34 An uninvited gues

    "Grandma, who was the one that told you about Xiao Liuliu's car accident?" Yu Yuehan closed his eyes and asked.

    Matriarch Yu was stunned. A streak of hesitation flashed past her benevolent face.

    Just as she wanted to reply, the butler walked to Yu Yuehan's side and muttered something with a lowered voice.

    Immediately after, Yu Yuehan's gaze turned ice cold.

    That aura, the one that rejected people from afar, appeared suddenly from him.

    Before Nian Xiaomu could register what had happened, a sharp voice sounded from outside the dining room, "I was wondering why there wasn't a single soul outside; turns out that all of you are eating. Did Young Aunt come at the wrong time?"

    An arrogant looking middle-aged lady with a lavish outfit strutted into the room.

    She talked about coming at the wrong time; but she did not seem to feel embarrassed about it.

    She only revealed her timid self through her eyes when she looked at Yu Yuehan, but quickly forced herself to look unperturbed.

    "Is something the matter?" Yu Yuehan questioned her directly with raised eyebrows and had no intention of going through any conventional greeting.

    He leaned his imposing body against the back of the chair with a slanted posture. His elegant and cold face, full of royalty and charm, was enough to send goosebumps down Cheng Xiulu's back with just a single glance in the eye-so much so that she immediately adopted an arrogant expression on her face.

    She shifted her gaze away from Yu Yuehan and stared at Matriarch Yu, who sat at the head of the dining table.

    "Mom, I told you that Xiao Liuliu is fine. Why did you still come here!" Cheng Xiulu went forward with a face full of anxiety-she made it seem like she had tagged along hurriedly because she was worried about Matriarch Yu.

    After she spoke, she twisted her head and looked at Yu Yuehan.

    "Yuehan, Young Aunt is in the wrong. I accidentally revealed that Xiao Liuliu met with a car accident when I went over to accompany your grandma for a chat. This got her so worried that she wanted to visit Xiao Liuliu right away."

    When he heard her, Yu Yuehan's deep eyes turned ice cold.

    It was like a beam of frost was charging toward Cheng Xiulu!

    The Yu Family had a rarefied direct line of descent, and his father was the only son of the Yu Family with regard to his grandfather's generation.

    It was pity that he passed away in his prime.

    Yu Yuehan grew up from a young age with his grandparents and took over the company.

    Surprisingly, an illegitimate child appeared one year when his grandfather was gravely ill-that child was his Young Uncle.

    At that point in time, Old Master Yu was already on his deathbed. After he went through the pain of losing his son, his only wish was for his youngest son to return to the family legitimately after years of wandering outside.

    To prevent any possibilities regarding the Yu Family inheritance rights, Old Master Yu drew up a will before he fetched back his youngest son, Yu Huiwei.

    Yu Yuehan inherited everything in the Yu Family.

    Yu Huiwei only inherited the right to stay in the Yu Family villa as well as some bonus income from the company.

    As long as he was contented with his lot, he would not have to worry about money.

    However, it was a pity that Old Master Yu, who had been wise his whole life, had made a misjudgment before his death.

    Yu Huiwei's ambition was not just to be an idle man.

    As soon as he returned to the Yu Family, he made a vain attempt to meddle in the company's matters. After Yu Yuehan imposed a strict ban on him and prevented him from becoming involved in any company business, he had set his mind on the Yu Family villa.

    Hence, the greatest suspicion of involvement in Xiao Liuliu's car accident fell on him!

    "Yuehan, I know that it was my fault this time. I shouldn't have alerted your grandma like this since her body is frail, but I was worried for Xiao Liuliu at the same time..." Cheng Xiulu explained hurriedly in a hypocritical manner upon noticing his weird facial expression.

    Yu Yuehan had all the power in the Yu Family.

    He was the Young Master, high up in the air, and also the man who wielded the highest power in the Yu Corporation-even if they had all the nerve, they would not dare to offend him openly.
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