177 She had dug a pit and jumped into i

    "..." Just when Nian Xiaomu wanted to tell him not to force himself to attend, she lifted her head and met his deep gaze.

    Her eyes, just like a horizon filled with stars, emitted a serene ray of light.

    One would have the subconscious urge to explore and sink into that gaze just by looking at it...

    She stared at him blankly for quite some time. Soon, the words which she wanted to say had slipped away from her mind.

    Unfathomably, when she saw that he was waiting for her reply, she uttered, "Okay."

    When she came back to her senses after blurting this out, she wished that she could give herself a slap to the face!

    The charm of a woman (or in this case, a man) was bound to curse a nation!

    She had dug a pit and jumped into it just like this...

    At that moment, when she wanted to say something further, Yu Yuehan had already closed his eyes and pretended to fall asleep.

    So... had he agreed to it? Or had he not agreed?

    Would it kill him to add on just one more sentence?

    Silently, Nian Xiaomu cursed him in her heart as she carried Xiao Liuliu in her arms...


    Time flew by, and it was the weekend in just the blink of an eye.

    On the following Saturday afternoon, Nian Xiaomu randomly put on a white t-shirt with jeans and headed to the location of the departmental gathering.

    She only realized that the venue for the celebration party was a nightclub when she arrived at the site of the meet up.

    Quickly, she realized that she seemed to have dressed too casually...

    She scanned around. Almost all her colleagues from the public relations department, who usually dressed in a conservative and professional manner, seemed to have agreed by chance to wear pretty dresses along with nice makeup.

    Even the male colleagues were dressed very suavely and gentlemanly ...

    In comparison, she looked like a female geek loner who was just preparing to head to the food market for a huge shopping spree.

    Even with her pretty and outstanding looks, she felt like a square peg in a round hole.

    "Supervisor Nian, why are you dressed like this? Nobody told you that our department's gathering was something similar to a mini-gala?" exclaimed a colleague who couldn't help it when she noticed Nian Xiaomu's attire.

    Stretching her hand, she pointed at the nightclub where the celebration party was taking place.

    "This is not a place where any ordinary person can go as and when they liked-it's a high class establishment. The only reason we are allowed be here is solely because of Manager Wen. You really did not take this seriously!"

    The others turned around and looked in Nian Xiaomu's direction when they heard the commotion.

    All of their expressions looked peculiar when they saw her attire.

    "..." Nian Xiaomu knitted her eyebrows.

    This was her first time attending a gathering hosted by the public relations department-of course she wasn't aware of these rules.

    The person in charge of the celebration party should have informed her of these details. However, she had not received any reminders up to this point.

    "Manager Wen is here!" a random person exclaimed.

    At that instant, everyone's gazes were attracted to a luxurious car by the roadside.

    As the car pulled to a stop, the chauffeur headed to the backseat respectfully and opened the door to the car for her.

    Immediately, a pair of long and slender legs slid into view.

    Wearing a fishtail cheongsam with a purse in her hand, Wen Yadai alighted from the car in a graceful and calm manner.

    With her pretty appearance, her royal aura, and the smile on her face, she made other people feel comfortable.

    Wen Yadai emitted the royal aura of a daughter from a rich and powerful family when she was out of the office.

    It really did seem as if Nian Xiaomu had not taken the celebration party seriously when her casual attire was compared side by side with Wen Yadai's grand attire.

    Even though everyone present did not mention it any further, they appeared to be casting annoyed glances at Nian Xiaomu.

    Wen Yadai only seemed to realize that Nian Xiaomu's attire was amiss after she had greeted the other colleagues present at the scene. Surprised, Wen Yadai said, "Don't blame Supervisor Nian for this-it's normal for her not to know the rules since it is her first time attending a departmental gathering. I will keep this in mind and have my secretary remind her next time."


    "Oh yes, let me announce a piece of good news to everyone. I have just received a call from Young Master Han, and he has agreed to attend our celebration party!"
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