Brat Doing Good

    As for Fangzheng...


    "Master! We fell down again!"

    "Master! Can you move it straight?"

    "Wow... Awesome!" Salted Fish yelled.


    The mountain landed once again and the weightlessness vanished. However, the group of disciples and Fangzheng were pressed to the ground like meat pies, immobile for a long time.

    "Master, can you return my divine powers to me the next time we fly? I'll protect everyone and we won't be in such a terrible state," said Red Boy.

    Fangzheng nodded. "No problem. Jingfa, go take a look and see where we are."

    Lone Wolf got up and shook his head before running to the edge of the cliff to take a look. After a while, he ran back. With a smug look, he shouted, "Master, good news and bad news. Which do you want to hear first?"

    "Tell me both at the same time if you have the ability."

    Lone Wolf: "..."

    Fangzheng looked at the idiot and shook his head. "Tell me the good news."

    Lone Wolf said, "The good news is that we didn't hit a city this time."

    "What about the bad news?" asked Fangzheng.

    Lone Wolf said, "I don't know where it is either. There are mountains all around, stacked one after another, so I can't see anything."

    Fangzheng's eyes lit up when he heard that. He quickly brought his disciples to the side of the mountain and looked at the surrounding towering mountains and the flowing river at the foot of the mountain. Fangzheng narrowed his eyes and said, "It's beautiful..."

    "Master, I have to remind you that we have been isolated from the world," said Lone Wolf.

    Squirrel said, "That means that no devotees will come up the mountain to give us good food."

    Monkey said, "That means we won't earn any money in the future."

    Red Boy said, "That means that we will be poor in the future."

    Salted Fish said, "That means we are going to be poor like an Eldest Senior Brother. Eldest Senior Brother, let's talk things out nicely. Why are you baring your teeth? Pay attention to your image... Aiya, Master, help me. Eldest Senior Brother is killing a fish..."

    Amid the commotion, Salted Fish and Lone Wolf ran far away.

    "Master, why do you look so relaxed?" Red Boy was puzzled as he asked.

    Fangzheng smiled. "Why not? The sky is high and the clouds are light. It's such a nice place. From today onwards, you can enjoy yourselves in the woods. Remember, don't let others recognize you. From today onwards, I will be studying the Buddhist Dharma."

    "Master, aren't you accumulating merit?" asked Red Boy.

    Fangzheng waved his hand. "I'll call you again when I'm leaving."

    Red Boy was delighted when he heard that. Since they would still go out into the world, what was holding him back? He left to have fun...

    Fangzheng was relaxed.

    However, the entire world was in chaos, especially Northeast China's Songwu County, One Finger Village!

    On this day, countless people had come to the mountain to offer their thanks to Fangzheng for saving their lives. However, when they arrived, they looked up and found the area where Mt. One Finger should have been empty!

    The huge mountain was gone!

    What was even more shocking was that the mountain was gone, but there was a huge crater on the ground. Spring water emerged from the pit, and rainbow lotus flowers bloomed in the spring water. The lotus flowers seemed to glow under the sunlight, causing everyone to be dazzled.

    No one knew where the rainbow lotus came from, but everyone believed that it was Fangzheng's gift to the world.

    In fact, that was indeed the case. Back when Fangzheng first obtained the Heavenly Dragon Pond, he had obtained nine lotus seeds. Later on, afraid that it would be too shocking, causing trouble if lotus flowers bloomed in winter, he chose not to plant them. Later on, as time passed, he forgot about it.

    When he was about to leave, Fangzheng realized that the System had taken back many things, but the seeds were still around. Therefore, he scattered the seeds in One Finger Village. He believed that with the unique lotus flowers, One Finger Village's future wouldn't be too bad.

    In fact, that was indeed the case. As soon as the lotus flowers were discovered, it was put on the Internet, causing countless gasps of admiration and curiosity. All of them clamored to take a look.

    At the same time, One Finger Village's villagers had already protected the place and built a tiny shed. People guarded it 24/7 to prevent people or beasts from harming them.

    Since they couldn't see Mt. One Finger anymore, they might as well show their gratitude to the lotus flowers. At the same time, people threw coins into the lake, treating it as a wishing well.

    Tan Juguo hurriedly wrote a signboard that requested people not to throw coins, lest it destroyed the lake's ecosystem...

    At the same time, there was a discussion across the country. "Where did Mt. One Finger go?"

    All the major forums in the world were already discussing, "How did a mountain disappear into thin air?"

    At the same time, there were rumors that a huge mountain appeared beside the White House, but it disappeared after that, as if it was an illusion or a mirage...

    With regards to this, America did not mention anything and everyone thought it was just a rumor.

    In short, the entire world searched for Mt. One Finger on that day, but they couldn't find it.

    Finally, everyone came to a conclusion that Mt. One Finger had ascended to Paradise with Fangzheng.

    At the same time, more people began discussing the possibility of ascending to Paradise by doing good deeds and having good morals. Instantly, the entire world stirred up a storm of good deeds. This was something Fangzheng did not expect.

    Therefore, when the monk in question descended the mountain, he suddenly realized that there was nothing he needed to do.

    "Master, an old granny fell over there." Lone Wolf ran over excitedly to report.

    Fangzheng hurriedly rushed over when he heard that. He wanted to help, but in less than ten seconds, Fangzheng looked depressed as ten strongmen helped the elder up... Finally, he shook his head helplessly. "Find the next one."

    "Master, I did a good deed!" At that moment, Red Boy ran over happily.

    Fangzheng frowned. "What good deed did you do?"

    Red Boy said smugly, "An old granny wanted to cross the road. I helped her over."

    Fangzheng was just about to praise him when he looked up. He quickly retreated and looked up into the sky. "I don't know you. I advise you to run."

    "What do you mean?" Red Boy wore a look of puzzlement. He turned his head and saw an old granny holding a walking stick. She pointed at Red Boy and said to a policeman, "It's him! I didn't want to cross the road, but he insisted on helping me. I'm almost late for my dancing!"

    The police looked at Red Boy as Red Boy ran off...

    The policeman exclaimed, "Why are you running? You didn't break the law?" Then, the policeman mumbled, "Sigh, recently, too many people are doing good. The kinds of police reports we receive every day is just preposterous..."

    Fangzheng shook his head helplessly when he saw this scene. He called out to Red Boy and Lone Wolf, "Let's go."

    "Master, where are we going? Are we going to another city?" asked Red Boy.

    Fangzheng shook his head and said, "Return to the mountain. Stay quiet for a year. We'll talk about it when this fad passes."

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