559 The truth that is revealed 7

    The expressions of the few salespeople changed when they saw that scene.

    They silently cursed Nian Xiaomu for being a doxy!

    However, they did not dare to say anything in front of Yu Yuehan.

    The salesperson who had helped Nian Xiaomu change into her gown came out of the changing room in no time. She was even holding a few headbands as she walked up to Nian Xiaomu.

    "Miss Nian, these are the headbands that could be used to match your gown. Please pick one."


    Turning around, Nian Xiaomu swept a glance at the headbands in the salesperson's hand-there was a stark difference in the designs.

    Some of them were obviously designs that were out of fashion.

    Did she purposely mix these outdated styles with the prevalent designs so she could watch Nian Xiaomu pick the wrong ones and get embarrassed?

    A streak of icy light flickered across her face.

    She was here for a fitting for her engagement party gown and didn't want to lose her temper. However, even a person with an exceptional temper would get a little riled up from these consistent provocations.

    Without taking a single look at the salesperson, she grabbed ahold of Yu Yuehan's arm directly and cooed like a spoiled child.

    "It's so tiring to go to a gown fitting. I don't want to pick the headband anymore. Why don't we purchase everything and give the extras ones to Xiao Liuliu to play with?"

    They wanted to purchase a dozen of these expensive and custom-made headbands.

    He who has wealth speaks louder than others!

    Didn't those salespeople think that she wasn't a match for Yu Yuehan and would only degrade his status?

    Alright then, she could just put on a bimbo-like image, but Yuehan would still be hell-bent on her, so let's see if this would piss them off?

    It would be best if they died from all the excess anger!

    Just like what she had expected, the expressions on the faces of those salespeople turned extremely ugly the moment they heard what she said.

    All of them now had looks of annoyance.

    Their gazes were so filled with jealousy that it seemed like they were about to rip her apart!

    The salesperson who had recommended choosing the headbands to Nian Xiaomu lost her cool and said straightforwardly, "It would be a waste for some of the headbands if you purchase so many all at once. I don't mind helping Miss Nian choose one if you really can't pick the headbands with the latest designs."

    When hearing them for the first time, it seemed like these words of hers were for the benefit of Nian Xiaomu.

    However, after one pondered through her words carefully, they would read between the lines and find out that there was another meaning-She was mocking Nian Xiaomu for not understanding fashion.

    Nian Xiaomu didn't even know how to pick out a headband and could only purchase them as a group.

    The salesperson had originally expected to see Nian Xiaomu's embarrassed look after she had finished speaking. However, she had not expected Nian Xiaomu to smile instead of getting angry.

    Reaching out, Nian Xiaomu took all the headbands off of the salesperson's hand.

    She picked them up one by one and placed them at the cash register.

    "This is a design from the last season, the Sakura series."

    "This is from the last last season, the Cartoon series."

    "This is from the latest season, the Warm Sun in Winter series."

    "And this, if I didn't remember it incorrectly, this is the latest limited edition. There should be less than three of these in the entire country..."

    "As for this..."

    Nian Xiaomu would accurately announce the various detail of each headband as she put it down.

    She had attained 100 percent accuracy while doing this!

    Even the salespeople in the store might not be able to remember the details so clearly.

    At this point in time, all of those salespeople from earlier on who had assumed that she would be embarrassed now had their mouths wide open and could not utter anything for a long while.

    She was able to remember so much information about these headbands-Who still had the guts to say that she knew nothing about fashion?

    Nian Xiaomu tossed the last headband piece on the store counter.

    She stood with her slender figure in front of the salespeople who had looked down on her.

    As she raised her eyebrows slightly, she exuded a distinguished aura from her entire body just like a queen and intimidated everyone. With a pause after every word, she asked, "And now, can you help me pack up all these headbands?"

    "..." Those few salespeople seemed to have uniformly received a slap to their faces. All of them were flushed with shame. They did not dare to say anything and quickly packed the headbands at the cash register.
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