500 Proposal! 8

    The first surprise...

    Could there be a second one as well?

    Nian Xiaomu lifted her head and looked at him in astonishment. Yu Yuehan merely smiled and did not say anything as he pulled out the chair before her like a gentleman and invited her to take a seat.

    He sat across from her.

    Very quickly, the waiter brought a very special candle holder to them.

    After that, he carried a bouquet of freshly cut roses. As he walked forward, he inserted the roses one by one into the vase on the table.

    Roses were still sent to their table at a steady flow even after he was done putting roses into the vase.

    This carried on until all the tables and railings of the outdoor restaurant were filled with red roses.

    The candlelight flickered and vied with the roses for brightness; it made one feel that they were situated in a sea of flowers...

    "5,200 red roses are the second surprise." The waiter who was in charge of placing the flowers handed the most brightly colored rose to Nian Xiaomu.


    As Nian Xiaomu stared at the rose in front of her, her heartbeat started to speed up uncontrollably.

    She tried very hard to steady herself.

    "These steaks are for the both of you. Please enjoy." The waiter brought two covered sets of steaks up and placed them neatly on the table.

    Following which, he removed the metal covers.

    Two steaks that were shaped in the form of a heart were laying silently on the white plates.

    Even the petals that were used to decorate the dish were from a rose...

    Pink bubbles seemed to pop out incessantly from one's heart as one watched on.

    Was this the third surprise of the night?

    How many surprises had he exactly prepared?

    All of a sudden, a strong premonition formed in Nian Xiaomu's heart.

    However, she had been disappointed a few times already. This time around, what if she was overthinking it again...

    Nian Xiaomu took in a deep breath. Picking up the silverware, she prepared to cut into the steak.

    She heard a sound the moment she sliced it.

    It was so shocking that she paused in her movements.

    Just when she was wondering if there would be a hidden ring in her steak, she suddenly realized that the sound did not come from her plate.

    Instead, it came from the foot of a mountain that was very close to them...


    An explosion of splendid-looking fireworks rang out loudly in the night sky.

    Rose designs blossomed in midair.


    The second salvo of fireworks followed closely and rose into the sky.

    It was a double heart design this time.

    Boom! Boom! Boom!

    Round after round, bright and resplendent fireworks erupted in the night sky.

    Just like shooting stars, they lit up the entire evening sky.

    By the end of the show, Nian Xiaomu could no longer make out the designs clearly, and all she could see was a sea of bright lights among the fireworks. As she rose calmly from her seat, she walked toward the man in front of her.

    Just when she was so surprised that she couldn't utter a single word, he took out the Queen's Ring from his pocket.

    Then, he knelt down on one knee slowly.

    As he held the ring up, he said with a pause after every word, "Nian Xiaomu, marry me. From today onward, you will be my queen!"


    Biting her lips, Nian Xiaomu willed herself to tilt her head upward and to restrain her tears from flowing down.

    Her vision had already turned blurry.

    After she heard what he said, everything that she had mentioned previously about how she would stay calm when he proposed was nowhere to be found.

    She extended her hand out toward him and nodded her head violently, saying, "Yes, I do! I do!"

    The corner of Yu Yuehan's mouth curved up; a rare, child-like smile that was filled with joy lit up his extremely handsome face.

    As he slid the ring onto her ring finger, he stood up and stretched out his arms.

    "Nian Xiaomu, I love you!"

    "I love you too!" Nian Xiaomu had failed to control herself a while ago and was drenched in tears. As she dove straight into his embrace, she hugged him tightly and refused to let go.

    At this point in time, the environment around them seemed to have vanished.

    He only had eyes for her.

    "Nian Xiaomu, I will never ever let you leave once you have entered my world."

    As he cupped her face with his hands, he planted a deep kiss on her lips...
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