9 Behaving spoiled, acting cute, playing self pity

    This scene that came about out of nowhere left everyone present, including Yu Yuehan, stunned.

    "Xiao Liuliu, what are you talking about?" Yu Yuehan scorned. He lifted her tiny, mushy body up into his arms and focused on her delicate face with his droopy eyelids.

    Perhaps others were unaware, but he was very clear about one fact.

    Despite having been under the care of the nanny for quite some time, he still was ultimately his little girl's favorite human to go to.

    Could she have developed feelings for a stranger in such a short span of time? She even insisted on being under the care of this person...

    Just because she was beautiful?

    In the midst of his thoughts, Yu Yuehan raised his dark, soulful eyes and swept his gaze toward Nian Xiaomu.

    Her clean and refined facial features were indeed stunning.

    That business suit in black and white was simply unable to hide her curvaceous body.

    A sly, crafty look hid behind her bright, intelligent pair of eyes. Every movement she made was filled with so much charm, just like a little witch.

    A blemish in an otherwise perfect thing would be her makeup; the appearance was too mature for her, wrecking the whole look.

    The curiosity to see her bare face was, however, ignited.

    Yu Yuehan's gaze deepened with inquiry.

    "No," was the only word that emerged from his slightly opened thin lips.

    "Daddi, I want a kiss, I want a hug, I want the pretty sister!" Xiao Liuliu, upon getting a sense of her father's objection, buried her face filled with grievance deep in his arms.

    When she finally recovered from her position and looked up, tear-filled eyes that were puffy and red replaced those big, glistening, glowing eyes.

    It seemed that if Yu Yuehan disagreed any further, she would bawl her eyes out right in front of him!

    Yu Yuehan: "..."

    He could reject anyone in this world; just not this little devil right in front of him.

    He remained silent for a few seconds, before casting a cold glance at Nian Xiaomu. "You will only be given a one week trial. If your performance falls below expectations, you are to leave immediately."

    "..." Before Nian Xiaomu could recover from her pleasant surprise at being employed, the little girl who was in Yu Yuehan's arms was already running happily toward her.

    "Pretty sister, hug me!" A fair and tender little hand reached toward her and held her hand.

    "..." Nian Xiaomu lowered her head, looking at the little girl. She couldn't react for quite a while.

    Everyone else present just assumed that she had not yet recovered from the surprise of being employed.

    However, to no one's knowledge... her inner soul was blown away the moment the little girl appeared in front of her.

    It never once crossed her mind that the child whom she had donated her blood to and saved was actually Yu Yuehan's daughter...

    Her name is Xiao Liuliu?

    But... she remembered clearly that she left immediately after her blood was drawn. The two of them had never met in person, so how did Xiao Liuliu know who she was?

    The questions surging from within Nian Xiaomu were definitely more numerous than those in Yu Yuehan.

    "Pretty sister, let me bring you to my room." Xiao Liuliu held on to her hand tightly with no signs of releasing it and seemed to really like her.

    Noticing her arm that was wrapped in gauze, Nian Xiaomu suddenly remembered that she had just had her surgery. She hurriedly lowered her body and picked Xiao Liuliu up.

    Xiao Liuliu did not seem to be afraid of strangers either; she jumped straight into her arms and planted her face on Nian Xiaomu's chest in an intimate position.

    It was clearly the first time these two had ever met, but they seemed so familiar with each other that it was as if this action had been repeated tens of thousands of times...

    The onlooking crowd only came back to their senses when the two of them disappeared from view.

    Each and every one of them was dumbfounded; as though they had all been struck by lightning.

    Yu Yuehan closed his eyes; the scene of Xiao Liuliu buried in Nian Xiaomu's arms was all over his mind. Behind his closed eyes, a look of astonishment flashed past.

    This was the first time he had witnessed Xiao Liuliu on such intimate terms with someone other than himself.

    What exactly is so special about this Nian Xiaomu?

    "Young Master, so for Fang Zhenyi..." the butler went up to Yu Yuehan and inquired elegantly.

    "Similar to Nian Xiaomu. We will pick the better one out of the two after the one week trial!" Yu Yuehan replied with an icy look before making his way out.
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