319 I am her witness!

    Apart from having contact with the design drafts, there was also an extra half a million yuan in her bank account that appeared without any reason.

    Let alone the others, even Nian Xiaomu felt that she was the prime suspect just from simply looking at the evidence at face value.

    However, she was very clear on the fact that she had not divulged the design drafts.

    It was impossible for her bank account to suddenly have so much extra money, unless... Someone was trying to frame her intentionally!

    "Whatever you say now is useless. All the evidence is right in front of you!"

    The corners of Wen Yadai's mouth curved up as a pleased smile crept up her face. Turning around, she looked at Yu Yuehan and started to speak with an aggrieved and bitter face, "Young Master Han, Nian Xiaomu actually betrayed the Yu Corporation for her own personal interests. We shouldn't allow this kind of person to be a part of the Yu Corporation any longer!"


    "Nian Xiaomu has taken advantage of her position and sold out confidential information belonging to the company. This is a crime that could see her end up in jail!"

    As Wen Yadai finished her sentence, she turned around and swept a glance at the employees in the meeting room.

    Everyone was very quiet-no one dared to speak any further with this concrete evidence presented right in front of them.

    Wen Yadai could no longer hide the gleeful look in her eyes when she saw that the situation was totally in her favor.

    Now, she just had to wait for Yu Yuehan to speak up and dismiss Nian Xiaomu. After that, she would conveniently file a police report and allow the police to bring Nian Xiaomu away for an investigation.

    It would be best if they could charge her with a serious crime and imprison her for a few years!

    "Are you done speaking?"

    A voice with an apathetic tone sounded gradually.

    It was very different from the furious tone that Wen Yadai had pictured in her mind.

    She was slightly taken aback and turned around to look at him.

    A treacherous ray of light flickered in Yu Yuehan's eyes, and the expression on his handsome face appeared to be very cold.

    He swept a chilly glance at her.

    It seemed like he had taken her to be the corporate spy from his gaze.

    Wasn't he somewhat mistaken?

    Could he be thinking about covering up for Nian Xiaomu?

    She would never let anything like that happen!

    As Wen Yadai narrowed her eyes, she straightened her back and said, "Young Master Han, you have always been an impartial person. This is a very serious matter, and if we don't deal with it strictly, something similar might happen again!"

    Yu Yuehan took a glimpse at her and said faintly, "It wasn't her."

    His confident tone instantly reversed the atmosphere in the meeting room!

    Wen Yadai was rudely shocked. Unresigned to this outcome, she gritted her teeth and assumed that Yu Yuehan only said this because he wanted to cover up for Nian Xiaomu.

    Just when she wanted to say something else, he added on, "Nian Xiaomu was with me the entire night yesterday."


    These words plummeted down like a peal of thunder and rang loudly beside everyone's ears.

    Everyone in the meeting room was astonished!

    They were so shocked that their jaws had dropped wide open, and they were unable to utter a single word for a very long time.

    The entire night...


    The details of that sentence were enough for their imaginations to run wild as pink bubbles started to form in their minds!

    The image of this loving duo showing affection for each other smacked hard against the faces of the bachelors and bachelorettes!

    It was painful!

    Wen Yadai had never expected that she would hear something like this.

    Her entire body was frozen in place.

    Her mind went blank as well!

    It was a well-known fact that Yu Yuehan did not lust after women and was as honorable as a deity.

    Wen Yadai had always been very confident that she was the closest person to him as well as the one that he trusted the most.

    However, could someone enlighten her as to why he was with Nian Xiaomu?

    They even spent the night together...

    At the thought of the things that might have happened between the two of them, Wen Yadai had the strong urge to charge forward and tear Nian Xiaomu in half!

    She finally realized that something was amiss at this point in time.

    Nian Xiaomu seemed to be very calm from the beginning to the end.

    Even when Wen Yadai showed the evidence and accused Nian Xiaomu of leaking corporate trade secrets by divulging the design drawings, not a trace of panic had appeared on her face even though it was such a serious crime that it could lead to imprisonment.

    As it turned out, she already had an alibi!

    Furthermore, the witness was actually Yu Yuehan!

    The most honorable man in all of City H had become her alibi!
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