236 Know your own position

    A pleased look swept past Wen Yadai's face as she spoke.

    Nian Xiaomu was just a nurse; the reason why she could enter the Yu Corporation was because Yu Yuehan made an exception and hired her. What kind of artistic attainments could this kind of person have?

    There she was, pretending to be appreciating the artwork just to attract Yu Yuehan's attention when she might not have ever seen a piece of great painting in her entire life.

    Wen Yadai had to take the chance today and let Nian Xiaomu know her own position!

    "Manager Wen, you seem to know a lot about oil paintings?" Chen Zixin subconsciously replied to her when he heard what she said.

    When he finished his sentence, the pleased look on Wen Yadai's face seemed to be even more apparent. However, she forced a humble, unpretentious look and replied, "I only have a slight knowledge of it."

    Her expression was full of expectation when she noticed that Yu Yuehan was looking in her direction.

    She was waiting for his praise.

    She was right-all men liked elegant women who had aesthetic tastes.

    Only a woman like her was entitled to stand beside Yu Yuehan.

    What did Nian Xiaomu know?

    Was she planning to bring a medical kit and nurse others while attending dinner parties with Yu Yuehan?

    It would be better to keep her under the table!

    Wen Yadai only needed to show off a hand or two to banish Nian Xiaomu into the dust room just like that!

    Nian Xiaomu, who had been facing away from Wen Yadai all this time, spoke up suddenly, "This piece is not an imitation product, it is an authentic painting."

    As she turned her body around, she did not look at Wen Yadai. Instead, she stared directly at Yu Yuehan, the one who had posed the question to her just now.

    That simple sentence was like a slap to Wen Yadai's face.

    The expression on Wen Yadai's face changed instantly. "What did you say?"

    As she twisted her head around and scrutinized the painting on the wall once again, only to realize that the painting was indeed well drawn.

    However, this was only a private room of a restaurant-why would a master-grade work of art be hung here as a decoration?

    This was the reason why she was so certain that it was an imitation product.

    Traces of panic filled her heart when she heard what Nian Xiaomu said. However, when she recalled Nian Xiaomu's status, Wen Yadai suddenly thought of this-could Nian Xiaomu have said that the painting was authentic on purpose because she didn't know how to appreciate the painting, but was afraid of losing face at the same time?

    A taunting smile crept up from the corners of Wen Yadai's mouth.

    "Supervisor Nian, it's alright if you don't know how to appraise it. However, you can't be so ridiculous as to point to an imitation piece and insist that it's an authentic one."

    "..." As Nian Xiaomu stared at Wen Yadai, she only smiled and did not say anything.

    On the contrary, Wen Yadai couldn't smile at all when she saw that unhurried smile of Nian Xiaomu's.

    "How did you know that this painting is an authentic product?"

    When Wen Yadai finished asking her question, a few others in the private room looked in her direction.

    A profound look appeared in Yu Yuehan's eyes, but nobody could peer into his thoughts with that calm gaze of his. However, a trace of probing could be seen from the look in his eyes.

    He seemed to be waiting for Nian Xiaomu's explanation as well.

    Nian Xiaomu shrugged her shoulders and casually explained, "The typical imitation products that we see out there can only imitate the drawing of the original artwork, but they do not have the capacity to imitate the drawing habits of the artist. Master Oliviero was an old imp-he loved to leave his name down at certain spots in his artwork and make others look for it.


    "The reason why I have been staring at this painting the entire time just now was because I wanted to search around and see if there were any written names hidden in the painting."

    Nian Xiaomu took a step forward and pointed to a spot in the artwork. "I happened to find a name here. As such, I am guessing that this piece of artwork should be an authentic piece."

    Nian Xiaomu twisted her head around and looked at Yu Yuehan when she finished her piece.

    Actually, she wasn't too convinced initially that a restaurant would decorate its private room with a priceless piece of painting. Afterward, she finally understood the rationale behind this when she recalled that this was Yu Yuehan's personal private room.

    She was guessing that he must have instructed for this painting to be displayed here?

    "How could this be..." Wen Yadai's face turned pale when she saw that someone's written name was indeed hidden in the painting.

    She wanted to embarrass Nian Xiaomu, but she had given herself a slap to her own face instead.

    As she clung to her last trace of hope, she looked at Yu Yuehan and asked, "This is not authentic, right?"
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