108 The hero comes to the beautys rescue


    A cell phone text message alert sounded.

    Nian Xiaomu instinctively looked at her cell phone, but realized it was the secretary who was giving her a departmental tour that had received a text message.

    After the secretary took a look at her phone, her expression changed instantly.

    When she looked up at Nian Xiaomu, her eyebrows furrowed together.

    "If you are busy, you can just leave me be. I can walk around on my own," Nian Xiaomu said politely. She thought that the secretary had received new work orders.

    Nian Xiaomu had originally only wanted to walk around casually, but it turned into a very formal tour.

    When the secretary heard Nian Xiaomu's words, the smile on her face froze, and it took a moment for her to speak. "It's nothing, Miss Nian. Let us walk this way. The meeting room where the planning department staff gather is over here."

    The secretary continued to lead her to the next area.

    She described in detail, "The planning department is one of the most critical departments in the company. Although we do not have the largest amount of staff, the employees who are recruited into our department are top performers in the field. Here is where everyone spends most of their time. Many outstanding proposals were drafted here..."

    When the secretary was done, Nian Xiaomu courteously greeted the people in front of her.

    However, she realized that they were all looking at her in an odd way.

    Looks of suspicion, disdain, and fury...

    Taken aback, she wondered what exactly was happening. Then, she heard someone snicker behind her, "She thinks that she can use Master Han's name to rise in status. She should be clear about where she stands!"

    "I say that our manager is too nice. Fakes should be thrown out with no mercy. She should know that she does not deserve this!" an audible female voice replied.

    The comments did not seem to make sense, but the entire planning department hushed in silence at these words.

    The surrounding atmosphere became still.

    Most people were just looking at Nian Xiaomu and waiting for the drama to unfold.

    It was understood that in their hearts, Master Han was like a god to them.

    Even if they could not get together with him, they would not easily allow anyone else to get close to him.

    In everyone's eye, Nian Xiaomu was only a nurse. She did not deserve to like Yu Yuehan or even be allowed stand next to him.

    Thinking of the comments about them being together from the company intranet, everyone looked at Nian Xiaomu with scorn and contempt.

    They saw her as a manipulative girl who had intentionally brought Xiao Liuliu around with her to boost her status.

    She was trying to transform herself into a phoenix...

    "What are they talking about?"

    Nian Xiaomu was taken aback and could not figure out what was happening.

    She wanted to clarify what this was about, but those two people were not talking to her, so she felt that it was easier to ask the secretary than to confront them.

    The secretary had not expected anyone to talk like that and could only awkwardly smile back while changing the topic. "Miss Nian, you have visited most parts of the planning department. If there is nothing else, let me send you out."

    "... All right." Nian Xiaomu could sense that she was being ostracized by these people and did not persist in staying.

    Nodding her head in agreement, she followed the secretary out.

    When they reached the door and were about to step across the threshold, someone suddenly appeared with a glass of water from the pantry and flung the water onto the ground in front of her.

    Before Nian Xiaomu could react, one foot had already stepped over onto the slippery floor. Her foot slid over the wet patch, and she fell forward!


    Everything happened at the speed of lightning.

    Just when everyone thought that she would definitely fall flat on her face, a regal figure suddenly appeared in front of her and pulled her into his arms!
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