8 Forcefully face slapped!


    Confused by this sudden exclamation, the butler sent a slap to the back of that person's head and commented, "What are you talking about! She did not even complete the class, so how could she have passed the course!"

    Hurt and wronged, the one who got hit raised the information in his hand and flashed the certificate number.

    "Her certificate is authentic. You can see it for yourself!"

    Is it really authentic?!

    The butler screened the certificate number repeatedly. With wide eyes filled with disbelief, he handed the certificate and the rest of the data to Yu Yuehan.

    Surprisingly, as compared to the shocked crowd, Yu Yuehan had not had a change in expression since this episode started.

    He had a quick scan of the information. With raised brows, he turned to look at Nian Xiaomu, who displayed a stubborn face accompanied with pouting lips.

    Finally, his gaze flickered...

    Obtaining the certification without finishing the course only proved one point-when compared to the rest, she only took half the time to learn everything from the course.

    Of course he understood. From a young age, Yu Yuehan had been a grade skipper himself.

    For such students, there was a unified title for them in school: either a genius or a lunatic.

    Those who were present, even those with slower reactions, slowly understood this point.

    Their scornful looks toward Nian Xiaomu transformed into looks of worship...

    Fang Zhenyi certainly hadn't expected this. She only knew that Nian Xiaomu had not completed the course and firmly believed that her certificate was fake. Instead of embarrassing Nian Xiaomu, she shot herself in the foot.

    Her facial expression turned completely ugly in an instant!

    Her gaze toward Nian Xiaomu changed into a look of resentment...

    Why, why must Nian Xiaomu vie with her every single time?

    "Young Master, is Nian Xiaomu the candidate we are keeping?" The butler was smart enough to voice this suggestion. He had worked under Yu Yuehan for years and noticed the admiration Yu Yuehan had for Nian Xiaomu from his eyes.

    When she heard the mention of her name, Nian Xiaomu straightened her back.

    She held on to a hint of hope.

    He would not take revenge over a personal grudge, perhaps?

    "Fang Zhenyi shall stay," Yu Yuehan mentioned a name lightly while handing all the resumes to the butler.

    "What, what?" The butler was really confused now.

    What exactly was Young Master thinking by keeping a girl of ordinary intellect instead of a genius?

    Fang Zhenyi, whose name was mentioned, felt muddled as well.

    She had thought that this was the end. Who would have expected that the tables would turn and that something would fall into her lap?

    It was not just the two of them who were confused though. For everyone present, "dumbfounded" was written in bold on each and every one of their faces.

    Skipping the others, Yu Yuehan gazed directly at Nian Xiaomu. With an indifferent voice, he said, "Medical knowledge is not a race between exams and recitations from books; it is all about treating and saving people."

    He could not entrust his daughter to a healthcare worker who had gone through a crash course.

    "..." Nian Xiaomu stared blankly.

    Never would she have thought that this was the reason Yu Yuehan rejected her.

    Yes, her certificate was the result of a sped-up education, but this did not simply mean that she would be worse off when nursing patients as compared to others.

    Just as Nian Xiaomu was about to argue her way through, the butler beside Yu Yuehan stopped her.

    "All the decisions made by Young Master can never be altered."

    Nian Xiaomu: "..."

    "Daddi!" a young, tender voice suddenly emerged from the living room of the villa.

    The next second, a soft and tiny figure slid down from the nanny's arms. Holding her injured arm, she ran toward Yu Yuehan with tiny footsteps.

    Before everyone could regain their senses, she jumped straight into Yu Yuehan's arms. With the voice of a spoiled child, she pointed at Nian Xiaomu.

    "Daddi, I want that pretty sister to take care of me!"
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