520 You are my everlasting love 8

    After trying to open the door a few times, Shangxin realized that it was still locked, so she turned back in surprise at Tang Yuansi.

    It was only when Tang Yuansi's eyes met with hers that it struck him that the door was still locked. After unlocking the door, he got out of the car together with Shangxin and walked over to her side.

    "I'll send you back to your room."

    His tone was calm yet firm.

    Shangxin glanced over at him, but did not respond. She continued walking forward, tapped her room card as she entered the elevator, and pressed the button for the floor that she was staying on.

    The elevator reached her floor very quickly.

    It was already late at night and the corridors were quiet.

    The two of them did not speak, but walked in the same direction.

    Only when Shangxin stopped did Tang Yuansi also stopp in his tracks.

    When he saw that she was still staying in the same room as before, a complicated streak of light flickered past his eyes.

    He had not forgotten what he had done here that left him filled with regret.

    He also could not forget how she had looked at him with contempt and disdain before chasing him away when he wanted to tell her that he would take responsibility for her and confess everything to her.

    At that moment, the two of them were standing in the same spots as that day.

    This time, however, she probably would not ask for a warm hug like she had the last time.

    Right now, Shangxin did not care about him at all.

    At the thought of this, Tang Yuansi clenched his fists uncontrollably.

    "I've arrived."

    Shangxin pulled out her room key and unlocked her room door.

    Then, she turned around and looked at Tang Yuansi, who was standing still outside the room.

    "I'll forget about what happened today, but I hope that there won't be a next time. President Tang, you must be busy, so I will not invite you in."

    As soon as Shangxin finished speaking, she reached out to close the door.

    "I want to use the bathroom." Suddenly, Tang Yuansi blocked the door from closing.


    Startled by his words, Shangxin looked on as Tang Yuansi opened the door and stepped right past her to enter the room.

    When Shangxin regained her composure, she followed behind him and went into the room.

    Seeing that he had really entered the bathroom and did not seem to be preparing to talk to her, Shangxin pursed her lips and tossed her bag onto the sofa.

    Then, she grabbed a bag of potato chips from the coffee table, tore it open, and started eating from it.

    From the crunching sounds she made, it was as if she was trying to chew Tang Yuansi to bits.

    After a while, Tang Yuansi walked out of the bathroom. Taking two paper towels, he dried his wet hands as he casually surveyed the room.

    Seeing the spacious bed that the both of them had once shared, his gaze deepened.

    The blood stains were gone. The bedsheets had probably been changed.

    A few days had passed after all. It was impossible for the stained bedsheets to still be there.

    Narrowing his eyes as he tried to hide his real emotions, his gaze shifted to the packet of potato chips in Shangxin's hands.

    Knitting his eyebrows, he asked, "Do you eat this stuff at night?"

    "..." Shangxin was stumped by his question.

    Just when she was about to answer him, Tang Yuansi walked over to take the chips out of her hands. Tossing them into the trash, he said, "Your health has been poor ever since you were young. You should not eat junk food. Also, while this might be a five-star hotel, it is unsafe for you to stay here long term. If you do not wish to go home, I have an apartment..."

    "If you want to control what I eat and where I live, why don't you just bring me home with you?" Shangxin cut him short and snickered.

    Getting up from the sofa, she walked over to Tang Yuansi and stroked his chest lightly with her finger.

    "President Tang, are you so concerned about me because you can't forget me? SInce we have already had that one night stand, I don't mind spending another night with you if you can't let it go."
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