262 A new skill to unlock

    "What did you say?" Wen Yadai was stunned.

    She wasn't the only one who was lost in thought; the other employees in the department also carried faces of astonishment.

    "Mr. Lombardi is currently at our office for a tour." The secretary repeated what she said again, "Not only Mr. Lombardi, but his entire team is here as well. They said that Supervisor Nian had invited them here for an official on-site inspection."


    As the secretary finished her sentence, everyone in the public relations department inhaled in shock.

    They seemed to agree by chance and set their gazes on Wang Miaomiao together.

    What was worse than being slapped on your own face after you had just talked tough?

    At this point in time, Wang Miaomiao seemed to have lost her sense of hearing and did have any reactions for a long while.

    Instead, Wen Yadai was the first to come back to her senses. Looking at the secretary, she asked in a grave tone, "Is this news accurate? Didn't you say that Mr. Lombardi had already canceled the collaboration..."

    Before Wen Yadai could finish her sentence, the doors to the nearby elevator opened.

    Mr. Lombardi strolled out slowly from the elevator as the other four employees from his team followed behind him.

    All of them were smiling from ear to ear as they walked toward the public relations department with long strides.

    To be exact, they were walking toward Nian Xiaomu.

    "Supervisor Nian, we meet again!" Mr. Lombardi was very enthusiastic. As he walked forward, he gave Nian Xiaomu a huge hug.

    This was completely different from what Wang Miaomiao had said about him swinging his arms and leaving in fury!

    Wang Miaomiao simply could not believe the scene before her as she stood among the crowd.

    As Wang Miaomiao stared on blankly, it seemed like she was suspecting if she herself had developed hallucinations.

    She started to reassure herself again after she returned to her senses.

    Since Nian Xiaomu did not know how to speak Italian, Nian Xiaomu would have to beg her for help later on. As long as Nian Xiaomu instructed her to translate, there would still be room for recovery!

    Just as Wang Miaomiao was about to head forward and receive Mr. Lombardi, a sweet-sounding voice sounded gradually.

    "It's my honor to be able to invite Mr. Lombardi over for a tour of our office. I believe that you will be even more confident of our collaboration after you have fully understood the project!"

    A string of fluent Italian erupted from Nian Xiaomu's mouth.

    It corresponded with the lovable smile on her face and not a single sense of oddness could be detected.

    Wang Miaomiao: "...!!"

    Wang Miaomiao was completely struck dumb!

    No words could fully describe the confused look on her face.

    As Wang Miaomiao looked on at Nian Xiaomu, who was gracefully communicating with Mr. Lombardi in fluent Italian, her face turned ghastly pale in an instant.

    Other than shock, Wang Miaomiao thought of another matter at the same time.

    At the time when they were at the restaurant in the hotel, she had assumed that Nian Xiaomu did not know Italian and had intentionally made a mistake during the translation.

    However, Nian Xiaomu could speak with such a strong Italian accent-how could she not understand the language?

    The only possibility was that Nian Xiaomu had been suspecting her right from the start and was trying to sound her out on purpose.

    However, Wang Miaomiao had never expected that she herself would fall into this trap so foolishly.

    She still thought that she was very smart and wanted to keep Nian Xiaomu under complete control.

    Wang Miaomiao was in complete confusion as she thought of this.

    Nian Xiaomu must have guessed that she had given the wrong flight information on purpose.

    The reason why Nian Xiaomu did not expose her on the spot was because she did not have enough evidence against her. Hence, Nian Xiaomu sounded her out intentionally.

    However, Nian Xiaomu didn't need any evidence now.

    Nian Xiaomu had managed to convince Lombardi to come to their office for a tour. Next up, she would only need to seal the collaboration deal before she confirming Wang Miaomiao's transgressions.

    Since Wang Miaomiao had talked tough in front of so many of her colleagues just now, she would have to admit her responsibility and resign once Nian Xiaomu managed to sign the contract.

    Spoken words were like spilled milk-they couldn't be retrieved...

    Wang Miaomiao fell to her knees as she trembled in fear!
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