170 Humiliation!

    "Of course it has to do with it!" Nian Xiaomu answered without hesitation.

    Although the home screen and wallpaper could be set to Shangxin's photographs and this would be unchangeable, if Tang Yuansi refused to use the phone, there was nothing they could do about it.

    Customizing 10 sets of luxury cell phones was only an excuse to present one of them to Tang Yuansi.

    Whether Tang Yuansi used that phone or not depended on his feelings toward Shangxin.

    "It is common for collaborating partners to exchange gifts with each other. If Sheng Da Science and Technology were to present the phone to Tang Yuansi, it definitely would not be refused. However..."

    "I understand. I'll be content if he keeps that phone by his side even if he does not use it!"

    Shangxin reached over for the contract and signed it without a second thought.

    Then, she handed it back to Nian Xiaomu.

    Nian Xiaomu took back the contract, and her heart pounded slightly as she looked at the signature on it.

    Shangxin had really agreed to be the spokesperson...

    Outside the meeting room.

    From the time that Shangxin entered the room, the entire public relations department had been leaning against the wall and trying to listen in to find out what was going on inside.

    "Shangxin is so gorgeous. She's my queen..."

    "She's so polite too! Not the least bit cold and aloof like she was rumored to be. Did you all hear how she personally apologized to Nian Xiaomu just now?"

    "I didn't expect that Nian Xiaomu could actually manage to invite Shangxin to the office to discuss the endorsement deal. Do you think that she will really seal the deal?"

    "Since Shangxin is already here, the chances of signing the contract should be very high, right?"

    "Then Fang Lan would have to..."

    Everyone turned to look at Fang Lan spontaneously as they spoke.

    She was now standing behind everyone and had not moved an inch since Nian Xiaomu led Shangxin into the meeting room. Just a moment ago, she had been relentlessly pestering Nian Xiaomu, but she now appeared to have stiffened up.

    Her face burned with worry as she listened to her colleagues' discussion...

    "How can all of you be so sure? It's well-known in the industry that Shangxin does not accept endorsement deals. Maybe she is here for other matters," someone said nervously.

    Immediately, she was rebutted by another person. "I heard it with my own ears when Shangxin said that she was here to discuss the endorsement deal with Supervisor Nian."

    "They're only discussing it, so it might not be a done deal."

    When Fang Lan heard that, her eyes lit up.

    That was right!

    If the deal fell through, then she would not lose the bet even though Shangxin had appeared at the company.

    On the other hand, Nian Xiaomu would have to explain herself to everyone if she did not succeed in closing the deal!

    Fang Lan's eyes turned sullen as she squeezed to the vanguard of the group that had gathered in front of the meeting room. She saw Shangxin's team standing there and prepared to approach them.

    However, before she could speak, the door to the meeting room opened from within.

    Shangxin walked out first with a beautiful smile on her face.

    As she walked out, she was still looking back into the meeting room. It was only when she fully walked out of the meeting room that everyone realized that she had been holding Nian Xiaomu's hand!

    The two of them looked chummy, as if they were a pair of sisters.

    Ye Mingmin stepped forward and cleared her throat, asking carefully, "Shangxin, what is your final decision regarding the the endorsement deal?"

    Without waiting for Shangxin's reply, Ye Mingmin worried that her question had been too abrupt, so she continued, "If you cannot decide right now, please take some time to consider it. We are very sincere..."

    "I don't need to consider it." As Shangxin cut Ye Mingmin short, she turned and clasped Nian Xiaomu's hands with her own. "I agree to the deal. In addition, I hope that all the proposals related to my endorsement deal will be handled by Supervisor Nian!"
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